Why has Losing Our Liberty Become Acceptable?

I don’t care about the weather. I don’t care about the Dodgers. I don’t care about what clothes people wear or what movie they saw or what happened on some stupid TV show. I don’t care about anything but Liberty and my kids’ futures.

The ONLY thing worth talking about seriously is our country, our kids, our Liberty and our future — and the threats to each of those.

It is irrelevant whether those threats are from a primitive culture of subhuman barbarian savages at war with us, a cohort that never assimilates and fights and kills and rapes its way through our culture without restraint or, seemingly, punishment, or emanate from our own government unconstitutionally denying us OUR Bill of Rights and inundating us with unassimilable foreigners who WILL harm us as they harm all others with whom they come into contact.

Liberty and self-government are a historical anomaly. Without work, understanding, education – and, sometimes fighting – Liberty can and will be taken from us. It is being taken from us right now.

THE problem with America is that people DON’T want to talk about the ONLY Important thing: THEIR LIBERTY AND THE LIBERTY OF THEIR KIDS.

If people got together and talked, and listened, and understood this

America is free BECAUSE people talked animatedly about Liberty and their future in the mid-18th Century. They argued, they exchanged and improved their ideas. They created the first post-Enlightenment nation.

THEY CARED ABOUT LIBERTY – ABOVE ALL ELSE. Liberty was more important to them than were their own “… LIVES, … FORTUNES, …[and] SACRED HONOR,” if you need reminding.

Then 3% of them went out and did something about it, and 320M of us now, and hundreds of millions more here and abroad, have benefited from that 3% for 250 years.

America is not a geography, it is an idea. Self-government under the rule of law in a free society. An American believes in that idea; Democrats do not.  There ARE no “American” “Democrats.” Republican voters do – but elected Republicans do not. THIS is the answer to the question, “Why Trump?” THIS is the reason Cruz or Paul will get the nomination.

The Left is ascendant in America – and no one is fighting them.

NOTHING gives the American government the right to take MY earnings to increase the living standard of someone else. They can work for it like I do, and it might be a generational journey for them like it has been through several generations of my family, and will continue to be as every single educated parent wants a life for their children and grandchildren even better than their own.

The entire purpose of education is improving living standards. Writing & literacy gave us the ability to not re-learn everything every generation. Books teach us what prior generations knew. Philosophy and history – Liberal Arts – teach us why we made the choices we made to be where we are on a journey to an even better, freer future – and the Left HATES all of that.

Education teaches the utter failure of non-Western cultures. Markets and capitalism have freed and enriched more human beings than any other force. Yet the Left HATES them. The Left DEMANDS “Progressivism,” which has zero examples of anything OTHER THAN reducing living standards, reducing education standards, reducing wealth, freedom, individual responsibility and Liberty.

Because the purpose of education and the result of education are increased living standards, there ARE no “educated” “Progressives;” too many people confuse a degree with an education.

I once was asked, “Do [I] want to live in a country in which kids starve to death?” This is pretending life is about choices between good and bad. It is stupendously childish. Life is about choices between bad and worse.

Do I want kids to starve to death? No.

But having the government, with taxpayer dollars (and there are no other kind) support someone else’s children is a moral hazard.

How many do I need to support? One? Ten? Are the first ten worthy of my charity but not the eleventh? What about fifty in South Central? Are they less worthy of my earnings than the first ten? More worthy of my earnings than my own children?

If those fifty in South Central, why not five hundred in East Palo Alto, yards from some of the richest people on the planet – people who refuse to spend their wealth on these people who live next door, but are more than ecstatic to take MY money from MY kids to soothe THEIR misplaced guilt.

If those five hundred, why not five thousand on the South Side of Chicago, yards from many more of the richest in America? East St Louis? Ferguson? Baltimore?

It is NOT the job of the American government to provide charity or a Middle Class living standard; that is the job of families, churches and social organizations. It is the JOB of PARENTS.

