What Is America Doing?

I’m a lifelong Republican. That’s been because I’ve supported the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Free Markets, and because I understand history. I know that socialism always fails, and always leaves any society it touches poorer than before in mind and body.

But the GOP has lost me – utterly. Today’s GOP supports none of those things. I knew Democrats found liberty anathema. After 2010 it began to dawn on me, and then after 2014 it glared down on me that the GOP hates Liberty, too.

In economics the GOP pretends that globalization helps us all. Nope. It helps the 1% and those in the Middle Class with enough invested in the stock market to offset their newfound unemployment, perhaps for the rest of their careers. Is globalization good for the American worker? Not a chance. Do I go to work every day to improve the standard of living of my kids and my community – or to improve the standard of living for a kid in Pakistan. See? It’s not even a question. Pakistan’s kids are Pakistan’s problem. Why I should burden my kids not only with a lower standard of living today, but with the cost of interest on the money we borrow from China for the rest of their lives to give to Pakistan to raise the standard of living of barbarians who, when not protesting against or killing Americans, are selling their sons to soccer ball manufacturers and their daughters to the highest bidder, or murdering their daughters for looking at another man’s son is beyond me.

But – globalization creates markets for our products.

What products?

Oh, for our financial services sector, of course.

You mean Wall Street?

Well, yes… but they create so many jobs here!

… For what? Baristas? Ferrari salesmen? Luxury real estate agents?

But those people are poor and we can help them!

So what? They are poor because of the choices they have made. We are rich because of the choices we used to make. And how does giving them money help them be anything but dependent?


Globalization is against the interest of America.

The entirety of our Foreign Aid ought to be copies of our Constitution, for that is what made us wealthy enough to provide aid to begin with, and what will make them wealthy enough not to need it.

In foreign policy, all the GOP “leadership” can think to do is to invade nations and start wars they refuse to win. After pushing on Ukraine hard to join NATO and further surround a country that historically hates being surrounded, the GOP will foment war there – and then go home. But, hey – it’s a free country. Evidently the GOP desires these policies, because no matter how many Republicans the American voter puts into office, none of the policies change. American voters DEMAND defeat, we DEMAND our sons be sent to foreign lands to be killed with no desire to stop what they THOUGHT they died to prevent.

We keep voting for these bastards, they keep starting wars and refusing to win – what other conclusion can be reached?

What kind of person – what kind of PARENT – would EVER go to war and not do everything in their power to win, to win quickly, with the lowest possible cost in lives on both sides? A moron, that kind. An imbecile. One who did not value life in the least. McCain, Graham, and all those others who demand war but reject victory. They are has-beens and never-was-es, and they are NOT worthy of leading our nation.

If a foreign nation has a problem, the odds are we’ve already given them billions in military aid. Great. Let THEM use it to fight THEIR wars. If Europe has a problem with Russia, let THEM deal with it. They are adults. They’ve made their choices. Their “armies” are smaller than our police forces. Their ability to project power via regional or global transport is nonexistent. Why is that America’s problem? Our taxpayers have bought Europe’s guns since 1942 so they could buy butter. Screw that. They are adults. If they want butter and guns, let them pay for both.

It is absurd that we are having an argument in Congress over a defense budget big enough to defend every single nation in the West while they refuse to defend themselves. If we believe in freedom, if we don’t believe in imperialism, if we don’t believe in colonies, then we MUST let other nations make their own choices regarding their futures – and to live by the consequences of their choices.

Keeping Europe free should NOT be OUR choice to make: It MUST be Europe’s choice. We did not fight WW2 to infantilize Europe; we fought it to FREE them. If they don’t want to be free, that’s their choice – and their problem.

There is no point in suckling a 70-yr-old at the teat of the American taxpayer, and that is exactly what we are doing with Europe. And with Japan. The Defense budget is at least an order of magnitude (that’s 10X for the teachers and Democrats reading this) larger than is needed to defend America.

Why are we lowering the standard of living for our children to pay for the lattes of those who refuse even to have children, and, hence, a future in which even to be, let alone to be free?

The absurdity of our GOP-driven defense budgets overwhelms.

If sea lanes need to be kept open to buy goods from China because globalization sent them all our jobs, let China keep the sea lanes open. Let Europe. Do we need China’s goods? No. We can build our own. Always did until the Baby Boomers. Can Europeans keep their sea lanes open? For whom?

