The Dangerous World Obama is Intentionally Creating

I hope that everyone understands that Obama – intentionally – is creating a nuclear nightmare in the Middle East and South Asia, and that the only way out will be a nuclear attack on at least one nation and its people.

Once Iran is close enough to a nuke to reach breakout, Israel will nuke the Iranian underground facilities, which are too deep for any conventional bunker-buster to destroy. Obama will have left them no choice but to do so.

And Saudi Arabia and Egypt – and every other Sunni state in the region – will be cheering Israel on. The Saudis long-ago gave Israel overflight rights for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

And if Israel acts in their national self-defense – completely legal under international lawObama is preparing the way for America to strike Israel… and you’re kidding yourself if you think he won’t.

America’s leader now is acting more thuggishly than did Brezhnev or Khrushchev in manipulating foreign elections and now tampering with the forming of a new government by a freely-elected leader.

Turning his back on the strongest American ally and an American friendship of over 60 years, Obama is “reassessing” OUR – not HIS, OUR – relationship with Israel.

Not only has Obama turned American’s back on Israel, he now has taken – again, unilaterally – the unprecedented step of declassifying America’s secrets regarding Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

What other goal could he have than to enable a tit-for-tat UNSC acceptance of an Iranian nuclear weapons program? I would guess this is illegal, as well; that our relationship with Israel has a Legislative Branch portion, laws passed by Congress and signed by previous presidents that cannot legally be overturned by the president.

But lack of authority or legality has not even slowed the tyrant in the White House, nor sparked even a modicum of responsibility from the Legislative Branch or our military.

Any lack of serious sanctions – or a verifiable arms control treaty – will result in the nuclear powder keg that every Sunni leader and every Western Leader – other than Obama, Hillary, Rice, Powers and Kerry, evidently – has tried to avoid for decades.

And if you think neither Russia nor China would take advantage of the chaos that would follow a nuclear strike anywhere in the world, but particularly one that involved an American ally, you’re in deep denial. In other words, you should expect a nuclear Japan as soon as they can get there, shortly followed by a nuclear South Korea.

A serious American action or treaty is not on the table. Obama WANTS a nuclear strike that destroys Israel and positions Shia Iran as regional hegemon.

Obama doesn’t care how many die in his effort any more than Stalin cared about the 30,000,000 Soviets he killed, than did Mao about the 80,000,000 Chinese he killed, nor than did Pol Pot about the 2,000,000 Cambodians he killed, as each grasped totalitarian power while ridding himself of a contentious Middle Class.

(Do you still think the economic policies he pursues knowing their catastrophic effect on the Middle Class are accidental, or mistakes? Really?)

Once a nuke is detonated, the muslim world will be aflame – you should expect India to act accordingly vis-à-vis Pakistan, as well.

Obama is not playing small ball. And in Londonistan? Dearbornistan? Well, at least American citizens have guns with which to defend themselves; the Brits voted out guns long ago, a decision they soon – very soon – likely will regret.

An administration that refuses even to acknowledge that the “I” in “ISIS” stands for “Islamic” sure as hell isn’t going to demand any serious, verifiable commitment to ending their weapons program – for what would Obama do in the event (i.e. when) they violate their agreement?

Would that be a ‘Red Line’?… and, “So what?” would be the mullah’s – logical – response.

Will America get a realistic agreement with Iran? No. They aren’t even working on one. They are working on a “nonbinding arrangement.” Per the State Department, it may not even be a written document – it may just be a verbal & a handshake – nothing that actually gets signed

It seems that not only are we not going to get a verifiable treaty, all we are going to get is a handshake with a government which funds more global terrorism than any other, which caused the majority of American deaths in Iraq via their IED EFP shaped charge munitions, which murders their own kids in the street, to precisely zero comment from an Obama who is more than ready to charge blindly in to Trayvon, Ferguson, Princeton… than to defend America and our allies.

A verbal agreement. Go ahead – LYAO, the Iranians are.

The West has worried about an Islamic Bomb. Well, Sunni Pakistan has had one for some time now and hasn’t attacked anyone. Sunni Saudi Arabia evidently financed the Pakistan Bomb and may have a deal to obtain one or a few when needed in exchange for that financing. Against whom will Sunni Saudi Arabia use a nuclear weapons? Shia Iran, against whom they can make the same case for pre-emption that can Israel.

Maybe we’ve been too ignorant of islam to grasp that Sunnis have no end-days 12th Imam pre-modern nonsense built-in… but Shiites… do.

