The American Middle Class Needs to Suck It Up

I’ve often held that Vietnam is THE defining moment in our post-war history.

I bring it up here only to make a point. I know people are bored with it, and that’s unfortunate, for its lessons still need to be learned.

The most important of these is this: Had 100,000 Middle Class American kids stood their ground, said – and believed, “Hell no, we won’t go,” and been willing to go to jail for their beliefs – rather than to Canada and Sweden – tens of thousands of American lives would have been saved – and arguably hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese lives. And the result in Vietnam would have been the same…

People talk about civil disobedience, but few are willing to participate in it.

There is just no way the Federal government would have jailed 100,000 Middle Class kids… and survived.

But the kids took the easy way out. Baby Boomers began their journey of refusing to accept ramifications – consequences – for their behavior as teenagers, and their parents foolishly let them.

Cassius Clay, now Muhammad Ali, willingly sacrificed his title, millions in earnings, his reputation and his liberty, going to jail rather than to Vietnam.

Liberty and freedom take work.

Why am I bringing this up today?

Because we again find ourselves at a point in which our government is passing regulations, laws, executive orders that are anathema to our liberty, our heritage, our children, our standard of living and our future.

… and we, the Middle Class, are doing nothing but complaining.

Whining doesn’t get the job done, folks.

People yammer about illegal immigration… but refuse to have the kids needed for kid jobs, refuse to hire the neighbor’s kids (those few who still have kids) to mow their lawns, refuse to accept that entry level jobs are just that and deserve entry level pay – and refuse to disobey the laws allowing essentially unlimited illegal immigration…

People yammer about murderous savages, but refuse to actually go to war to defeat them, as we defeated Japan and Germany, simultaneously, across the entire planet, in 3.5 years… and keep electing politicians who deny us Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties in the name of… defending those liberties…

People yammer about the Ruling Class in DC – and keep electing the same bastards, because it isn’t THEIR bastard who’s the bastard – it’s YOUR bastard who’s the bastard…

Doctors yammer about the intrusion of Obamacare – but they take the checks rather than advertise pricing and open their own market.

People yammer about the pro-violent-crime result of gun control, but refuse to disobey the unconstitutional infringement of our right to keep and bear arms. Do you really think that if 100M citizens started packing, the government would throw all of us in prison?

The Founders created the right to free speech for reasons of defending unpopular speech; popular speech needs no defense. People yammer about speech codes – but refuse to risk social approbation, or the wrath of some cop – by rejecting them. People continue to send their taxes to governments – that deny free speech. And to subscribe to newspapers editorializing against the free speech that they rely on to publish.

Do you think the government could throw all of us in prison for ceasing to support a blatantly anti-constitutional government under no discernible rule of law?

Stop subscribing to newspapers. Stop watching ABCNBCCBSCNN. Stop buying the products advertised on those stations and in those papers – and tell the manufacturers why.

Voters elect City Councils – then let the councilmen and -women tell them they can’t speak – and these people put up with that.

Voters elect school boards – who tell voters to shut up at board meetings, and hire unionized teachers who refuse to put their own children in their own schools – but refuse to reject teacher unions and school choice.

Companies yammer about the lack of skilled, educated workers and clamor for more H1B visas – and the pols support them rather than tell those companies to get involved in their neighborhoods, their local elections, to spend some time and money improving the education of OUR kids.

If Hewlett Packard and Exxon and IBM and Citibank want more educated workers, then Hewlett Packard and Exxon and IBM and Citibank need to help local cities elect school boards ready to dump unions and actually improve education – not go beg for visas to put more Americans out of work.

The BLM in the Bundy fiasco in NV fenced off a “free speech zone.” And, unbelievably, people actually went in there. America is a free speech zone, and no government official has any authority to deny it.

Protest at the BLM.

Talk where you want.

Film a cop where you want.

Wear your gun where you want. America needs a national “Wear Your Gun Day.” Will they jail 100M people acting in support of the 2nd Amendment, of a SCOTUS that has ruled that it confers an individual right to keep and bear arms? It isn’t the Bill of Permissions…

Refuse to work with an illegal alien. Refuse to support those stores and restaurants that hire them – and tell them why.

Stop hiring illegal aliens – mow your own damn’ lawn, or hire a kid who needs to learn how to show up and get a job done on time, and do a good job without whining.

Stop supporting a government launching wars it refuses to win, spying on you instead of destroying our enemies; killing our kids instead of the centers of ideology and funding of the savages that attack us.

If your pol votes for a war to which that same pol refuses to bring to bear all national means to utterly defeat the enemy, willingly sacrificing the lives of our kids (not his) instead of using technology we invented to shorten wars – to win this one – make some serious noise. Hound that bastard out of office. Be willing to protest hard enough to go to jail – will they send 10M of us to jail for demanding we stop fighting wars we refuse to win – or win the wars THEY decide OUR kids must die fighting?

Demand your state enforce our borders if the feds– to whom the States gave that responsibility – unconstitutionally continue to reject that responsibility. And quit voting for pols who refuse their duty.

Protest at your Congressperson’s office every time they propose legislation in areas not granted to the federal government; hound them out of office for voting for unconstitutional laws. Their oath of office means something – make them realize it.

Protest outside a polling place that rejects voter ID laws if your state approved them. The feds have no constitutional authority to deny your state the voter laws it wants. If the feds don’t like the way your state handles voters, the 14th Amendment provides the ONLY remedy; and it isn’t letting the feds define how your state handles elections.

You liberties are what AMERICA is about. Be willing to go to jail in defense of them.

But if you continue to accept infringements on your liberties, your liberties will continue to be infringed.

Maybe you’ve noticed?

But it can’t be one-at-a-time. Millions of us need to rise up.

If we don’t do it soon, we won’t do it ever.

Suck it up, America.

Liberty takes work.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Joe Caulfield says:

    I fear we need a catastrophic event to pull us together as one.

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