What is Obama Doing with Iran?

Take a look at this picture:

Sunni Shia NObama

What does it show you? Nothing? OK – what does it tell you?

Now, look at that picture again, this time paying attention to the countries Obama either has attacked or in which he is encouraging / enabling Iran’s hegemony:

shia sunni

What is the theology of the nations Obama has attacked? Sunni. Of those he has aided? Shia.

Not to leave out of the picture Afghanistan and Pakistan, but Obama has – yet – to attack either (with the exception of the bin Laden raid in Pakistan and a bunch of drone strikes, and the soon-to-be-abject surrender to the terrorists in Afghanistan), consider whom has Obama put in charge of the American relationship with both of these nations: James Dobbins. Why is that relevant?

“Dobbins is a prominent exponent of the idea that America can live with a nuclear Iran, as well as an opponent of the use of military force against Iran’s nuclear program under any conditions. Whatever the White House might be thinking, the appointment sent a signal to Iran that the military option is pure bluff.”

Which Muslim nation has complained most bitterly about Obama’s continuing appeasement/enablement of Iran’s nuke program? Sunni Saudi Arabia (and here and here).

In the “green revolution,” in which Iranians tried peacefully to reduce the power of the hardline Shia government via free and fair elections, only to have them immediately corrupted by a Shia leadership that also gunned down peaceful protestors in the street in order to keep their rule, Obama infamously did – and said – nothing.

Whom is Obama arming in Lebanon? Shia Hezbollah.

Whom did Obama have killed in Abbottabad? Sunni bin Laden.

The American Navy’s 5th Fleet is home-ported in Bahrain, a Muslim country with a Sunni government and a large Shia population. Obama has been stoking sectarian tensions there, even including an admonition to the government of the tiny country in one of his speeches to the UN. Obama’s support has gone to which side? Shia.

Shia Iran is responsible for the large numbers of Americans killed in Iraq through weapons, training and active participation by those Obama wants to bring in on “our” side against Sunni ISIS.

Who is arguably the single most important person in the Obama administration, according to many perhaps even more important than Obama himself ? Iranian-born Shia Valerie Jarrett.

Obama’s strategy in dealing with (Sunni) ISIS is “giving [Shia] Iran a big boost in the region.”

Obama has blithely stated he’ll attack again in (Sunni) Pakistan, if needed.

The President of Turkey, Erdogan, both the largest Muslim democracy in Europe and a NATO ally, is Sunni. He lost interest in working with Obama. Why? Well, Erdogan wanted Obama to arm the (Sunni) anti-Assad rebels and Obama refused. Assad is Alawite, which is a branch of Shia Islam.

Remember the “Red Line” against Assad? When (Shia) Assad overstepped it, what did Obama do? Nothing. Instead, Obama has decided to turn to Assad’s protector, armorer and ally, Shia Iran, to help defeat Assad’s enemies: Sunni ISIS.

What, do you suppose, will be the effect of an America-Iran alliance on the rule in Syria of “Butcher Assad,” the “Reformer” (according to then-Secretary of State Clinton)? Nothing? Will he continue to massacre his countrymen? Why not?

One could go on, but perhaps by now the point is clear: Obama has attacked Sunni and enabled Shia across the Muslim world since taking office.

Obama has put America squarely in the midst of a millennia-long sectarian war within Islam.

And we have let him.

Not only has Obama placed America on one side of a millennia-old intra-islam war, the side he has chosen actively accepts that violence – state-annihilating violence – not only can, but will, bring about the return of the 12th imam and the “end of days.” The side he has chosen is the planet’s largest state sponsor of terrorism.

Shia Iran holds a very strong end-of-days prophecy in which global upheaval will bring the return of the 12th Imam, or Mahdi. His return can be brought about – will be brought about – through violence: “Preaching and admonition will not bring about The Mahdi’s return…only direct confrontation and action…Which Iran has been doing with a vengeance.”

And now Obama is enabling a Shia Bomb.

The largest global financiers of terrorism, and America is giving them a Bomb. You may say – ‘It’s not us! 65% of us don’t want him to do that’ but the world sees the actions of our president as the actions of our people. In a republic, this is a correct view – we placed him there, we have enabled him, we have refused to depose him regardless of his lawlessness and rejection of the constitutional limits we used to place on our presidents.

I say “used to” as it is past-obvious we no longer do.

