The Holocaust was Not Just About Scale

Suppose for a moment that you live in a small neighborhood of five families. Each family has four members – Mom, Dad, a teenage daughter and a son under the age of five.

Suppose further that one family on your block decides to kill the girl next door – and does. And the next day they kill the five-year-old in the house on the other side of them.

What do you do?

Do you complain to the authorities, only to have them tsk tsk and say nothing they can do because of the belief system of the killer family?

The next day they kill the mom up the street.

Farfetched? Not really. It’s what’s happening with islam globally.

Next week they are going to kill everyone in the house at the end of the block.

A death cult currently comprising one-fifth of the global population – and growing – when it achieves a critical mass within a neighborhood begins killing all outside the family.

And the authorities are doing nothing.

Hitler wasn’t evil incarnate because of the scale of his atrocities. He murdered men, women and children for what they believed. That’s is not acceptable in civilized society – and that’s the entire point.

Would we have accepted his actions had he murdered only 3 million human beings rather than 12M? 2M? 1M?

What’s the number at which our humanity kicks-in?



When do people put a stop to evil, inhuman barbarism?

What another thinks is their business alone. What they believe is less your business than what they think. If you can’t handle what another person says, then it’s time to grow up or become a hermit – no one is here on this planet to please you other than yourself. If you don’t like it, then ignore it or move or just kill yourself.

But the idea you can dictate what another says or thinks or believes went out with the Inquisition, the Enlightenment and the rise of Western Civilization.

You have no business whatsoever intruding on another’s speech. Period.

The only thing that matters is what someone does. And when his speech becomes a kitchen knife sawing away at your son’s throat – if you don’t kill him you have become the same monster as he. Worse – he isn’t killing his own son.

The West is watching as islam is killing our sons.

And when they begin killing others for a belief or a thought or a speech, then only one solutions exits: kill them before they kill you.

One does not “talk one out of” a religious fixation on killing. Religion itself is irrational – it cannot be proved and lies only in the eye of each believer. The absurdity of the idea that one can use rational thought to change an irrational belief is laughable among adults, of which we seem to have far fewer among the “leaders” of Western Civilization than at any time since 1938.

It’s nice – childish but nice – to think that the world subscribes to what laughingly are called “Universal” human rights by the same uneducated idiots (no other English word exists for them) who pretend to worship multiculturalism. But the world doesn’t.

Each culture has its own set of values, its own set of mores, its own history. It’s called “multi” cultural for a reason, and it is the differences in culture – like murdering your daughter, beating your wife, raping a stranger or killing a 2-yr-old for apostasy – that set cultures apart.

No one professing “multiculturalism” can logically and simultaneously support human rights as practiced – ONLY – in the West. Those who think they can deserve only ridicule. Excusing this idiocy and making friends of these ignorant bigots & buffoons only encourages them – and doesn’t lift them to the ridicule that once would have caused them at least to hide – as did the KKK, among whom they find similar intelligent traits.

Just because some pre-modern barbaric tribe that cannot live with neighbors, kills others in its own family because of a difference in interpretation of something that happened over 1,000 years ago, now has reached critical mass in many countries – more every day it metastasizes – and demands the right to kill you does not mean the Enlightenment is over.

It simply means their own Inquisition has begun.

And ignoring their Inquisition while they murder your children is existential absurdity. Frankly, their Inquisition ought to be encouraged – it’ll either reduce their population below the critical mass it has achieved, or leave fewer of them for us to have to kill.

Ending the hold their religion has on them is not a Western idea, by the way. Ataturk, the “Father of modern Turkey” saw islam as THE reason his nation was not progressing into the 20th Century following the end of the Ottoman Empire in the ashes of WW1. He removed islam from its role in governing his nation – and his nation prospered. The return of the barbarian Khomeini, with the aid of the buffoon Carter, reversed what Ataturk knew must be done – and the entire world is suffering from it.

Encouraging their Inquisition is a major reason why Iran ought to be allowed to achieve the Bomb. And if you want to know what they’ll do with it – look at Yemen. NO one hates Arab Sunni more than Persian Shia, and vice-versa: Teheran’s first target will be Saudi Arabia. Those assuming it’ll be the US are living in an ignorant fantasy in which the US is as important to muslims as it is to Americans (it isn’t), and in which the Shia-Sunni war, the Iran-Iraq war, or even the IRA v. the British never existed (they did; all internecine wars). The Saudis know this – why do you think they bankrolled (Sunni) Pakistan’s bomb?

Islam is a wholly different and non-Western culture. Ascribing to it the Western notions of “coexistence” and “we all want peace” is to act paternalistically and imperialistically, two beliefs those who pretend to multiculturalism (pretend to) abhor.

The sheer idea of “can’t we all get along” has no presence in the arc of human history until the rise of Christianity (that the Left hates), Western Civilization (that the Left hates), and an America willing to defend free democracies (that the Left hates so much we no longer do so.)

