Who Lost Greece? Who is Losing Europe? Is America Next?

Who Lost Greece? No one. Greek Voters Gave It Away.

Most people in America fail to grasp that Greece was an entirely self-inflicted wound. I’m talking about their voters – and the governments they elect, and refuse to throw out.

Understanding the mess we call Greece requires discussing how the Greek euromess came about: Who created this mess (voters electing leftist elites across Europe), what the creators did about it when they had the chance (nothing), what other Eurozone countries are doing about the same problem (nothing), and what American voters need to learn from it (everything or we will suffer the same fate).

The mess to which I refer is the euro itself – not the pain using it has inflicted, which is only a symptom.

How did Greece adopt the euro? It was forced on Greek citizens by their government. Did the citizens of Greece have any vote on whether to abandon their national currency, the primary symbol of national sovereignty?


Every country – EVERY COUNTRY – that adopted the euro, thereby rejecting that level of national history and sovereignty, did so by having their – elected – government force it down their throats.

No country – NOT ONE – whose citizens were allowed to vote on throwing away their currency and their ability to control their own financial destiny through governments accountable to those voters … accepted the euro.

This is the mistake the voters made: Allowing their governments to do this to them without their approval. And once, having done so, not ousting those governments and electing new ones, new representatives in their legislatures who represented the desires of their countrymen, rather than of the oligarchs.

Who is losing Europe? No one. European voters are giving it away.


People still insist on referring the european nations as “free countries” and “western democracies.” They are not. The people have very little say in what happens within their borders – and no say on the borders – at all. Europe is an agglomeration of oligarchies, of elites who never have – and never will – entrust anything to the voters.

Europe has become what the Left wanted it to become, and what the Left is intent on forcing America to become: An oligarchy of a rich, well-connected few – and a peasant class. The farthest thing from a democracy or republic.

Europe is becoming what the USSR was, without the defense capability (for which the American taxpayers still foolishly pay). Unlike the Soviet peasants they resemble more than they yet realize, European voters are doing this to themselves.


It isn’t just Europe

How many policies are being shoved down the throats of Americans against our own will? Too many.

How many of us are voting out the incumbents stealing our Liberty? Too few.

Are any of the following supported by a majority of Americans?

  • Illegal immigration? No.
  • Gay marriage? No.
  • Common Core? No.
  • Increased gun control? No.
  • Global Warming? No.
  • The increasing Regulatory State? No.
  • The school lunch choices of an unelected demi-tyrant? No.

Are all of these policies – and more – being forced down American throats, just as was the euro down european throats?


We are doing exactly what the europeans did when their sovereignty and Liberty were taken away – returning the oligarchs to office to do yet more damage.

Does any Constitutional reason exist, for example, to accept the recent ruling against States checking the citizenship of voters? No. The federal government has no constitutional authority allowing this ruling.

Does any Constitutional reason exist, for example, to accept the recent ruling on marriage? No. Marriage is a 10th-Amendment issue – it belongs, without exception, to the States. The federal government has no authority to make, and no authority to enforce, this ruling.


If you think the destruction of the values that created the American Middle Class, the absence of which is evident in the societal, generational, economic, employment and behavioral destruction in every lower class precinct in the nation, was accidental, you are mistaken. The breadth and speed of destruction is not coincidental.

If you think the destruction of America’s Middle Class through economic policies that have placed 94,000,000 Americans out of the work force, reliant to some – or all – extent on the government for their food, shelter, transportation and housing, is not intentional, you need to pay more attention.

  • Obama’s policies are not resulting in the destruction of Middle Class earnings… by accident.
  • Democrat policies are not widening the income gap… by accident.
  • Democrat policies are not pushing people out of the labor participation rolls… by accident.
  • Democrat policies have not increased the food stamp rolls to over 50M… by accident.
  • Democrat policies are not pushing companies and their earnings and jobs overseas… by accident.
  • Democrat policies are not importing tens of millions of new lower class workers to displace working Middle Class Americans… by accident.

To think these are accidental policy errors would mean that the 20th Century history of exactly the same policies and exactly the same results… are events and history of which the Left is unaware.

For whom will all these newly-dependent voters vote? Democrats. Making these once-independent human beings dependent on the government… is in the interests of Democrats.