If China gets out of hand an adult military will know how to deal with it. The fact that we have lacked an adult military since 1945 means our voters really don’t care about dealing with existential enemies. It’s a free country. If Dems don’t want to prepare for war, they are demanding war occur – but are just too stupid to understand it. If Republicans demand to start wars they refuse to win, not one parent in this nation should EVER vote for them. And sending our kids to die when we have weapons productive enough to kill the enemy and win the war without any of our kids dying, not using those weapons is the most immoral decision in the history of man.

This is one of the major reasons I support Red State secession, but not the only one. If Blue States, like Blue nations, are fine with no defense, why are Red States paying for it? If Blue states, and Blue nations, are fine with socialist policies that always bring catastrophe, fine – but why should Red States pay for them or suffer their consequences? We know better; if they don’t, that needs to be their problem.

Is war about to come to Europe – again? Looks like it. Whose fault? A GOP stupidly enamored of expanding NATO right up to Russia’s edge, and thinking they could do so without consequences. How historically ignorant must one be to do that? As ignorant as Ukraine voluntarily giving up their nukes, enabling Russia’s invasion today.

But, seriously, who cares about Europe? Or about Russia? Why? Europeans and Russians don’t. Both Europe and Russia are in terminal fertility decline. What’s the point of a country with no population? What is a country with no population? Why should it be defended? For whom? If they don’t care about their future enough to populate it, why should American workers agree to be taxed (lowering our living standards) to send tax dollars to Europe, and agree to be taxed even more (further lowering our living standards) to borrow more money to send to a Europe with – by choice no future?

But to the GOP, the only tool they have is the hammer of our military, and every problem they see is a nail requiring a strike. But they wield only a tack hammer. They are blind to the fact that stopping some problems requires a sledge, a tack hammer won’t do the job. They demand funding hundreds of billions of tack hammers with which they will not try to, nor succeed in, defeating our enemies. WHY WOULD WE DO THIS? IT IS INSANE!

Newsflash to American politicians: Problems beyond our shores are not ours to solve. If others want to solve them, let them pay the freight in blood and treasure. But to pretend that we need to pay the blood and borrow the treasure… yet still refuse to achieve our goals… is stupendously stupid. I don’t want to pay for that. Why would any adult want to pay for that? And if the problem is ours to solve – then solve the damn thing. Nuke the bastards and go home.

The GOPs insists it is the party that understands and treasures our history, the history of Western Civilization. Here’s some history they need to grasp: In the Roman Republic two political parties existed. One thought the Greeks – the “Old World” – were the bee’s knees. One thought the Greeks and those who emulated them were decadent and useless. (Sound familiar?) The Greek city states kept warring with one another and the Roman Republic had to keep sailing over to bring peace to the region. (Sound familiar?) Finally the Greeks went too far, threw crap (“nightsoil”) on an ambassador and chased him and his entourage down the street – an embarrassing display of poor international relations. The Romans came over, gathered the townspeople of Corinth in the stadium, told them to leave town that night, crated up all their artwork and treasures… and razed the damned town of Corinth the next day.

And went home.

In today’s terminology – they nuked the bastards and went home. No more problems from Corinth. No more having to go keep a peace that didn’t exist. No more spending blood and treasure on useless foreign wars: FIX THE PROBLEM.

America’s problems – the world’s problems, given America’s role in it – stem from one thing and one thing only: Our appallingly bad K12 education system. Educated people know America is the greatest nation in history, there isn’t even a logical argument. Educated people know this is because we – were – the freest nation in history; only a fool can argue that, and because we have welcomed legal immigrants from every nation in the world. Why are we exceptional? Those two things and the third: we – were – a government of a free people, the common man. Democrats hate this. They hate freedom. They hate liberty. They hate the common man. The GOP has joined them in every policy.

(An “educated” person wants increasing living standards for himself, his family and his community. Democrat economic policies always decrease living standards – always. There are no “educated” Democrats. Don’t confuse a degree with an education. It’s how we got enemies such as Obama and Pelosi and Reid in office.)

We are no more a nation of free people under the Rule of Law.

We are an oligarchy with malign rulers, and under the Rule of Man. If you doubt this, explain Obama’s constant lawlessness.  We are voters who elect enemies of liberty, of the Rule of law, of America, and then defend them not through policy discourse, but by calling others “racist,” or “devoid of empathy.”

