The Ramifications of Large muslim Immigration to America: Entirely Bad

Let’s take their “religion” out of the discussion and look at the effects and consequences of muslims coming here in large numbers.


Muslims are illiterate. Arab countries have the highest rates of illiteracy in the world, outside of sub-Saharan Africa. They cannot, and with their rejection of literacy never will be able to, compete in modern economies. They will be a drain on the productive workers in America. Forever.

Muslims are not competitive, literate, educated, freedom- and liberty-loving people, all common traits of Americans. They are NOT Americans in different clothes.

If you read the literacy rates across the globe you will find two things quickly: that muslims, particularly Arab muslims, are illiterate, and that literacy in many muslim countries is measured (by the nation and the UN) on the ability to read & quote the Koran. Not what any educated person would consider “literate;” not indicative of any ability to compete in the modern world or in our economy.

Across europe we also see generations of muslims rejecting assimilation and jobs in countries to which they have chosen to immigrate. Without assimilation and the willingness – and ability – to work, on coming here they will demand American welfare and aid, as they do now in europe. But it is aid only on THEIR terms. That is not how aid works. If you come to a country as its guests – and they are – then you accept, politely, that which is given you in aid, and, as quickly as possible, you get off the dole and begin contributing to your new country. If you reject that aid, you reject that country – and don’t belong there so must be rejected.

This is neither racism nor xenophobia. It is Western culture; the culture to which they are voluntarily coming. Accept, politely, that which is given in friendship or mercy, and begin to repay it as quickly as you are able. This is the opposite of their behavior. Again, they don’t belong here.



“Multiculturalism” is a two-way street. We need to accept that they do some things differently – kill their daughters, stone their women, rape their boys, etc. That is THEIR culture. And THEY need to accept OUR culture, becoming “multicultural,” as well: We execute people, or lock them up for decades, for all of those things. If they cannot be multicultural and accept our culture, they must be rejected. If we cannot accept their culture – murdering their daughters, for instance – we must reject them. To invite them here, and then be shocked at their behavior, is just ignorant. We KNOW their behavior: It’s on display across the entire planet right now. And it is NOT Western, modern or civilized.

Muslims, once here, will increase massively, as they have the highest fertility on the planet. If America wanted to be a high-fertility nation, we’d BE a high-fertility nation. But we are not; we don’t value huge families of uneducated children. We value the Rule of Law. They do not. We value education. They do not. We value self-sufficiency. They do not. We value the rights of women, children, gays, different faiths, free speech, etc. They do not.

These are among the reasons why Obama was completely wrong at the UN: The future CAN ONLY belong to those who reject the “prophet of islam.”

Muslim immigrant rejection of assimilation into our culture, and the lack of respect for our laws and traditions will, as it is in europe, place American women and girls at the same level of risk as those being raped in enormous numbers across europe now. Muslim men are taught that females, of any age, are chattel to be done with as any muslim male desires at any instant. (THIS is true “multiculturalism,” understanding that “multi” means many different, and THIS is what they believe.)

Adolescent American boys have a joke about horny teenage boys who are always in pursuit of sex, and not at all picky about it: “Six to Sixty, blind, crippled or crazy.” Muslims turn this into reality: here here here here.

Assimilation is cultural – immigrants MUST respect our laws, culture and traditions – or they have no business being here to begin with.  Our culture respects women; their culture despises women and respects only men and their instant desires (which is what “honor” murder is about, as well). Demanding increased immigration from this cohort is a demand to reduce our women and girls to targets and chattel, to increase the violence upon our most vulnerable citizens – women & girls, and to reject a thousand years of progress for women and men both. This is why Churchill noted – correctly – that islam was the “most retrograde force on the planet.”

Western women – and men – have fought, lobbied, protested, been jailed, and worked for centuries to gain equality with men. Accepting this cohort will regress those centuries, and that fight, to their status as chattel in the 7th Century, as though the intervening 13 centuries of – Western – progress had never occurred.  The biggest immediate losers will be the women and girls raped and murdered. But the longest-term harm will be to men who allow this to occur, by voting to enable it, and the loss of value our society will perceive of women in general.

To allow society to reduce the value of women is to reduce the value of all humanity. To expect that not to have a negative effect on all of us is naïve. To NOT expect this from muslims is to reject all we know of THEIR culture.

The difficult part to comprehend is that Western women are voting for the politicians that are demanding what has proven in europe to be a mass immigration not of eager new citizens, not of literate people valuing education, not of workers, not of participants in their new communities and cultures, not of cultured and polite people…. but of violent rapists bent on degrading these same women voters – and their daughters, no matter how young.



Once these “refugees” begin voting in America, they will vote for the party, Democrat, that steals the most from the Middle Class to give to them in exchange for their votes. This is what Black voters do today, and why they are captive to the Democrat party. Any idea of limited government, of a Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law will die with the acceptance of this cohort within our shores.

Immigrants from big-gov countries (all muslim countries, and a problem also with Hispanic immigrants) will vote for policies, laws, rules supporting ever-bigger government, something completely at odds with our founding and with our Constitution. If you think the Debt is bad now, wait until we have tens of millions of people who refuse to participate in our economy, but who demand aid from the – shrinking – cohort willing and able to succeed in a modern information economy. And rape our women at the same time.

Democrats, as I have posted before, hate the Middle Class – we want liberty and less government in our way. Democrats – as do all Leftists – hate personal liberty as it is an obstacle to their power. This is why Democrats clamor for the poor & powerless; not to help them, but to ensure they remain reliant on Big Gov Democrat programs. (If Democrats actually cared about the poor, they wouldn’t be enabling their poverty; if Democrats cared about the powerless, they’d not stand in the way of decent education.) In this way, Democrats guarantee, for generations, the votes of the poor; make them non-poor and those votes go away. As does their power.

It’s why Democrats increase the income and wage gaps through immigration of low-skill, low-education people. For Leftists, the more poor voters, the better.

Keeping muslims out of America has nothing to do with race. Islam is not a “race.” It has nothing to do with xenophobia. It has nothing to do with unknown behavior of foreigners. It has nothing to do with islam in any religious context, actually. It has to do with the completeness of the differences in our cultures. Look around. There is nothing both cultures value equally – not literacy, not work, not women or girls, not freedom or liberty, not speech or thought or exploration or discovery…. Nothing.

We have – NOTHING – in common with muslims.

Muslims recognize this by rejecting our admission into countries like Saudi Arabia. We must recognize this, as well, and reject them until and unless they are literate, able to compete economically, and recognize and respect and value our culture, traditions and women as much as we do.

A true multiculturalist, one valuing non-Western cultures above the West, would take the Saudi (non-Western) hint: NO, you CANNOT come here unless you are OF our culture and religion. Alas, “multiculturalists” are the stupidest of Western citizens, not realizing they are the most mono-cultural among us…

Until, in short, islam has its own Enlightenment and progresses to the Age of Reason, they must be treated – and contained – as the tribal pre-modern illiterate violent savages they are.

Until then, Trump is 100% correct – they DO NOT belong in the West.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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