Presidents and Showmen since 1960

JFK used TV to win an election. LBJ & Nixon didn’t recognize the power of the show and were brought down by it. Ford & Carter never felt at home before the camera and were cancelled. Reagan’s show was the most successful in decades and viewers have been clamoring for a rerun ever since. GHW Bush didn’t understand the show at all. Clinton used the show to increase his popularity as America’s Bad Boy, especially among the gender he raped as often as he could. W didn’t use the show to win so much as Gore used it to lose. Obama’s campaign was all show all the time.

Obama is not, never has been, and never will be anything but a show, an extraordinarily destructive show. He stands in Center Ring and burns the Big Top and the audience stands and cheers as it consumes us.

Since TV became the dominant campaign & policy medium – before and after elections – the presidency has become home to those who can exploit that medium. There’s a name for men like these: “Showman.”

To reject Trump because he is a showman is to reject half-a-century of presidential elections.

We haven’t had a serious president since Reagan (a showman and a statesman), since the Baby Boomer “Locust Generation” rose to dominance in the electorate. But we have had some that have done real damage. And all of these men since Reagan – first and foremost – were showmen; there hasn’t been a statesman among them.

Each of these presidents used the presidency as a show to advance their goals effectively. Their goals may not have been our goals, but those goals were – and are being – achieved.

GHW Bush took his show to war, putting on the daily screen the circus of smart bombs blowing up bridges, buildings and trucks – a showman’s show with high ratings. He spent lives and treasure not for a worthless medieval kingdom about which, literally, no one cared and fewer could find on a map, but as a demonstration of manhood to prove he was as good or better than his old boss, the one he had accused of “voodoo economics,” but whose economic policies created over 20M jobs in the next 20 years, tripled federal tax revenues while working with a Democrat Congress to lower tax rates, and destroyed the USSR, the world’s biggest threat to liberty and law – until Obama.

It is important to understand that 41’s short-run punitive expedition (no, it wasn’t a “war”) show planted the required seeds for the invasion of Europe and, more than likely, the Fall of the West.

But, hey, “Smart Bomb,” the show, sure entertained us, didn’t it?

Clinton turned the show into comedy, and himself into a joke. But he worked, mostly, within the limits of the Constitution, concluded bipartisan legislation with a GOP Congress run by a man who knew the Constitution and its importance, tried (unsuccessfully) to re-center (re-Americanize) the Democrat Party, and signed the last balanced budget America may ever have. Given the opportunity to have bin Laden killed, Clinton rejected it, but given the opportunity to invade, he instead sent a couple of cruise missiles for a few million bucks and blew up some sand, effecting no real change in the low-temperature jihadist status quo. He had a show. He entertained us. Sometimes on commercial breaks he goofed off. But he didn’t do any lasting damage. Bill Clinton may be seen as the last president of whom that can be said.

GW Bush got us into two absurd wars and refused to win either, creating the conditions on the ground to ensure that the invasion seed planted by his father began to grow tall. He sent tens of thousands of men – thousands of whose lives were taken by savages he refused to defeat – and trillions of dollars of munitions, blew up millions of tons of sand and turned the jihadis into a global menace that, sooner or later, will require a nuclear response as they have grown too large to defeat any other way. Or we will lose – and civilization will regress over a thousand years, requiring a repeat of a millennium of carnage just to get back to where we are today. And, more than likely, it will be Russian or Chinese nukes, as America is far too unserious to understand what war – real war –  is all about, and what are the requirements for winning.

Or the results of losing.

Obama is a showman gleefully tearing apart the American fabric of liberty and law. And we – all of us – are letting him. He stands in Center Ring with a match announcing what he will do without regard for America and law, and we glue our eyeballs to the show instead of to the Constitution he and Congress are burning down.

Obama isn’t a policy maker or deep thinker. He isn’t a lawmaker. He isn’t a student of policy or science or intelligence or history or economics. He is a tyrant. He is a showman. If you doubt his show is radical islamist totalitarianism, regardless of its cost to humanity, you have not been paying attention not even to his own speeches.

Obama is taking his show on the road across Europe. Next season’s cast is boarding ships and planes for its coming engagements in America. You may have seen previews of coming attractions recently in San Bernardino.

Because we are going to elect yet another showman – that’s all we have done since 1960 – we at least can hope he is on our side.

A showman as president has become our de facto governing ruling model.

