It’s not Trump Killing the Conservative Movement

Rubio & the Republican elites are just flat wrong saying that Trump could end the “modern conservative movement.”

They already have.

What IS the “modern conservative movement”?

It is not supporting the Article 1 legislative authority of Congress. By not advancing Separation if Powers arguments (and, yes, lawsuits @SCOTUS), by not impeaching a lawless executive, by not bringing to heel out of control – and lying & dishonest – State, Justice and IRS, the GOP elite has proven beyond argument their lack of belief in and support for Constitutional government, the foundation of American conservatism

By not only allowing, but enlarging the regulatory state constructed in direct opposition to the very first sentence of the Constitution, GOP leadership has lost any credibility as “Conservative.”

Simply: we have the laws and structure required to stop the advance of Progressivism in its tracks and the GOP refuses to use them.

It has become illogical to see the GOP as other than a wing of the Progressive Left. What have they NOT supported? What have they STOPPED?

GOP candidates campaign on limited government, but refuse to support it in office.

Whether the laws ignored are immigration, document security, straw purchases of guns, or the illegality of censoring speech via the IRS, the GOP has rejected the rule of law that is -was – its foundation.

There is nothing “racist” or “extremist” in supporting the law. Yet the GOP leadership not only refuses to make this obvious, they often support the argument of the Left that the rule of law is racist, xenophobic or “mean.”

By sending our kids to die in foreign wars they refuse even to try to win, they reject over a century of pre-Wilsonian tradition and have become Wilson’s warriors intent on “making the world safe for democracy.” In doing so the GOP is wasting thousands of lives and trillions of dollars and crushing nations to leave behind only death and chaos.

This is exactly what Wilson(D) did by entering WW1, against all his campaign pledges, inarguably the single worst decision and largest strategic, moral and economic failure in the entire history of mankind.

Yet today’s GOP demands to follow Wilson – our worst president by far – rather than learn from history, abide by our Constitution and create & ensure a free American future under the rule of law.

The last president to fight AGAINST the constant enlargement of a military industrial complex now building billion-dollar bombers to drop iron bombs on foes lacking any air defense sophistication (a mission B17s could handle), against the constant deployment of our kids anywhere on the globe, the last to fight his own Pentagon, asking, “how many schools could we build for the cost of one bomber?” was Eisenhower. No one – ever – considered Ike a right-wing whacko.

By refusing to stop crony capitalism and using government to pick winners – and more often losers like Solyndra – with our hard-earned money, the GOP elites have squandered any pretense of support for the Middle Class that brought them to power, and that our Constitutional republic was designed to support.

By refusing to stop Obamacare they have proven their agreement with the very foundation of Progressivism: that the People are incapable of making their own choices.

THIS is the “modern conservative” movement of which Rubio, Romney, McConnell, McCain and Graham speak.

What is “conservative” about it?


Like the Left, the GOP has decided that words can mean whatever they want them to mean.

They demand we involve ourselves in wars anywhere and everywhere. They demand more low-wage, low-skill immigrants to take the jobs of Americans to enlarge profit margins at the expense of our future.

What has Trump supported that the GOP elites have not?

Planned Parenthood? The GOP controls Congress and hasn’t rejected funding PP in over five years… what’s the difference?

The border? We have immigration law. The GOP refuses to support it. Trump is the more, not the less “conservative.”

Guns? By confirming far-Left nominees to SCOTUS, the GOP has done more damage to the 2nd Amendment than any Democrat president prior to Obama. (And “pro-2A” governors like Christie, in whose state one needs a permit just to buy a handgun, and can be jailed for possessing handgun ammunition less likely to harm bystanders (hollow points), are harming 2A every chance they get.)

How, exactly, does Trump differ from the GOP establishment? He’ll enforce the law.

This is the “death” of conservatism? Hardly

Trump fails for me by demanding huge increases in the size of our military. Why? To keep sending our kids to die in more wars we refuse to win? How about we reinforce the strategic triad, make an example of seriousness and purposefulness by using it (no enemy America ever has had has been more worthy of a nuclear strike than ISIS), and quit involving ourselves in wars that have proven only to make the world a less-safe place for democracy?

Trump’s malleability concerns me, as well, almost solely on 2A grounds. The Bill of Rights is not subject to the permission of government; these are powers outside of their purview, period. Presidents pursuing Justices who believe they have either the authority or the right to invalidate the Bill of Rights, are inimical to Constitutional government, and are NOT conservative. Yet who confirmed Kagan? Sotomaier? Those same GOPe pols accusing Trump of not being conservative

But Governors who accept Court rulings outside of any federal authority – marriage, anyone? VoterID? – are far worse as they accept these federal incursions into State sovereignty without batting an eyelash.

America is not – or was not designed to be – a judiciocracy. Yet GOP governors never resist its becoming one. Contrary to Kasich’s belief that a holding by SCOTUS on issues not delegated to the Feds “is the end of it,” a governor supporting the Constitution would simply ignore it.

Cruz is far stronger on Justices. For me he rapidly is becoming the logical choice. No other candidate running has a stronger proven record in support of the Constitution. As the next president may appoint as many as four Justices, this election rapidly is becoming more important than was the election of Reagan

Will Cruz go too far on social issues? I don’t know. But if he were to go so far as Court nominees to overturn Roe, that only puts the matter back where it always has belonged: the States. And no woman of child-bearing age in America ever has lacked access to legal abortion. To think voters will outlaw abortion in all States is fantasy. As for defending the Constitution & Bill of Rights? I have no question that the strongest is Cruz.

To find the enemy of “the conservative movement,” one need only look to Rubio, McCain, McConnell, Kasich, Graham, Boehner, Ryan, Romney… in short, those decrying the candidacy of one who disagrees with them only by actually demanding to enforce the law.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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