NOTHING gives ANYONE the right to harm my children, PERIOD. Not by taking more of my earnings than are required to provide roads, fair markets, a FAIR justice system (not one weighted to any particular race or religion or death cult), and public safety. NOT by reducing my ability to defend them from attackers. NOT by reducing my FREE SPEECH. NOT by bringing in AGAINST THE WILL OF A VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS, tens of thousands of a cohort that has NEVER assimilated in and is violently opposed to Western Civilization.

Secession may well be the only way to return the Rule of Law to those Americans who want itIf Liberty means living in a smaller country – fine. If living in America as currently constituted argues against Liberty – and it does – then I’m not interested. LIBERTY is the goal, not a geography.


You may even be aware that America SECEDED from Britain… for Liberty.

If some big country wants to gobble up a smaller country, too bad.

Russia just gobbled Georgia and Ukraine and no one gave a damn about it. But Ukraine – the poster child for nuclear proliferation – set itself up by giving away its nukes. That is NOT worth my son, trillions of dollars, thousands of dead or going to war.

Do you really think I’d be willing to sacrifice my son to some Somali warlord because some stupid president thought doing so would make a difference?

If a Texas secedes, you can bet they’ll have nukes – they’d be foolish not to. As Ike said – spending huge sums on conventional forces today is absurd. And the world remains a dangerous place.

In the Information Age huge industrial countries are inefficient users of resources, human capital, energy, of everything. Progress says they have outlasted their usefulness.

If you look at the millennia of evolution of Western government from Egypt, through Greece, Rome and today, you see a change as recent as 1648, with the creation of the nation-state at Westphalia.

  • To expect that nations once created cannot be dissolved is absurd.
  • To expect stasis in the affairs of nations is absurd.
  • To expect stasis within a nation after the beginning of the Information Age is absurd.

Quebec, Yugoslavia, Catalonia, Scotland, Bangladesh, Czechoslovakia, Austro-Hungary, the countries of the entire Ottoman Empire – and others have seceded or are demanding secession now. The USSR is gone.

As information becomes more widespread with the acceleration of the Information Age – and no one is going to stop that – and as citizens (and subjects) better understand what “their” governments are doing to them, secession movements only will accelerate. And why should they not?

This is what is driving the populism of Trump and of Sanders. It isn’t racism or xenophobia. It is information. We know for the first time what those we hire to govern FOR us, are instead doing TO us: Depriving us and our children of our birthright – as Americans – of freedom and Liberty.

And we are sick and damned tired of it.

And those that don’t give a damn about Liberty are standing idly by as it is being actively taken from us by those who hate it: our own ruling class.

Those who think talking politics is a turd in a punch bowl are destroying it.

Those who think entropy doesn’t apply to societies are destroying it.

Those who grasp Darwin but reject that evolution – finding and holding a position in an environment, to the death and often extinction of other species – applies absolutely to humans and societies and governance models, just as it does to frogs, fish and worms – are ensuring its loss.

If those who believe in Liberty continue to refuse to fight for its spot in the geopolitical ecosystem, we will be displaced by those fighting against it. It is absurd to expect otherwise.

Evolution works – and we are allowing Liberty to be evolved to extinction.


We don’t have TIME to let the Left continue to destroy Liberty – and if you don’t see that as their goal you are really – seriously – not paying attention.

In the short span of half-a-century we have lost OUR RIGHT to speak, worship, defend ourselves and our families, travel on an airplane or to the mall as we see fit. We have lost the right to privacy from searches lacking due process.

We have lost the belief that our own government is on our side. Seventy-two percent of us think our own government is our biggest threat.

Why it is OK to wait for Liberty to be “returned” to us is an unknown to me. We never gave it up, we allowed it to be TAKEN while we were talking about Friends and blindly trusting our government.

Do you really think that the pace of destruction will cease? Slow? Reverse? On what possible evidence?

Do you really think that the pace of fighting to regain our Liberty need not be AT LEAST as fast as the pace at which it is being taken?

The last time I checked, if the hole in the bucket was bigger than the hose, the bucket didn’t fill back up. RETURNING Liberty must proceed FASTER than it is being taken from us.

Anything less is just managing the defeat of our Liberty, our freedom, our nation. Of the future of our children.

Why is that acceptable?

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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