And in that arc of human history is an islam that kills all not willing to convert to it. It really doesn’t matter if you believe this any more than it matter if you believe in gravity or the moon landings. The fact is that it is a fact: Left alone islam WILL KILL YOU.


Islam will kill you when it can. It is doing so now – globally – exactly where it can.

And the leaders of what in the not-too-distant past were called the Great Powers for the simple reason that they have the power to alter the course of nations – are doing nothing about it.

Idiots pretend islam is a religion of “peace.” These idiots project rather than observe, they fantasize rather than study. They wish rather than experience.

Islam has always expanded by the sword. It is doing so again now. In the past it always was stopped by a Western culture who knew they were better. We still are. About one book per year is translated into Arabic. 75% of the men and 85% of the women in the largest Arab country – Egypt – are illiterate. Muslim nations lie at the very bottom of international scales of freedom, literacy, womens’ rights, education, wealth. They are squalid in every sense of the term, in every way a society can be measured – morally, philosophically, educationally.

Liberalism – which used to mean the rights of the citizen rather than of feudal rulers dictating to them as do Democrats in America and Europe today – rose in the West for a reason. Nearly 1,000 years after the Magna Carta, it – still – has not risen in muslim lands.

Wishing in ignorance otherwise does not make it so, rather it exposes your own civilization, country, neighborhood – and family – to murderous barbarians who have no place among human beings.

France, the UK, Germany, Russia, China and, of course, America, watch as pre-modern barbarians cut the heads off of human beings for not believing in the same irrational, absurd, nonexistent prophet or “god.”

And do nothing.

If it doesn’t make you angry to know that the “leaders” of the Great Powers have the ability to stop the atrociousness of people having their heads hacked off, but choose to do nothing other than wring their hands, you are not paying attention – or you don’t have any children, or you are locked in the utterly absurd belief that it doesn’t matter if it’s only happening “over there.”

It’s happening to human beings.

That, alone, should rile you to the point of war – real war, honest-to-God-unconditional-surrender-make-them-completely-reliant-on-us-to-eat-drink-and-breathe-war. Destroying-the-culture-that-believes-everyone-who-can-think-must-be-killed war.

Is this killing the village to save it? Did we destroy Imperial Japan? NAZI Germany? You bet. And Germans and Japanese are better-educated, freer and wealthier than at any time in their history.

And if you cannot process the difference between killing to stop killers, and killing free people living their own lives because they don’t ascribe to your own set of barbarism, you don’t belong in any adult conversation.

Are those saying islam must/can/need not be destroyed saying that it’s OK to leave muslims in their intellectual and moral squalor when the (easy and fast and inexpensive) annihilation of their leadership, funding and belief system can free them just as it freed tens of millions in 1945?

Are Arab and Persian human beings of so little worth to you?

If knowing – let alone watching as – other human beings are beheaded doesn’t bother you to the point of going to war to annihilate the death cult of islam, then you may be many things, but among them are not Western or Liberal or Democratic – nor any form of adulthood.

People say islam is 1/5th of the global population.


Do you want to wait until it is 1/4th, and they’ve murdered your daughter, hacked the head off of your son, to do something about it? Or are you willing to wait until they are ½ – and nothing can be done?

At what point does your humanity rise to the surface and say enough is enough?

People say a culture cannot be killed. Heard of any Anasazi lately? Incas? How about Whigs? Zorastrians? How about the culture of Imperial Japan or the Thousand Year Reich? Poof. Gone in an historical instant.

The idea that a culture cannot be destroyed can only be believed by those with no concept of world history.

What history absolutely teaches is that the longer civilized people kick the can down the road, the bloodier and more expensive becomes the annihilation of the can. Hitler could have been stopped with a bullet in 1938. By 1939 it took 50M lives.

It is past time to kill the killers, to destroy the societies that raise, feed, house, and inculcate into them their cult of death.

It is time to free the world – every non-muslim human being – from the absurdity of the existential threat from what are illiterate pre-adolescents with bombs, guns and cell phones.

Destroy Mecca and Medina and islam will die in a generation. It has neither scholarship nor humanity to sustain it.

It is time to end it.

Not doing so makes today’s leader accomplices of the head-hackers, co-conspirators in brutal, devastating crimes against humanity.

And willing participants in the imprisonment and enslavement of 1/5th of the global population in the most brutal culture in written history.

Hitler wasn’t wrong because of scale. And FDR, Churchill, Stalin and Truman weren’t wrong to annihilate him because of his actions.

The entire world is better off.

The same will be true of islam once it is gone.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Steve Leonard says:

    This is your best post EVER! I’ve read China Rising and I’m almost beginning to feel that if we are going to surrender I’d rather it be to China than to Islam. It is simply going to take another attack, a nuclear one on several cities as in “Caliphate” by Tom Kratman to arouse us.

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