The surprise is that this surprises anyone.

Trump is a showman for the reason that a showman is what American voters have elected for decades and seem to want.

But he’s a showman who seems to put America first, perhaps the first pro-American showman since Reagan. As with Reagan, there may be a statesman inside him.

This is why the Progressives in the DNCGOP Party are so threatened by him. They know we’ve been electing unqualified showmen since the (spectacularly ignorant) Baby Boomers became dominant, showmen increasing the power of the Ruling Class to the benefit of themselves alone (ask “GOP” Speaker Ryan, the leading Fifth Columnist in the world today).

But they’ve been showmen the GOPDNC Party could control, or that The Party has been willing to disgrace and debase itself before to be controlled by, as is the case with showman Obama.

Trump is not a showman the Progressive Ruling Class can control. They are scared to-death of being controlled by him. The showman has lost the need for the Party supporting cast. The Imperium has been created and needs only the emperor. The Republic has become Empire (Rome, not the TV show).

The sole political party in America has supported the growth of the extra-Constitutional showman presidency because the farther America strays from its founding documents and philosophy of liberty, the more power that political party and Ruling Class gain. What other reason could they logically have?

To think that the DNCGOP will slow or stop the runaway train of totalitarianism that DC has become is naïve.

The GOPDNC does not hate the idea of a showman as president; they hate the idea of a showman they cannot control. The man behind the curtain has been their man for all of their lifetimes – and Trump is not. He has pulled down the curtain and exposed for all to see what the presidency has become.

And he seems willing, and able, to cancel their show.

The choices in 2016 are five:

  1. Elect Trump and hope he is OUR showman and will return America to the Rule of Law, return our liberty, put the government and presidency back in their places. The first two may happen. The third probably won’t. We have allowed an imperial presidency to metastasize; Trump is a strong guy. It may be naïve to think he will bend to the will of a Congress (if Congress still has a will) that has long since forgotten it is the body in charge. But as long as American voters are OK with a monarchy, which we seem to be, I’d rather have a monarchy of the Center-Right than of the Left.
  2. Elect Hillary and ensure the completion of the destruction of liberty & law, of America. Ensure millions more are enslaved by islamist terrorism globally, that America no longer is even fantasized as the beacon of freedom it was for centuries – until the Baby Boomers. That the Bill of Rights becomes nothing but a quaint historical artifact. That future generations are measurably poorer and less-educated. That violence wracks our cities and towns as America burns and the Ruling Class parties away the nation on her show.
  3. Elect Cruz, who may, in fact, be the only guy who can return America to law – but who also will be infected by the imperial presidency we voters have allowed to take hold – and hope he will force Congress to write law again, though one doubts his willingness to be subservient to that law and to those lawmakers. His show will be puritanical – and that isn’t very entertaining. But maybe we need our castor oil right about now. And – maybe – we realize it.
  4. Elect Rand for an actual return to the Constitution. Unfortunately, the likelihood that he would be steamrolled by Congress is high. If he can’t fight FOR the job, how is he going, once there, to fight WITHIN the job and AGAINST Congress and the enemy media and The Party?
  5. Secede. Yes, I raise this often, and, yes, I am serious. America is an idea, not a geography. That idea has no credence among more than half our population. It is of no value to students speaking freely against the ability to speak freely – and on whom that irony is lost. America is an idea rejected by the bipartisan Ruling Class, by the media and “education” system of America, and those running the Regulatory State. The American idea is defined & described in a document willfully ignored by those who not only take an oath to it, but who have their jobs defined and limited by it, but are allowed by us to ignore those duties and boundaries, and that oath.

The Right talks constantly about Obama being unwilling to name the enemy “radical islamist fundamentalism;” that without his willingness to do so, that enemy cannot be defeated.

America’s enemy is not radical islam, not yet. America’s enemy is the Ruling Class and its Progressive education system, media propagandists, and DNCGOP voters who willfully ignore our Constitution; who willfully ignore what it is to BE American.

Our inability to name our enemy results in the same inability to defeat it of which we accuse Obama.

And secession by those wanting freedom, liberty, the Rule of Law – America – for their kids, more than likely is the ONLY way to defeat our enemy – at least within geographies that share the American idea – and effect a return to our birthright of Freedom and Liberty.

But until we are smart enough to understand our enemy, perhaps we can have a showman who may attempt to begin its defeat.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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