The Politics of a post-9/11 Internet World

We are witnessing a sea change in our politics, and outside of a few – Rand, Cruz, Trump, Bernie – no one is noticing…

Cruz is calling out the liars in his own party. McCain is berating GOP senators supporting the Constitution. McConnell is lying to his team in order to pass anti-limited government legislation.

Rand is saying – ya know what? The 10th Amendment really does exist, and, no, we don’t need to police the world.

Bernie is cleaning Hillary’s clock with her own base.

The GOP base can’t stand Jeb Bush.

Walker is asking for an amendment to “take back” something never given to the feds to begin with: Marriage is NOT among the enumerated powers, and whatever the Feds say regarding it is irrelevant.

The Federalist is asking of the GOP, ‘What’s the point of your party, again?’

The GOP base hates the GOP establishment and the Democrat base hates the Democrat establishment.

Good. Both need to go.


When the Boomers took over the government (having foolishly been given the vote at 18, something the WW1, WW2 and Korean warriors managed not to whine about) our Debt stood at $400B. For that we had bought and conquered a continent, invented the modern world of medicine, communications, computing, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, freed the largest cohort of slave in history, won all the wars we tried to win and landed on the moon. Oh – and foolishly intervened (Wilson, D-Idiot) in Europe’s wars, setting the stage for the rise of the USSR, NAZI Germany, the Cold War and Red China and the state-sanctioned murder of over 150M people.

Regardless of party, since the Boomers stepped onto the stage of government, we have invented – nothing; conquered – nothing; won no wars (at best, Gulf-I was a punitive action); and can’t even get our sorry butts into low earth orbit.

The Boomers grew up in the most conflict-free time in history – and learned that the world always is at peace, that borders never change, that everyone wants to get along, governments should make sure everyone else has enough to eat regardless of cost, the State should build and maintain an ever-more-elaborate safety net, and that all wars are bad. Each and all of these notions are historically laughable – but that’s how we were raised, and how many of my generation still see the world.

Our kids and grandkids grew up in a 9/11 world.

The difference is at a deep psychological level. They KNOW we were wrong to believe what we learned. They KNOW we have existential enemies that Boomers refuse to take seriously. They KNOW that the generation that won WW2 didn’t get to be who they were by being given an unearned Middle Class lifestyle, but hit the road or rode the rails to find a job – any job – to feed themselves and their families. They are learning that personal responsibility is what built success – not Baby Boomer policies that are antithetical to that responsibility.

We have spent over $13T on programs that have done no good (Welfare has not lowered the poverty rate even 1/10 of 1%) and paid for the defense of the entire West, nations far less in-debt than we, allowing them to ridicule us for making choices we have infantilized them into not even recognizing.

Here’s a generational view on our Debt – which is not party, but generational:

Boomer Debt

Spending, big gov, huge debts are not a party issue – both parties love spending money they are stealing from the future. Look at the votes they buy with it.

Governing under the Rule of Law is not a party issue – no one is impeaching an utterly lawless Obama for the simple reason that the GOP wants the same imperial powers when they hold the presidency.

Can you think of even a single major policy difference between Hillary & Jeb? None exist. One wears pants, the other pantsuits; that’s it.

Last week at a large (several hundred) intergenerational (5-6 generations represented) family gathering in TN of members from all over the continent, the teenagers and 20-somethings were comparing the taxes taken from their new paychecks with disbelief. One of them just got an internship at CATO.

We are witnessing only the birth of the impact on politics that the internet will have. The intersection of the internet and politics is not about fundraising and GOTV, though that is all either sclerotic party leadership can think of today.

The internet is bringing real information to the voters for the first time. And those growing up without the corruption and bias of the MSM – who have never heard of CBS or Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather or Peter Jennings – are not liking what they see as they surf.

They see that they are paying huge sums of what they earned – to go to those who aren’t even trying to earn their way.

They are seeing their jobs vanish, while Congress and various governors admit – in complete violation of the law – millions of illegals who are taking the jobs these kids want and need.

They see corruption at the top of both parties, and neither party any longer even pretending to care about Americans.

They see a unionized teacher cohort ensuring a substandard education, wasting their minds, harming their future – and who is suing the teacher unions and tenure in CA for a poor education? The Baby Boomer parents? Nope – their HS-age kids.

One of the major plot lines in literature is the second-generation wastrel pissing away a fortune created by their father, only to have the next generation rebuild what was lost.

We – the Boomers – are the wastrels. We are wasting liberty, freedom, law, education and wealth; we are allowing a few corrupt pols to buy votes with – literally – trillions of our hard-earned dollars, millions of our jobs, and thousands of the lives of our children and grandchildren – those looking in disbelief at the taxes withheld from their earnings to pay others not to work.


Our kids now are stuck with the results of our policies. We were given the freest nation in history. We are bequeathing a nation that doesn’t even pretend to follow its own laws, can’t manage a balanced budget on trillions of dollars of income, insists on buying friends we don’t need with money we don’t have – and which, under our “leadership,” is broke, uneducated, unemployed, historically illiterate, innumerate, and with declining influence.

I will never again vote for a Baby Boomer.

I will encourage every 20-something I know to compare the opportunity I had (b. 1954) to the opportunity they have, and never vote for my generation ever again, but instead, to vote for those who will undo what we have done – a libertarian or Constitutional conservative who respects – and again will implement what made America great: The Rule of Law.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Joe Caulfield says:

    I firmly believe that this is a needed and wanted PARADIGM SHIFT.

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