Questions I Want to Hear in the Next GOP Debate

  1. Governor Walker: You say no exception to a prohibition on abortion should be made for instances of rape and incest. Though you are in the party that talks about limited government and family values, you are demanding that a raped 14-year-old girl, regardless of her plans for life – good high school grades, college, maybe a graduate degree, dating, sports, a husband and a family of her own – and regardless of the fact that she is not physically, emotionally, psychologically or intellectually ready for motherhood shall, against her will, be forced by the State to carry an unwanted baby to term. Please tell us how this comports with limited constitutional government under the Rule of Law or family values. As a follow-up, please remind the viewers by which Enumerated Power the States granted the federal government any power over abortion. If your answer contains the word “murder,” please tell us under which Enumerated Power federal authority was granted over general police powers.
  2. Governor Christie: You had quite a dustup with Senator Paul in the last debate over the 4th Amendment. Please tell us how many of America’s wars have been won by spying on Americans, and which of the remaining Amendments in the Bill of Rights are situational. We’ll wait.
  3. Governor Bush: I’d like to give you the opportunity to walk-back what was one of the most infantile, thought-free, ahistorical and ignorant comments ever made on a debate stage, that you will enable the economic recovery the current President and Congress have so destroyed, by “lift[ing] our spirits and hav[ing] high, lofty expectations for this great country of ours.” Given that this is nothing but pabulum, would you like to un-embarrass yourself? Take your time.
  4. Senator Paul: It shouldn’t be a newsflash, but the average American voter is not “educated about the Constitution,” and repeating that again and again, in ever-increasing volume, will not alter that fact. If Americans were interested in their Constitution we wouldn’t have the current president, or either current political party – and I think you’d agree. When arguing over the unconstitutional spying ‘on the people, by the rulers, and not for the people,’ why not go to the heart of the matter: No war in history ever was won by the victor spying on its own people, asking those supporting this violation of the 4th Amendment why they suddenly think this one will be?
  5. Dr Carson: Yes, it was a funny joke about the half-brains in DC. Do you think after the first debate that you lack the temperament and experience to be president, and do you recognize that the GOP voters would never have heard of you if you were White? That your support is purely a desire by low-info voters on the Right to say “some of our best candidates are Black”?
  6. Senator Paul: When given the opportunity to speak on gay marriage, why did you reject informing the audience that “marriage” is not among the Enumerated Powers, and, if the GOP really does support Constitutional government, they must demand the government limit itself to the Constitution, and, further, that SCOTUS can say whatever they want about marriage, but because the States granted to the Feds zero authority over marriage, what they say is irrelevant? What do you think was the reason Governor Walker called for an Amendment to the Constitution “returning marriage to the States,” when the States never gave the feds any power over marriage to begin with? Do you think one of our leading republican governors can really be that ignorant of the Constitution, the 9th and 10th Amendments, the Enumerated Powers, or has he ulterior motives – or is he just dumb?
  7. Governor Christie: You are running as a Republican, a party that, at least ostensibly, believes in the Constitution. Yet NJ is ranked 49th in ease of getting a permit to carry a weapon – an individual right supported by the Constitution and the Supreme Court. A New Jersey citizen, Carol Browne, recently was murdered in her own driveway by her ex-boyfriend, despite a restraining order, security cameras and lots of police in NJ. Ms. Browne was in the months-long New Jersey process of trying to get a permit which would have “allowed” her to exercise a right that the Constitution informs us cannot be infringed. Your policies precluded her arming herself and can reasonably be considered partly at-fault for her murder. Since all statistics show that tighter gun control leads to more violent crime and murder, that the most violent cities in America all are under tight gun control laws, why do you support an increase in violent crime? Why do you not support the 2nd Amendment? How is disallowing women to defend themselves against larger, stronger, more aggressive men work to counter the Democrat argument that the GOP is waging a “war on women”?
