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An often-made point on my blog is the negative effect of the Baby Boomer generation, that generation born between 1945 and 1964, on society generally. Speech Codes started with the once-Free-Speech Boomer cohort, evolving to be codes requiring un-free speech. The entire factory of empathy for enemies & criminals has grown from them, as has the ridiculousness of going to “war” and not killing our enemies – a GOP/Dem joint protocol that did not start with Baby Boomers, but which has been perfected by Boomer presidents of both parties in Bush43 and Obama.

Look around at the nonsense being peddled by this “Locust Generation.” The hoax of  Global Warming. The government using taxpayer dollars to fund TV. The long-gone specter of societal racism. 19th-Century trains we can’t afford instead of 21st-Century cars we can. Rules of Engagement in “war” that preclude killing those killing you. NOT drilling here under strict environmental laws so that we drill elsewhere under NO environmental laws, ensuring a dirtier planet in the name of environmental protection. The lowering of education standards as teaching has become a patronage job for the dumbest college students and a profession that is the nursery of anti-Americanism in a country those teachers have been instrumental in ensuring no longer is the freest in the West.

What were Boomers given? The modern world.

What have Boomers created? Nothing. Even the internet was begun by their parents in the mid-1960s as “DARPAnet” (Defense Advanced Research Pojects Agency network), a Cold War communications solution (packet switching) to the problem of traditional communications circuits being cut in a nuclear exchange with the USSR.

Boomers are a generation of locusts: feeding on what others have created until nothing is left. And it is not Party devouring our future; the Debt isn’t Democrat or Republican – it’s Baby Boomers.

Boomer Debt


Looking at the 2014 Midterms, the subsequent immediate passage (by Dem & GOP Boomers) of CROmnibus, and the reaction thereto, the Red/Blue gap may be migrating from parties: GOP v Dem;  to an ideological divide of libertarianism v. progressivism. This is not as “Duh” as it may at first glance sound.

Those thinking Progressivism does not exist in the GOP are misinformed, just as those thinking the $8T debt accumulated by Obama is due to Democrats. The president can spend only what Congress appropriates. Boehner and the Progressive wing of the GOP passed Appropriations bills & CRs funding the $4T added to the Debt since January, 2011; Christie, Romney, Rubio, Jeb all are Progressive Republicans. They don’t care about the size of the government, they just want to be in charge of spending the money. This is the same reason a GOP Congress refuses to rein-in a lawless president: They don’t mind an Imperial Presidency – they just want the imperium.

What are Social Conservatives but Progressives demanding their morality be held above the Rule of Law? No Enumerated Power discusses abortion, homosexuality or marriage; demanding government interference outside of the Enumerated Powers, demanding one’s morality be placed above the Rule of Law, is Progressivism – the demand that one cohort is smarter or more moral than the people at large who are too stupid/immoral to govern themselves, that restrictions on the federal government – the Constitution – are meaningless in the face of their – higher – demands.

America is governed by Progressive Baby Boomers. And Americans are beginning to rebel.

With a majority of Americans now identifying neither as Republican nor Democrat, but as Independent, the stage perhaps is set for an anti-Progressive movement. It is Progressive Boomer politicians against who they rebel, as it is Progressive Boomer politicians that have been in charge.

And it is Libertarianism that is best-placed to profit from it.  The Youth vote – the future vote – is going Libertarian. Why? Because they can’t stand the policies of the Baby Boomers running both major parties. The Rand Paul movement is in large part a movement to Libertarian – i.e. Constitutional – government, as was his father’s movement that in 2012 captured large youth numbers. Why is the Youth vote going Libertarian? Because they hate the Democrats who feed them crap at their lunch counters and spy on their cell phones, and the Republicans who insist that somehow the government has a say over their sexual behavior. And that both parties are lowering their future living standards, ruining their lives, and sending them to fight wars that Boomers start but refuse to win. The NY Times has warned Democrats of losing the Youth vote. And on a site catering to millennials, Reddit, youth voters concur.

But the largest issue, one Progressives on both sides of the aisle refuse to deal with, is Debt. As above, trillions have been added by a GOP Congress voted into majority by promising to cut spending. In 2010 the Tea Party campaigned on cutting $100B. They cut $4.7B. Then we re-elected an even larger GOP majority in 2014 – and they funded Obamacare and immigration, both of which will addd enormous amounts of Debt. Voters paying attention find this anathema to their future freedom, liberty and living standards.

The War generations of WW2 and Vietnam reject Libertarianism on foreign policy grounds, insisting that Libertarians fail to see the world as it is, that pulling back from the overseas entanglements is “isolationism.” America successfully avoided these entanglements from its founding until Wilson (D) yanked us into a WW1 that didn’t concern us, another of the never-ending “European wars” against which our Founders warned us – and that had poor consequences from which the world still suffers. “Isolationism”? Really? In a globalized world, a world in which people, students, corporations, money, trade, travel are… global, not deploying militaries that are not allowed to win anyway is “isolationism”? See how absurd their arguments are?

America has, since 1945, policed large portions of the world at a huge cost in human capital – lives lost on both sides. Is ending the overseas adventures that have brought us cultural/societal division, little value, lost wars, huge debt and tens of thousands of lost sons – and killed literally millions of enemy combatants and civilians  – all the while refusing to win these “wars” such a bad idea? Why?

Is allowing Europe, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc., to pay their own way in defense – and they all can afford it –  instead of sponging off the American taxpayer really a bad idea? Why?

If something pops up regionally, haven’t we already given tens of billions in military aid to allies in each region? If we give them money, tanks, airplanes and bullets, do we also have to fight their wars? Why?

Eisenhower got us out of Korea, and precluded additional foreign wars, with the sentiments and policy of this speech. Why is that NOT a better idea? Eisenhower was “isolationist”? Really?

Refusing to send our sons to die in protecting foreign lands is not “isolationism,” it’s maturity. It’s liberty. Its personal – national – responsibility. My kids are not responsible for the utter failures in governance that have allowed islamist terror to grow, and my kids are not going to be able to stop it, nor are yours, especially when our Baby Boomer presidents refuse to defeat it anyway. Talk about dying in vain.

America was founded on a basic set of principles that can be summed up as: Leave us alone. Baby Boomer Democrats and Republicans not only refuse to leave us alone, they refuse to leave the world alone; there is nowhere they are not trammeling, causing disaster more often than not, and they are spending America’s future – and Americans’ birthright of liberty – in doing so.

It is time to eradicate Progressivism, to return to Constitutional government, and to end the reign of the Locust Baby Boomers who have enlarged GOP & Democrat Progressivism until it is eating the entire West and all its freedoms and liberties. Continued voting for either the GOP or Democrats is counterproductive to liberty, the Constitution, America and our future.

If you want increased liberty & freedom, increased wealth, increased employment, decreased spending and debt, decreased overseas engagements and commitments – and a freer world, the Progressive Boomers must be rejected, and post-Boomer libertarians – big or small “L” – must be elected.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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