ISIS – What it Is, What it Wants, What to do About It

This is a good column about ISIS. It is well-researched and worth reading. You should read it.

Because it is well-researched, it puts the lie to Obama and the other apologists ignorantly insisting ISIS is not about islam. The periodical is the Atlantic – not a right wing publication by any stretch of the imagination.

The columnist goes to great lengths to inform the reader of the theological background and actions and behaviors of the ISIS savages. The online article includes a video interview of the columnist, including a discussion of how ISIS felt about the piece (they thought it accurate).

Not only is ISIS islam – islam is ISIS.

But! Obama is fighting ISIS!

No. He isn’t. It’s only pretense. When ISIS was slaughtering 1000+ Yazidi over several days, we flew 9 sorties and killed 14 vehicles. Obama’s “war” is PR for low-info voters, nothing more.

Pretending to fight ISIS allows Obama to pretend to the MSM and Democrat voters (and voters in the Center who refuse to pay attention) that he is fighting radical islam, while instead allowing islamist fundamentalists to metastasize, to grow larger, to murder and oppress more millions of people, and now to invade, and probably conquer europe (through a combination of violence and demographics), all the while telling those dumb enough to believe him that he is trying to degrade and contain it – when he is doing the opposite.

Even far-left loon Dianne Feinstein knows ISIS is expanding and not in any way “contained.” Hillary agrees with her.

And now Obama, with help of an ignorant GOP in Congress, is bringing that threat and destruction here.

Because he knows that even Hillary understands the threat of ISIS, Obama must finish the job in the next 14 months.

Are you armed yet?

Governors – more than half, both Democrat and Republican – are resisting. But Obama tells them they have no say, so they will cave. While true that immigration is solely a federal issue, it is an enumerated power of Article One, Section 8, a power of the Legislative Branch – the Executive Branch has no say in it at all. But, as for the past 6+ years, the Congress and the GOP will cave and extend yet more power to an already out-of-control executive.

Why does the GOP not act to protect the Congressional legislative prerogative and separation of powers? Simple: The GOP wants the same imperium when they hold the presidency.

You are watching in America a repeat of the transition of the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, in the event you haven’t noticed… and you are seeing in europe, a repeat of its Fall.

What followed the Fall of Rome? A thousand years of carnage we call the “Dark Ages.” Can’t happen here? Ahistorical foolishness.

Obama is all about radical islam. Why do you think he pulled out of Iraq and is pulling out of Afghanistan? Do you think he’s stupid? Far from it. He’s an intelligent enemy – the most dangerous ever faced by America or the West. He is pulling out because he wants radical islam to continue its rise. To continue its slaughter. To continue its oppression. To continue – the real – war on women.

Obama doesn’t care about human lives – what action has he ever taken to improve, rather than degrade lives? To help, rather than harm? To reduce rather than expand the oppression of tens of millions?

Look at his attacks on Americans – record unemployment for minorities, record-low labor force participation, constant sowing of racial animosity, 50M on food stamps, increased poverty across-the-board. And another $10,000,000,000,000 (authorized by a GOP House) of debt the children of republicans will have to repay (no left-voting political unit here (state) or abroad (nation) has above-replacement fertility – except for HI, NM, NV; this debt will be paid only by the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren… of conservative voters).

Obama doesn’t care about humanity; he cares about despotic power, no matter how many millions fall to medieval oppression and slaughter – and the GOP have done all they can to help him achieve it.

Why does Obama reject Russia’s keeping Assad in power? Simple: Assad is fighting radical islam.

Who started out trying to toss Assad? Radical islamic fundamentalists. Who demands Russia get out of the way so they can finish the job? Obama – and the absurdly ignorant GOP candidates who fail to grasp history and want to attack Russia (all but Rand Paul).

Who armed ISIS? Obama. Hillary. McCain.

Benghazi was about sending Ghaddafi’s weapons to ISIS, it’s why the SEALs were there – to inventory and ship weapons to ISIS via Turkey. It’s why two ambassadors met in the dead of night hundreds of miles from their embassies, and at the busiest CIA station in North Africa.

Attacking Libya was about removing the local strongman who kept radical islam down, and gaining his weapons to ship to ISIS (you thought Iran-Contra was despicable?).

Libya was a two-fer for Obama.

It was – and is – a human catastrophe for Libya and Mali.

Why do we need to remove Assad? That’s just as stupid as removing Ghaddafi, Saddam, the Shah. It will do – is doing – nothing other than create another failed State as a base for the further expansion of radical islam, of ISIS, and to put tens of millions more under the brutal pre-modern savagery of islam.