  8. Senator Cruz: Yes – we know you’re smart. Yes – we know you can speak  i n c r e d i b l y    s l o w l y    a n d    p e d a n t i c a l l y.  But could you please take a look at the First Amendment? After all, Luke 20:25 tells us, well – I’m sure you know what it tells us. You are running for a position, the sole authority of which is to enforce the law – no policy plank for the president exists within the Constitution, as you know. Please tell us how your constant injection of God informs being president of a republic under the rule of law, using Luke 20:25 to support whatever argument you make.
  9. Governor Huckabee: America isn’t a theocracy, regardless of what you and your supporters want and demand. Like the imams of islam, you are demanding a level of governmental authority based on your theology. When do you think it will be time, as I have asked Senator Cruz, to recognize Luke 20:25, to acknowledge that the – only – role of the president is to enforce the law? And when will you stop raising false hopes among your enthusiasts, people who cannot afford to keep giving you their rent money when you have no chance of winning, that you are, in fact, running against the GOP platform of constitutional government?
  10. Mr. Trump: You talk about increasing our defenses enormously and at a cost we arguably cannot afford, given the $18T in debt you noted in your comments. Please tell us why the American taxpayer needs to continue defending the entire West, nearly all countries of which are wealthy enough to defend themselves and perfectly capable of making their own decisions regarding guns & butter. Further, why should the American taxpayer keep paying for defense costs of nations whose own citizens don’t believe in their future enough to populate that future? What is the point?
  11. Governor Kasich: We were warned once by a successful president, who kept America out of war for eight years (a feat not accomplished by any other president of either party since the 1930s), not to allow ourselves to be overrun by the “Military-Industrial Complex,” a president who led the largest army ever assembled  to victory in the largest war in history. President Eisenhower extricated America from the Korean War, and kept the peace without paying for enormous land forces through his policy of massive retaliation. Why is using our technology to win wars not better than using-up our kids, why do you want to continue to spend our future – and our kids – in wars we refuse to win, why was Eisenhower’s policy (that, according to a friend at the National War College, is the sole reasons Parisians don’t speak Russian) wrong, and is it just donations from the Military Industrial Complex that inform your desire to waste more taxpayer dollars on a military we refuse to use to win the wars we interminably send it to pretend to fight?
  12. Senator Rubio: Given that the Cold War was won, and the tens of millions of eastern europeans freed through successive decades of engagement, trade and travel, and that our embargo on Cuba has accomplished nothing in 60 years, please tell us why engagement is wrong, and why doing the same thing with Cuba for another half-century will accomplish different results?
  13. All candidates: In your closing remarks, please tell us why we should vote for the GOP, a party that America elected in the 2010 Tea Party landslide because they said they’d cut $100 billion (they cut $7B), who, in 2012 began investigating the IRS scandal, insisting that the question was, “who’d go to jail,” (no one has or is close to doing so), to whom, in 2014, America gave a historic margin – yet who the very next week funded the entire agenda of the Democrat Party that many still foolishly believe you oppose? Given that the GOP has chosen not to act on the lawlessness of Obama, not to pursue the corruption of the IRS (or State at Benghazi, or F&F) with any evident vigor, and has passed the appropriations or continuing resolutions to fund, since January 2011, all of Obama’s spending and debt, and quite obviously supports through their votes an apparent anti-rule of law president on his every whim (and every vacation), why should Americans – ever again – trust that the GOP is the party of limited government, or vote for you? Wouldn’t it be far wiser for voters who understand the damage Progressive policies do to all Americans, to stop voting for the GOP, which is just as Progressive as are the Democrats, and just as anti-Rule of Law? Isn’t it time for a GOP unable to distinguish itself from the Democrat Party other than when campaigning, to go the way of the Whigs and allow a new party, one actually interested in the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and our future liberty and freedom, to replace you? And, if you can’t defend your party and the Constitution in the minute allotted for closing remarks,  why would we elect you?

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Susan Stuermer says:

    Spot on Sir! The GOP is as much of a joke as the Democrat party. They are one and the same except, as you note, while campaigning. Americans must step away from the television and sttempt to think for themselves.

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