We “lack empathy” if we refuse to let our earnings be taxed to support the slothful, the poor choices of another, if we refuse to let adults be held to the ramifications of their choices.

We are so “racist” that we are allowing one man to destroy the work of centuries because of his race, which is the only reason he was elected and is the only reason he has not been impeached. Even his law school professor, a liberal Obama supporter, says Obama is the danger the Constitution was written to prevent, yet none are preventing him.

The GOP candidate against Obama in 2008 surrendered the day after the convention. After calling on us to “fight with me!” he never again uttered a fighting word. The GOP candidate in 2012 was Shocked! Shocked! that a Democrat Community Organizer would blatantly lie in a debate, and that the MSM would cover for him. How immature and naive was Romney? Democrats ALWAYS lie. Was he going to be shocked when Putin lied to him? Iran? When the MSM lied about his policies or their results? When the nations of the UN lied to him? What were the voters who voted for Romney – or McCain – thinking? Were they thinking? At all?

The point of our Constitution – utterly forgotten by the only party we thought still valued it, mistakenly thought, it turns out – is to limit the government and free the citizen. We now have the opposite. And we have no party to defend the citizen from the State.

Expecting the GOP to support the Rule of Law is to put aside all recent history. BOTH parties are Progressives and are arguing about who gets to collect the taxes for the Welfare State. That is the ONLY difference between them.

The Rule of Law.

The Constitution.

The Enumerated Powers.

Free to mind our own business – and demanding that others be free to mind theirs.

Free Markets, Free citizens, Free future.

This is what America was. This is what America can be again.

But the time in which we can return to that freedom is running out. By his lawless actions on immigration, Obama and the Democrats are expanding the voter pool by millions of people with no comprehension of limited government, self-sufficiency or the Rule of Law. These new voters will NEVER vote for liberty or limited government. Yet the GOP just funded their entry rather than impeaching the man who unconstitutionally enabled it.

You may be realizing that the GOP also wants big-gov voters… what other conclusion could you have? DO YOU GET IT YET?

The GOP is not fighting for America – they are fighting against America, and for themselves, for Big Government, poor education, huge defenses we refuse to use and so don’t need, and with which we protect other adults from their own decisions, infantilizing our allies.

A free, educated people with an interest in a free future for the children they raise cannot vote for Democrats or Republicans. Both are enemies of that future.

How many times must a Republican candidate lie to you about limited government before you stop believing him?

Shame on them in 2010. Shame on us in 2014… what about 2016? Are you going to believe them then? That they’ve changed their spots? On what evidence?

What we have been doing has resulted in the reduction of our freedoms as our advances in technology in communications, transportation, energy, manufacturing, medicine – in every facet of our lives – ought to have increased those freedoms.

The American voter needs to face this fact.

We are voluntarily surrendering our birthright of liberty.


If we can’t force the GOP to return to the Rule of Law, limited government, free markets, and to putting the American worker first, who needs them? We already have a party that hates the Rule of Law, limited government, free markets, and putting the American worker first.

Why do we need two organized enemies of our Dream?

America voted in historic numbers for the Rule of Law, liberty and freedom in November of 2014. The GOP took it all away the very next week.

They are still taking it away.

Obama is America’s enemy. He is supported by a GOP we thought was, who said they were, different. We were lied to. Again. By everyone in power, Left and Right.

The ONLY way back to the liberty we had within my lifetime is throwing out all of our politicians and electing Libertarians who actually believe in liberty.

If you don’t vote FOR liberty, you aren’t going to GET liberty, nor will your children.

Adults knew the Democrats could not be trusted with liberty.

The GOP has proved the same, and we adults need to recognize it.

If we don’t elect people who believe in liberty, we won’t be governed by people who believe in liberty. Pretty simple.  America will crumble. And those of us who DO believe in liberty will pick up arms and fight for it. The government will be surprised how many of us there are.

So, you have a choice. Vote for Liberty and hope the Progressives – Left and Right – relinquish their power so that Liberty can flourish again. Or fight for it and hope we win. Or both if, as I suspect, or big government has so totally forgotten its place as our servant that they will not relinquish power and, like Britain, will have to have it taken from them.

Because the GOP joined the enemy, they have left Americans with no third alternative.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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