To think that Obama, Pelosi, Hillary, Kerry, et al, are ignorant of the results of their policies in the 20th Century, or that the exact opposite policies resulted in growth, would be stupendously ignorant.

To the best of my knowledge, no one on the Left, and few on the Right, have called Obama “stupid,” but too many say he has “failed.”

If he is not stupid, then the results he is achieving… are the results he desires. Ergo, he is succeeding.

If he considered his policies to be “failing,” he would evaluate the results – and change course.

If he were “failing,” he would not successfully have enacted all of the programs and policies he has attempted to enact.

Obama is not “failing” in achieving his goals. He only can be considered to be “failing” if one thinks his goals – and America’s – are the same.

They are not.

But it seems most of our pundit class – and ALL of the GOP – actually are ignorant, and continue, 6+ years in to the Leftist destruction of our Liberty, society and economy by these Democrats and these policies – to ascribe to Obama “failure” in attempting to rescue the Middle Class.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Obama has no desire to rescue the Middle Class.


Why does the Left hate the Middle Class?

The Middle Class is extraordinarily bothersome to the Left. Look at what the Middle Classes want: To keep the results of their labor, good schools for their children to increase their future opportunities, the chance for a good job, the ability to be entrepreneurial and invent and grow new businesses, the Liberty that is promised them in our founding documents. And to be left alone.

Each and all of these desires are obstacles to the Left’s goal of absolute power. To refuse to grasp that the Left hates the Middle Class is to deny history.

  • Whom did Stalin kill in the “Purges” of the 1930s? His Middle Class. 30M of them.
  • Whom did Mao kill in his Great Leap Froward and Cultural Revolution? His Middle Class. 80M of them.
  • Whom did Pol Pot kill in his attempt to remake Cambodia to communism? His Middle Class. 2M of them.

No one in history, and no ideology known to man – has killed as many of its own people as the ideology of the Left and its adherents.

Look at the lower classes – what do they want?   Whatever the ruling party will take from the Middle Class and give them. Are they poor in America because of anything other than their own choices? No. For whom do they vote? Whoever gives them the most. Do they care about Liberty? No; they can’t afford to.

Look at the upper class – what do they want? To keep what they have and take more. How did most of them get what they’ve gotten in the past few decades? Crony capitalism. It is not coincidence that the wealthiest counties in America surround the Capitol. How do they vote? For whomever will let them keep the most of what they have, and acquire more by connection and cronyism. Do they care about Liberty? No – they can buy the Liberty they need, and Liberty for the rest of us only gets in their way.

This is the story of the 2nd-half of the 20th Century, and the first decades of the 21st: The Left is intentionally destroying the Middle Classes across the West – and getting many in those Middle Classes to help them do so by voting for programs that leftist politicians convince them – through abominable union-led (mal-)education – will help them, rather than deliver the same results these policies have ALWAYS delivered.

The real question is this:

Will the American voter, having witnessed the disaster of the euro on several nations whose citizens were not even asked to accept it: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain, and others, having seen the results of Democrat policies (supported by the Progressive establishment GOP in nearly every material instance) and their – inevitable – destruction of the Middle Class, continue to vote for Democrats and the establishment GOP, and expect different results?

If you still support the GOP and expect different results than they have provided after two recent landslides (2010, 2014) and one every-day victory (2012)… you might want to reconsider your decision paradigm.

If you still think that the Democrats want to help people achieve comfort, happiness, education, wealth and Liberty – you may want to know that the ideology you support has never provided any of that. Ever.

Many, too many, convince themselves and others that – this time – voting the (once-pro-)limited government GOP into power will be different, will somehow reverse the decades of Progressive encroachment on our Liberty, that voting for a third party only will split the GOP and give the Democrats yet more power. (The GOP was formed by voting for a third party, btw – heard of many Whigs lately?)

We wiped-out the Democrats in 2014. And no policy difference exists, half-a-year on.

If you aren’t voting-out the establishment GOP and every Democrat, you are mimicking europeans accepting the trashing of their national history, currency, Middle Classes – and Liberty – without complaint.

If you aren’t voting Libertarian, you are part of the problem.

If America is lost to Liberty – we, too, will have given it away.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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