Why I Won’t Vote Again for the Establishment GOP

A friend recently admonished me, “you WILL vote for our party’s nominee,” following a discussion as to how bad our (un)American Ruling Class has become. Her point was that it’d slow the “train wreck” that our bipartisan Ruling Class has created.

Like many, I am not a party-line voter. I vote the person and policy. I have never voted for a Democrat because I am opposed to their policies. I have voted independent when I have opposed the GOP nominee. For the past few cycles I have been willing to hold my nose & vote GOP because the alternative socialist was too egregiously anti-law to be imagined.

Because the establishment GOP has become too egregiously anti-Constitution, those days are over.

The American electorate gave the GOP the majority in 2010 in response to the leftward lurch of a solidly Democrat government. They said they’d cut $100B. They cut $7B. They kept voting for Obama’s spending. They didn’t ascertain guilt in Fast & Furious. They didn’t impeach him for DREAM, an Act Congress voted on, rejected, and Obama implemented without regard to the Constitution, the law, or his powers as president of our republic.

We continued the GOP in the majority in 2012. The GOP kept passing Obama priorities and spending. They didn’t rein him in over BLM, IRS, Benghazi, illegal immigration, EPA….

If you are under the misimpression that the GOP will – ever – rein-in spending, take a look at this graph. Out-of-control spending is not a Left-Right issue. It’s a generational issue. And the last half century shows it will not be stopped until we Baby Boomers are gone, if then.

Boomer Debt


We gave the GOP a historic majority in 2014. The next week the GOP passed Obamacare & Obama’s illegal immigration spending for all of FY2015. They said that was the old Congress; things’ll be different in January.

In January the new, 2014 – historical GOP majority – Congress was sworn in.

Nothing changed.

The fact of the matter is this: Had the Democrats won in 2014 there would be no difference in policy or spending.

Bush, Perry, Christie, Walker, Graham, Rubio, Carson all are establishment Progressives & members of the Ruling Class.

Carly may be progressive, as well, but her willingness to speak frankly is impressive and refreshing; enough that – perhaps – she should be given the benefit of the doubt; it is too early to tell.

The establishment GOP does not complain about the tyrannical imperium Obama has created for the simple and obvious reason that they want the same totalitarian powers when they hold office.

People yammer that the GOP is pro-national security and the Democrats are not. This doesn’t survive scrutiny. The establishment GOP always wants to go to war as a response to any national security threat. But they never want to win. They waste our kids lives and taxpayer money on causes they don’t believe in enough to be victorious. They tell us they are defending our nation and our liberty when the borders are open here & they refuse to kill the enemy there or stop him coming here.

That’s. Crazy.


  • They pass laws against free speech.
  • They infringe on our gun rights.
  • They spy on us without warrant.
  • They take powers not granted them.
  • They deny States powers reserved to them…

… what Liberty, exactly, is our government – and the establishment GOP – defending? What nation do they think they are preserving? Because it isn’t one under limited Constitutional government or the rule of law.

The establishment GOP – and particularly Rubio – demand on Cuba exactly what has NOT worked for 50 years & reject what DID work to topple the Berlin Wall and free Eastern Europe in 27 years: engagement. The establishment policy on Cuba is idiocy, as has been obvious for decades.

Obama is creating a race war and the GOP is on the side of out of control cops igniting it because they’re all stuck in the ’60s when it was hippies versus cops. Times have changed. Cops are beating to death homeless kids in CA, executing already-restrained children in their homes in front of the parents who called cops for help in NC, killing men for selling cigarettes in NY, and kids for being obnoxious in Baltimore, and family dogs in too many places to count. But the GOP supports the cops just because they are the cops.

There’s a name for that: “Police State.”

TPA seems to look a whole lot like a treaty. It is legislation. Nothing grants the executive the authority to pass legislation, or to sign laws that Congress has not passed. Nothing allows legislation to be passed in secret. Nothing allows the president to order congress – a co-equal branch of our government – that they can’t publicly read what they’re voting on. Nothing requires the Congress to be subservient to the president. Nothing allows Congress to give the president legislative authority in Fast Track. Just because Congress passes a law doesn’t make it constitutional. The FIRST sentence of the Constitution is not ambiguous: “All legislative powers… shall be vested in a Congress.”

To the best of my knowledge there is no argument regarding the meaning of the word “all.”

What did the establishment GOP do about this egregious overreach of separation of powers, legislative authority and treaty responsibility? Whipped for it. Voted for it. Passed it.