Do you think that is not Obama’s goal? If it isn’t, why is he not using the most powerful military force on the planet to stop them? We stopped NAZI Germany AND Imperial Japan – both modern militaries, not ragheads with small arms – in 3-1/2 years. We have been “fighting” radical islam in Iraq and Afghanistan for 14 … and counting

Putin is trying to keep Assad in place both because of Russia’s Mediterranean naval port, and because Putin’s Russia has tens of millions of illiterate peasants, many practicing islam, some violently. He understands why an Assad is needed: keeping Assad in place keeps pre-modern fundamentalism tamped down. In Syria it kept a fairly pluralistic society alive, one of the very few in which religious tolerance existed and was protected.

Putin is trying to keep the lid on yet another country that we seemingly demand be reduced to chaos and barbarism, as we reduced Iraq and Libya, and by natural extension, Mali. (Afghanistan was already a Stone Age barbarism; my brother lived there trying to teach in the University of Kabul in 1977.)

Assad is your basic strongman SOB. But he’s THEIR strongman SOB. Would you sacrifice your kids in killing or removing him? Would I sacrifice mine? Not a chance in Hell.

The Western conceit that everyone is ready for modern liberal democracy is pure ignorance. We have disproved it every single time we have gotten involved in the islamic world – but we keep banging our heads on that same wall, refusing to learn from our own history.

The West will never again mount a large land offensive, the kind needed to sweep from power entrenched fighters across large areas – we lack the young men to do so. Our demographics stink.

Our ONLY way to defeat an existential threat is via our technology, which means nuclear weapons.

Refusing to use nukes because you have some misplaced empathy for those who raise, educate, feed, train, clothe and shelter those happily butchering Europeans and Americans, means only that you value illiterate pre-moderns more than your own citizens.

It means your ego is more important than American or European modern, educated, liberal lives.

If you worry about “the children,” the Paris killers were between 5 and 13 years of age when we invaded Afghanistan…

Every time we remove one of these stongmen who actually UNDERSTANDS radical islam and, understanding it, keeps it tamped down, we create catastrophe, a failed State, and leave EVERYONE worse-off. The Shah. Mubarak. Ghaddafi. Since the godfather of modern islamic fundamentalist terrorism – Jimmy Carter (D) – put Khomeini back in-play, hundreds of millions of human lives have been lost to the darkness of the medieval practices and oppression of islam.

Removing, or enabling the removal of, these rulers (who, for the most part ruled over – for islam – fairly educated, partly pluralistic, fairly literate, modernizing societies in Iran, Syria, Libya) has led DIRECTLY to the mess in the Middle East, South Asia and Europe, a mess assuredly coming here.

Had we just left well-enough alone and not pretended that borders we don’t care about are somehow, and for the first time in history, “inviolable,” and stayed out of a medieval Kuwait, Europe would not now be dissolving in a pre-modern terrorist mash. Had we stayed out of Afghanistan and Iraq, they wouldn’t be such failed states, ISIS wouldn’t exist, Ghaddafi would still be in power selling oil and tamping down the islamists.

And we wouldn’t have an anti-American totalitarian muslim as president busily destroying our country as the pundits call him “incompetent” when he is anything but.

But… JEB! says his “brother kept us safe.”

That is so pathetically laughable it is obscene.

The reality is that his brother and father may very well have extinguished Western Civilization.

Should we have attacked Afghanistan for 9-11? Sure – with a couple of nukes. NOT doing that, but spending the lives of our kids instead, was INSANE. Going into Iraq – at all – was insane. If Saddam was stoking WMDs to go after Israel, well, we send Israel billions annually in military aid – we need to fight their wars, too?

Either we destroy islam – or it WILL destroy us. Either through violence until we kowtow to it, or through demographics – but it WILL destroy us. And, with us, modernity, progress, and civilization itself.

It took eight CENTURIES for the Christian world to throw islam off the continent of Europe. Nothing we recognize as civilization, human rights, self-government or progress, would exist had islam not been removed – violently – from Europe.

Unless we want a repeat of the Dark Ages, a repeat of the thousand years of carnage that it took us to get where we are as a civilization, islam MUST BE DESTROYED. It hampers progress, it oppresses everyone it covers. NOTHING good on the world stage – ever – has come from islam. Islam is an ongoing attack on modernity itself.

If you value rights, humanity, pluralism, democracy, self-government, the rule of law, the lives of your wives and daughters and sons, if you value the Age of Reason… islam MUST be destroyed.

It is time to nuke the enemy. Period. Not to waste more lives in infantry battles with illiterates. But to show it the disdain it deserves by extinguishing it as one would a roach with a can of Raid.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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