Obama is putting the world’s lone hyperpower squarely on one side in a war between the most violent cohort on the planet, parents willing to strap bombs to their own kids and send them to their deaths, people who violently behead other human beings, people who burn humans to death in cages, and not only setup large-screen TVs for the people to be entertained by it – these people jump and cheer and are entertained by these sick, subhuman spectacles. (To those who reject tactical nuclear strikes in the name of “innocent women and children,” I give you these… ‘people’…)

Obama’s joining of America to one side of a long war is of a piece with Progressive Democrats: “Woodrow Wilson, ignoring America’s tradition of staying out of Europe’s wars, took the nation into World War I, which laid the seeds for the Bolshevik Revolution, Hitler’s rise, World War II, and the Cold War.”

For what has our current Progressive Democrat president “laid the seeds”?

It’s easy for non-religious or post-religions Americans and Europeans to ignore and/or dismiss this fundamentally pre-enlightenment, pre-modern (i.e. “barbaric”) religious behavior.  But it maybe existentially foolish. With apologies to Trotsky, You may not be interested in religious war, but religious war is interested in you. As with gravity, it matters not at all if you don’t like it.

If Obama has chosen a side – and he has, if Obama is enabling that side to become stronger – and he is, is Obama knowingly providing Shia islam with the mechanism to bring about the End of Days?

Is this what Netanyahu is trying to tell us?

Is this what Saudi Arabia is trying to tell us?

We fuss here in America over Ferguson. We argue over immigration. We scream at each other about Obamacare. We fume over his destruction of individual liberty…

What if these all are distractions?

What if Obama’s goal has nothing to do with us directly, and everything to do with making Shia dominant, first in the Middle East – and then globally?

We have the power for Obama to do this. Will we continue to allow him to wield it?

What if Obama has put American military and economic power on the side of a Shia millennial faction, and he is supporting their End of Days theology with our taxes, our soldiers and our power… and we don’t even realize it?

What if Obama is spending American blood and treasure advancing a global sharia islam that sees State annihilation as a legitimate means to their end of returning the 12th imam?

Given the citations above, what other logical conclusion can one reach?



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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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4 Responses to What is Obama Doing with Iran?

  1. Outstanding scholarly research here btw…, the conclusion makes perfect sense in a profoundly disgusting way. Having fought this bastard since he was a pain in the arse progressive in Illinois, US Senate, I do not think there is any level to which he’ll not sink. As a (long past) student of evidence, criminology and criminal psychology, I can say that he takes ego mania beyond the breach of poly morphis pervert and heres why:
    He has such disdain for anything that challenges his intrinsic paradigm to the extent that he would corrupt an entire nation more than 245 years old just to suit his own personal sense of historic retribution?? That takes arrogance evil and mania to levels that 700 grad students couldnt adequately define!!

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  3. Alex Scipio says:

    Jack: good observations. I’ve been working on a post re possibility that he’s scheduled an Iranian nuke test detonation mid-October 2016, just in time for your assumption.

  4. Jack McCord says:

    Perhaps he considers himself the 12th imam. His narcissistic arrogance and disdain for rule of law have been unsurpassed by any elected president, at least in my lifetime. I am terrified by the thought that he is so drunk with power there is a greater plan being laid which would guarantee his continued inclusion onto the world stage, either through the UN, the World Court, or God forbid, some crisis constructed so as to justify martial law and effectively postpone (i.e. eliminate) the 2016 election. That so many Americans would trustingly accept such a decision unnerves me. His domestic policies are failures and yet he has been enormously successful in his “transformation of America.” His foreign policies seem convoluted and knee-jerk but a clear pattern develops when closely examined by thoughtful men such as you. Philosophers like Hegel and Jung believed that the need for power and control dominated the human condition. I tend to think that, as obvious as these may be, the underlying factor which drives all of us is simply the search for meaning. It is this desire which animates the spirit. Character, family, education, religion, and a large dose of humility correctly determines the boundaries and the extent of our reach for satisfying this innate need. On the other hand, it is the arrogant spirit who believes that anything can be manipulated. If you’ll remember, it was just a few years ago when he leaned over his chair and whispered to his then-friend and equal Putin that he’d have a lot more freedom when he was re-elected. Now he has demonized the man and raised the specter of war. The fear of utter irrelevance in such a person can, and does, drive them to extremes. This defines our president. He perceives no limits to his ambition and has met no opposition beyond empty rhetoric. It is certainly true that God leads us along the path we choose to go. America chose her path back in 1860. Nothing the future brings will surprise me. I pray for my children.

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