Above I said that had the Democrats won in 2014 there would be no policy difference today. Maybe I’m wrong. We wouldn’t have TPA.

With Labor increasingly at-odds with Obama, and Millennials increasingly at-odds with the totalitarian actions, privacy invasions, and inter-generational economic destruction of the spending by Democrats, we may be witnessing a historic demographic realignment of the parties.

It’d be nice to think that the GOP was positioning itself as the party of liberty, the Rule of Law, and restrained spending to take advantage of this. But – then you’d wake up.

TPA likely will be a disaster for American jobs & liberty. But the GOP doesn’t care – it’ll help the Fortune 50 & that is ALL the GOP values today.

The establishment GOP does nothing when the president and executive branch fight States on voter ID. Voting is 100% a State issue. Check Article One, Section Four: “The times, places and manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the legislature thereof…” The Constitution has a remedy if the Feds think there’s a problem in voting in a State. It’s right there in the 14th Amendment in plain text: if voter participation is abridged by the State for reasons defined within the 14th Amendment, “… the basis of representation therein [to Congress] shall be reduced in the proportion [of the denial].” The Feds have no authority to deny a State Voter ID laws, and arrogating such is against the plain text of the Constitution. SCOTUS rulings? Who cares? Defining voters is not a power of the Federal government, including SCOTUS, period. The GOP response? Silence.

I couldn’t care less about gay marriage, but the SCOTUS decision was ridiculous. Not because it’s about gays; because it’s about marriage.  Nowhere in the Constitution did the States grant to the federal government – created BY the States – any authority over marriage. SCOTUS is a creation of the States. It has no authority to rule on marriage as marriage is not among the enumerated powers. The States who lost should tell SCOTUS they have no authority to rule on marriage, tell SCOTUS to pound sand, and quote Jackson’s (apocryphal) response to a ruling with which he disagreed by Chief Justice John Marshall: “Mr. Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.”

THAT would be supporting Constitutional government.

Of course States believing in the Constitution never would have recognized the authority of the federal courts over marriage by initiating their suit to begin with. They simply would have ignored the Feds and done as their citizens desired in the same way parents don’t acquiesce to demands of their children. The States are superior under our Constitution; the Feds inferior. Parents don’t ask kids for permission.

Look at the GOP base. They are anti-Rule of Law progressives. They demand their morality be recognized as superior to the law. Did the States, when creating the federal government as the junior partner under the Constitution, grant to the Feds any powers over marriage? No. Sexual proclivities? No. Education? No. Abortion? No. These are none of the business of the federal government.

‘But… but… but… the Bible!’ they shout, ignoring completely Luke 20:25, mooting their argument.

‘But… but … but… abortion is murder!’ screams the Right.

So what? General police powers are also among those powers reserved by the States and NOT granted to the federal government. In fact, murder was not a federal crime until – the GOP – launched the enormously expensive, historically ignorant (remember prohibition?) overreaching, power-abusing, prison-filling assault on personal liberty they called “The War on Drugs.”

The GOP establishment and base demand federal action outside its powers for issues important to them. That is progressivism. That is totalitarianism. That is the establishment GOP.

The establishment GOP is philosophically identical to Progressive Democrats, and both are intent on the destruction of the Constitution and Rule of Law that ARE America.

America is not a geography; America is an idea – the idea that citizens can rule themselves and create a government they control – rather than the other-way-round, which is how all other governments throughout history have functioned.

It is an idea that the American Ruling Class – like the British ruling class under King George III, the Russian ruling class under Putin, and all other totalitarians throughout history – hate.

George W Bush, now worshipped by the Right because of Obama’s actions in Iraq, gave us wars he refused to win (in which case Obama would have had no actions to take). Bush also gave us a huge expansion of the already unsustainable Medicare entitlement, and an enormous federal footprint in education. Bush was a DISASTER for constitutional government.

So now the establishment GOP wants as president… his brother.

Other than Rand, and perhaps Carly, all the other GOP candidates are the same.

I’ll vote for Rand if he’s nominee. I may vote for Carly if she’s the nominee; it’s too early to tell.

Because the results of voting for any of the others, however, will be indistinguishable from voting for Hilary, I’ll stay home & hope that if the GOP loses, the loss destroys the establishment party, and a pro-liberty, pro-Constitutional government party rises to replace it.

But voting for the establishment GOP and pretending we’ll get back to Constitutional government under the Rule of Law, and rein in spending to cease the destruction of America’s future, is doing the same thing we’ve been doing for decades, and expecting different results.

As Einstein said, that is insanity.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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