What happens when a pre-modern cult that believes in literal readings of mythology that only human-caused chaos can cause the return of their highest prophet, and mix that with nuclear weapons and an existential hatred of both the other branch of their cult AND another State and people?

We may well be about to find out – thanks to the American dictator Obama.

The mass murder Obama is enabling will be in the tens of thousands – at least. And America’s media and American Democrats seem all for it, as is the somnolent GOP leadership and the epic failure of the Joint Chiefs to take action on their oath.

Here’s a repeat of a graphic I ran in an earlier post:

shia sunni

Here’s Daniel Pipes’ blog on Obama’s shia background. Here’s more info on Obama’s pro-shia actions.

Who will pay the price for Obama, his MSM bootlickers, his ignorant voters, and his GOP enablers?

Those killed in a nuclear strike or nuclear exchange in the Middle East and South Asia. Those killed in any aftermath, including pro- and anti-muslim rioting across the world.

Make no mistake – thousands are going to be killed in an Iranian nuclear attack and thousands more in its aftermath.

And you legitimately can blame the GOP.

Wait – what?

Obama has acted lawlessly, extra- and unconstitutionally since he arrived at the Oval Office. From DOMA to DREAM to ACA delays/rewrites to overturning Congressional sanctions on Iran unilaterally, something the Executive lacks the authority to do, Obama has gotten away with every lawless action he has tried. Even when reined-in by Federal Courts (BP, Immigration), he has ignored or lied to the Court and gone his merry way.

And no one has stopped him.

Congress has lacked the balls to impeach him and the military has lacked the guts to adhere to their oath by removing a man so obviously our enemy that it boggles the mind.

Obama has broken any law he has desired and no one has stopped him. He has – unconstitutionally – pushed against little laws – to no resistance. He has – in violation of Article I and Article II pushed against bigger laws – no resistance. He unilaterally stripped allies of defenses – no resistance. He has not lived up to defense agreements – no resistance. He has ignored the Courts – no resistance.

Obama has, according to the Congressional Law Library, usurped powers not even King George III had at the time of the American Revolution. The last time a King of England attempted this level of tyranny he fomented the Glorious Revolution.

And Obama has gotten away with every move.

Obama’s tyranny – there is no other word for it – currently surpasses any in the entire English speaking World since the Magna Carta. Do you think that getting away with his lawlessness so far will cause him to restrain himself for the next two years, or to accelerate his destruction of the Rule of Law, our laws, our freedoms, our liberties and our allies’ and theirs?

To ask is to answer.

And now he is enabling what American leaders have since 1945 proclaimed regarding both a Jewish Holocaust and another Hiroshima: Never Again.

And you can bet that, should this strike or exchange occur around, oh… say… October, 2016, Obama will decided – unilaterally, as he decides everything – that a global emergency is reason enough not to allow Americans to congregate at polls… for our safety.

And the MSM and Democrats in Congress – along with the non-opposing opposition GOP leadership – will go along with him…

nuclear iran

As the Roman Republic devolved into the Roman Empire, so are Obama, his sycophants Hillary and Kerry, Powers, Rice, Pelosi and Reid, and the Democrat voters, devolving into Rule-of-Man-totalitarianism, and taking a passive America right along with them.

We are snubbing a military alliance– NATO – in which we provide 90% of the military power. We are drawing-down our military capabilities. Obama has been ridding himself of senior military officers for years – and no end seems in sight.

We are degrading our own nuclear deterrent, increasing the likelihood our allies will develop their own. Add this to the obvious pro-nuclear proliferation advertisement that is Ukraine and you have a world far more dangerous than at any time during the Cold War.

During the Cold War the USSR and USA were run by adults. Across the West today only one adult is ruling – and he is our ENEMY.

America no longer will be the “Leader” of the Free World… we will be its enemy.

The Democrats are cheering.

The MSM is cheering.

America’s enemies are cheering.


The world wondered why no one took Hitler seriously, or stopped him before he precipitated the deaths of 50,000,000.

You are seeing – living through – the answer.

And someone had better stop him.

We KNOW what happens next.


If you really think America – and the West – can survive the accelerating anti-American, anti-Israel attitude and actions of our Dictator for two more years, you’re kidding yourself.

It is way past time for people to grasp that Obama is not “incompetent,” he is not “in over his head,” and he is not “failing.”

He has achieved every goal he has tried to accomplish.

Danger of Obama


It is time to DO something about it.

He MUST be stopped.

Before it’s too late.

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