Serious Global Discussion about Islam is Overdue.

A true statesman right about now would get the leaders of European countries, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, Japan together right now and create an alliance to destroy Islam.

It’s time for a serious intellectual discussion on the cost/benefit to the entire world, modernity, the costs ($ and lives) of keeping it contained, and humanity’s future… vs destroying it.

As long as the bastard in the White House remains there, civilized people must grasp that America is on the side of terror, and that our military and Congress have gone over to the other side.

Muslims kill everyone that holds still long enough

Muslims murder their own daughters

Muslims kill their own sons.

Muslims have the highest illiteracy rate in the known universe

Muslims are unemployable in the modern world

Muslims translate approx 1 book per year into Arabic

Muslims violently reject modernity

Muslims kill for sport gays, Christians, Jews, kids

Muslims rape for sport any female over 2

Muslims bring nothing of value to the entire rest of the planet

Muslims kill indiscriminately across the planet.

Anyone professing to care about human, women’s, gay, children’s rights, or rights to free speech, religion, assembly, self government, who also is not demanding the eradication of Islam is serious about none of those things.

Islam has no place in, and must be eradicated from, the modern world.

I don’t care if some people erroneously think it’s a religion. So what? If NAZIs had stuck their asses in the air 5X/ day we still woulda killed them.

Islam is worse.

Any serious discussion would conclude that islam must be eradicated.

And don’t tell me a religion can’t be killed:

  • seen many Zoroastyrians lately?
  • whats Plan B?

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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2 Responses to Serious Global Discussion about Islam is Overdue.

  1. Bob Smith says:

    You are so right.

    We, non-Muslims, spend way too much of our time debating the asinine ” is Isam is a religion of peace” meme. This question needs to be put to rest.

    The debate needs to be moved onto the next level. That is – what can be done about an obvious killing cult that has managed to consume 20% of humanity. And this IS a worldwide problem.

    The ability of Islamic theology to survive for 1,400 years is only due to Islam’s unique social blueprint. The way all the parts of Islam is put together.

    Islamic theology clearly incites a small percentage of Muslims to commit violence. And it is this “small” percentage of Muslims who control Islam.

    In my thesis “Islam is Fear” ( I describe the process of how these (small percent of Muslims) control all of Islam. It is this process which needs to be stopped.

    At the very core, it is Islamic theology needs to change. And changing Islamic theology will not be easy. But it can be done. I have spent significant time thinking about this issue. I will not waste too much time on the thought process and go straight into things I feel could help unravel the Islamic cult. I break it down into two different methods. 1) Is the psychological method. And 2) is the military method. Here are my thoughts.

    1. The intellectual tsunami. There needs to be a loud and continuous outcry from numerous sources proclaiming the fallacy of Islamic theology. (The religious thugs need to quit believing they have a God given right to kill). Imaging what could happen if the President of the US (or other world leaders) were to make a speech telling the Muslim world that Islam was in bad need of reformation – the Koran was not the perfect word of God – it is not OK to kill in the name of God. – It is not the perfect religion. – People should be able to be free from Islam. (And the list could go on…) The intellectual shock wave would be enormous. Imagine if other world leaders said the same thing. (What an irony, we can bomb them, but can’t tell them the truth.)

    Even without the president or other heads of state, those of us in the “counter jihad” movement need to press these issues of Islamic theological fallibility. The more it is said, and the louder it is said, the better. The internet can play a significant role in this process.

    2. Women’s liberation within Islam. Islam as it exists today cannot survive with liberated women. Islam is essentially a system that enslaves both male and female Muslims to specific roles within a 1,400 year old ideological doctrine. Females clearly get relegated to a second class status. If half of the slaves (women) revolt, others within Islam will revolt also. Women’s liberation within Islam would change Islam dramatically.

    This area of women’s liberation within Islam may be the most effective way to start the process. Women’s freedom is enhanced when facts and logic are properly applied to outdated social norms. Islam does not stand a chance when confronted with facts and logic.

    3. Divide and conquer. In reality, Islam is Arab colonialism under the disguise of religion. The non-Arab Muslim world needs to hear that they are victims of the Arab religious colonialism.

    (Here is the logic. Why do Pakistanis think killing their own people, while praying in Arabic and bowing towards Mecca, is what God wants? What about the Persians? The Malaysians? The Thais? The Philippines? And others?) Islamic colonialism is for all practical purposes ignored or unnoticed. The forces of anti-colonialism need to be directed towards Islamic colonialism.

    4. Let Islam’s sexual cat out of the bag (especially for the Mullahs). Islam is so sexually repressed that the sexual frustration manifests itself in a distorted society. You can be sure that sexual deviancy within Islam is widespread (child brides, incest, rape, animal sex, child sex, child homosexual rape, and others). Just look at the issue of rape alone within Muslim society. Raped women are routinely jailed and even stoned to death. What kind of perverted society allows this type of behavior?

    5. Discredit and embarrass the Mullahs. The mullahs whip the devout believers into their killing frenzy. When the Mullahs look bad, a portion of the killers will take the day off. While doing research I’ve read many stories of mullahs using their position of power for their own personal advantage. You can be sure that includes sex, and other issues the mullahs don’t want known.

    Here is a military perspective – when the non-Muslim world finds itself inside a Muslim controlled population.

    How to take down Islam by force.

    1. Stop the muezzin – This constant call to prayers is nothing more than a continual incitement for the most devout Muslims. It badgers “cultural Muslims” into silence on the issue of Islam.
    2 Arrest the mullahs
    3 Close the mosques – demolish most – demolish most minarets
    4 Arrest anyone who tries to enforce sharia law.
    5 Make women equal to men.
    6 All girls to school.
    7 Allow only Muslim cultural customs that are compatible with the 21st century
    8 Do not allow any customs that celebrate violence
    9 Arrest anyone who tries to promote violence.
    10 religion can only be practice at home. No large groups.
    11 Force a reformation of the Koran, Haidith, and Sunnah. Confiscate all Korans.
    12 Promote inner Islam

    This topic is long overdue for discussion. Thanks for getting the ball rolling.
    Anyone with other ideas? Send them to me at

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