Now the Left is Saying Scott Walker is “Dangerous”

WaPo is whining about Walker, calling him “dangerous.” What they mean is he’s dangerous to Democrat campaign cash, but they clothe their argument with the nonsense that he’s dangerous to workers (like the tens of thousands of WI government workers who think government sector unions are so helpful and necessary that they immediately quit those unions when WI government sector union membership became pro-choice).

Remember – Walker didn’t outlaw unions. He made membership voluntary.

The Left can’t stand We the People being able to make our own choices; not about food, not about guns, not about schools, not about how we spend our money: “We could give it all back to you and hope you spend it right,” replied Bill Clinton to a question as to why he didn’t support a tax cut if a treasury surplus occurred as a result of a GOP balanced budget.

How dangerous to Democrat cash would it be to make government sector unionism voluntary? Given that membership rolls in government unions after Walker & WI voters made them voluntary “plummeted,” this dangerous:

govt sector union donations


The Left can’t win on facts, so they’re going to scare the low-info crowd to continue stealing taxpayer money to fund Democrat campaigns. They even make analogies to Joe McCarthy, saying being against government sector unionism is akin to McCarthyism, if you can believe that.

Citizens United? What on earth would the Left do if government sector unions were prohibited from laundering donating taxpayer money to Democrat political campaigns? All Citizens did was to lift the cap on corporations AND unions and level the playing field…

The patron saint of the modern extra-constitutional welfare state, FDR, was even against government sector unionism.

If the Left punditocracy is against McCarthy AND against FDR, you’d think their heads would explode. But no one can be a Progressive without being able to keep contradictory ideas in their heads – and believing both. This is why logic is anathema to them.

And the guy who spent less of your earnings than any other 20th- Century president, Calvin Coolidge, felt pretty strongly about unions, too, when as mayor of Boston, he fired all the Boston police who decided to strike: “There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.”  (Link in Summary reference, below.)

The Left is hemorrhaging the non-minority working class voters – those most apt to be forced into a union. Why?

  • Because the Left also is importing tens of millions of low-skill workers to compete with low-skill (often unionized) American workers, sending millions of hardworking Americans to the poor house, and impoverishing their kids just so that the Left can win more elections and retain and gain more power.
  • Because the Left taxes the hell out of American workers – and wants to tax them even more.
  • Because the economic policies of the Left have cratered working class employment.
  • Because the Left hates guns – often used by American workers for hunting and recreational shooting.
  • Because the Left seems to have given up completely on the white working class voters.

So how does the Left fight back against the results of their own policies?

By scaring the workers, calling someone who actually wants them to have a choice in how they spend their earnings (earnings limited by the policies of the Left), rather than be forced to spend it on union dues… to have that choice.

The Left also is ginning-up to what will be a constant, high-decibel scream on the campaign trail, the fiction that the GOP supports income inequality, and will say that Walker’s decision, backed by the majority of WI voters, will increase the income gap.

Nope: Here is the house organ of the Democrat Party, the NY Times on this nonsense: “INCOME inequality in the United States has been growing for decades, but the trend appears to have accelerated during the Obama administration.”

If you’re voting for Democrats and whining about income inequality, you may want to pay more attention… unless, that is, you’re whining because you want more inequality.

Who is suffering most from the income gap exacerbated by Obama, by Hillary’s hedge-funders, by Democrat economic policy? The working class.

One can make the case that unions in the private sector did – and may still do – some good. (No, unions did not create the 40 hour week or decent pay; those were from Henry Ford.)

But there is something to be said about a bargaining table and ensuring workers are paid what both sides ultimately deem to be a “fair” share of the profits those workers participated in earning, in a company funded by management and executive decisions and risk-taking.

There is, however,  no “opposite side” to a bargaining table with unions – pols trade guaranteed pensions from taxpayers for re-election cash from the union bosses, regardless of the wishes of the union members or the taxpayers – or of the economic damage to the state or municipality. (Is YOUR pension guaranteed? So why are those of your public servants’ guaranteed, regardless of the state of the economy?)

Government-sector unions serve no public interest. They exist only to funnel taxpayer money paid to government workers as salary into campaign coffers of the DNC – regardless of the party affiliation of the taxpayer. A worker who votes GOP, Independent, Libertarian, or anything else, is forced by government sector unionism to fund those she or he votes against.

Workers have to spend even more of their earnings just to break-even with the contributions they have been forced by Democrats to make to Democrats.

That’s liberty of choice?

If government sector unions weren’t so critical to Democrat mismanagement of our economy and our future by ensuring their re-election (via cash, GOTV, etc.), Dems wouldn’t be here supporting them; let’s not pretend that Democrats care about working men & women: the worst schools, crime, family structures, jobs, unemployment – all are in Democrat precincts.

Newsflash: Workers no longer support unions in the private OR public sector – only Dem pols support them – and only for cash. it’s just part of the atmosphere of corruption in American politics: Public unions, Ex-Im, Hillary Clinton trading foundation bribes for State policy, Mitch McConnell trading CROmnibus funding for illegal immigration and Obamacare for $2B for his state, etc.

That government sector union members don’t want them was evidenced by the immediate crash in membership as soon as they became voluntary in WI.

Now some lefty columnist says the members need them – when the members don’t even want them.

Whether it’s where and how you work, what you do for fun, where you want to send your kids (not theirs) to school, the Democrat elites know better than you what’s good for you…

One might think that if Walker were ‘dangerous” to those represented by unions and, hence, to the American body politic, the workers would agree – and join or remain in unions when they are voluntary. If that were the case, all union membership would be voluntary – and almost none of it is.

When it comes to unions, Democrats are definitely not “pro-choice.”

Here are some comments from teachers in WI who, thanks to Walker, can now be pro-choice:

“As soon as I was given the choice, I left,” Amy Rosno, a teacher with the virtual class program at the Waukesha school system, told “I never really understood the union anyway.”

“I realized that it was all political and not about teaching.”

“It’s important to have a choice, because we are all professionals,” Michelle Uetz, a special education teacher at Prescott High School told the education news site. “We shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into contributing to politics we don’t believe in.”

“If the union is so beneficial and good, people will want to join on the principle and the merits and not be forced to join.”

“I think it’s interesting the union hasn’t chosen to change its business model, even though teachers are leaving in droves,” Kristi LaCroix regional membership director for AAE said. “It’s just business as usual with them, so I see more and more professionals leaving.”

Public sector unions were illegal until JFK figured out the cash cow they’d be to the Democrats. (Here is a good summary on the history of government-sector unions and how and why they got so powerful.)

Public sector unions have bankrupted more than one major city and, if States could declare bankruptcy, more than one major State.

Joe McCarthy? Wow. Just – wow. Now the Left is going to compare resistance to forced unionism that even workers reject – with McCarthyism? I guess that’s all the Left has left. Maybe next we’ll hear analogies to Hitler?

When columnists make analogies to McCarthy, you know they have nothing substantive to support their “argument,” so revert to scare tactics. I expect more from WaPo, frankly.

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