The “Coming Crisis of Europe” is not Monetary

George Friedman of Stratfor, a global intelligence company, writes on the coming “Crisis of Europe,” seeing the now-leaked “QE” monetary policy as problematic, and for quite legitimate reasons.

While Friedman’s is an interesting analysis worth reading, and with which it is difficult to find fault, it overlooks a greater issue that lies even deeper. For currencies, cultures, traditions and prosperity to come to the people of europe – whatever “europe” may be – an additional resource must exist, and that is … the people of europe. Currencies, cultures, exports, jobs all require fertility; europe has none.

Fixing infrastructure, physical (roads) or psychological (money), requires people. The issue of other-culture immigrants who bloodied the streets of Paris so recently is an issue only because europeans refused to have the children who could and would – and now will never – do the work of europe. Hence importing people became a requirement.

The idea that social institutions such as banks and agreements to pay taxes can survive the elimination of europeans being replaced by non-Westerners with drastically different behaviors, cultures, histories and expectations of their community and society is questionable at best. Will the printing of money to be saved by dying europeans to pay for retirement years increasingly populated by those hostile to european ideas, traditions, philosophies, culture …and jobs… somehow “fix” europe?

Nothing will “fix” europe.

And europeans don’t really care. In the industrialized world with the advances in food distribution, medicine, education, one “cares” about one’s future, not one’s present. When one cannot conceive of a “future” other than theoretically, who will care about that future?

No one.

Why anyone cares about an entire demi-continent that doesn’t care enough about its own future to populate that future is beyond thinking people. “Fixing” monetary systems is re-arranging chairs. Europe died in the Somme – it remains tottering around, but fall it will. Negative fertility for several generations will do that. Many demographers consider Italy and Spain’s fertility un-recoverable; they’re done. (As is Japan‘s, but with a youth that has given up on sex, their issue is even more drastic and inexplicable.)

Some will argue that our trade with europe is enormous, that without it the world economy will suffer.


Much of Europe’s trade is tourism. Take just France.   Much of their economy is based on alcohol consumption and export. Much of it is alluring clothing. The principal French exports to the US are aircraft and engines, beverages, electrical equipment, chemicals, cosmetics, luxury products and perfume. As the muslim population continues to grow, expect those items in italics to shrink quickly to zero, perhaps to be followed by the others. France is the ninth-largest trading partner of the US.  With at least 82 million foreign tourists per year, France is the most visited country in the world and maintains the third largest income in the world from tourism. In 2012, travel & tourism contributed 77.7B euros, 9.7% of France’s overall GDP. Much of France’s GDP is based on things anathema to the people the French have allowed to immigrate. 80% of its economy is services, services include travel, tourism, and serving booze in bars and restaurants, and selling designer clothes….

Anti-Western immigration has consequences.

What tourists will go to a France or Germany or Italy or Spain with no wine or beer? To Mediterranean beaches with no scantily clad men or women, including those tourists? To statues, museums and shrines meeting the fate of Afghanistan’s Buddha? To a europe in which visiting American women must drape themselves – and not bother bringing swimsuits? A europe in which tourists and children will be murdered for watching soccer on the tube? Where even armed police will not go to protect and serve? Where journalists are murdered … for being journalists?


The world had better prepare for a future with a non-Western europe. The “multi” in “multiculturalism” isn’t about clothing styles and food choices. It won’t be just interpersonal exchanges being altered – like hacking off your head in a disagreement. No – national economies will be altered, as well. The West didn’t just create human rights; no, we created improving living standards, growing economies and individual wealth… and individual liberty.

The West – alone – created the Middle Class. And without these industries and their jobs, the Middle Class will cease to exist. This will not be problematic to a culture living in a pre-modern, pre-industrial 7th Century.

The loss of a Middle Class, however, will be existential to the West.

The “multiculturalism” that europeans  have embraced is not Western values and human rights wearing different clothing and eating different food. It is MULTI-culture – as in OTHER-THAN-WESTERN-culture. And the other-than-Western people europe has decided to import to do the work of the children Europeans have been too lazy to bear and to raise believe in sharia – not Western Human Rights – nor the ahistorical conceit that rights developed in the West – uniquely– are “universal.”

(American Democrats, with similar negative fertility also have embraced this “multiculturalism;” no populated Blue State has positive fertility – this is why they vote without care for future debt – they don’t believe in the future enough to populate it; the children of non-Democrats will be paying that debt through lower living standards, higher living standards having been stolen by today’s Democrat voters; globally voters who vote Left aren’t reproducing, they seem to find the world so bad that they refuse to bring into it anyone, but are happy to steal the future from those who do. And their economic policies, also, are destroying the Middle Class that defines the West.)

DEMOGRAPHICS is the crisis. Not currency. And the crisis is already here.

The West had better figure it out.



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