2016 and the GOP

Is GOP leadership beginning to awaken from the White slumber in which they have somnambulated since the Depression, when they lost the minority vote? Be nice to think so. This ad in Colorado is a great start – but it’s only a start.

I wrote this blog post a few years back, noting that if the GOP were intelligent on immigration they could capture both the Hispanic and the Black vote, probably for generations. But the GOP is so fundamentally, enormously, appallingly, stupendously, hugeaciously stupid, that the odds are….?

The party of Old White Guys & Dolls who still believe CBS News & the NY Times, who disdain the only real news organization still in existence (FOX, because CBS tells them to), who still support the teacher-union-rubber-stamp that is the PTA, and who vote as if it’s 1950… will wind up bankrupting – and terminating the rule of law in – America.

Even now columns are popping up from pundits asking whether the GOP will blow this in the next couple weeks.

My guess is they will.

But maybe – just maybe…. we have some new GOPers who aren’t as dumb as the old GOPers?

Which is why I want Rand in 2016. Millennials seem to like him – alot. He’s not an Old White Guy and he’s working hard on the minority vote, with policy ideas they support.  He seems to be making headway with the Center. Who hates him? Neocons and interventionists like McCain & Boehner. The same guys who have lost us the last two presidencies, who insisted on wars in S Asia, want more of them but refuse to demand we win what we start, the guys who have voted for ALL of the spending they blame on the Dems (and more – Part D….), and who for unknown reasons that can only be related to insanity or drugs (unless the ‘single fusion party’ folks are right – and they may actually be; it’s becoming increasingly difficult to argue against that theory) continue Boehner in office.

Rand is a serious politician with the kind of serious ideas that without which the GOP WILL NOT survive. Nor will America.

Seriously – look at the folks for whom the GOP are clamoring:

Cruz. The guy is an arrogant social Neanderthal with an irritating and pedantic way of speaking as though EVERYONE in the room is dumber than he, not just the Democrats.

Walker. Don’t even know if he’ll survive in November.

Romney. AGAIN? Sure – he may be the right guy, but, REALLY? He’s the new Harold Stassen. He will de-energize everyone under 60. He will provide not one reason for anyone under 30 to vote for him.

Christie. An anti-2nd Amendment, Obama-hugging, fat white guy who closes bridges in a fit of pique? What will he do if China pisses him off? Close the Pacific?

Bush. AGAIN? Out of 320M people in America we can find only those in ONE family to represent us? The same family that brought us Desert Storm, where we spent $60B to prop-up a Dark Ages monarchy that went right back to executing people for apostasy as our last jet was leaving the runway; we died for THAT? That brought us wars  – that they refused to win – in Afghanistan and Iraq that toppled the local strongmen who had kept in-check sectarian violence, and gave us thousands of dead, tens of thousands of wounded, spent trillions of dollars and resulted in total catastrophe in, let’s see… SO FAR: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Yemen – – and bequeathed to the world Barack Obama? The family that represents, umm… let’s see… stop me if you‘ve heard this… old, rich, white guys and major businesses who don’t seem to care that their immigration demands are putting out of work MILLIONS of Americans, as long as their profits continue to increase? Are we REALLY going to give the reins back to the Bushes?

Carson. Really? Gee – where have I before heard of an inexperienced, Black, anti-politician celebrity who gave one speech and now everyone wants him to be president? Oh, yeah…. and would ANYONE ever have heard of him if he weren’t Black? Nope.

Newsflash to the GOP: You’re fighting the last war. We already DID the Black president thing.

Hey! I have an idea! If the GOP is too stupid to support Rand, how about fighting the NEXT WAR?

On WHOSE side will be the MSM? Hillary’s. Why? She’s a Clinton and the oldsters in the party remember that big lovable sexist raping child-molesting thug with a grin and want a rerun, not remembering he came out of the DLC – a CENTRIST think tank within the DNC, that he is an extraordinarily gifted politician – and Hillary is NOT; and that Hillary is WAY to the Left of Bill, HAS NO EXPERIENCE GOVERNING, and inarguably is the biggest liar on the American political stage – and that is saying a mouthful.

More than that, she’s a WOMAN, and THAT’S the NEXT WAR.

It’s time for the MSM and the Youth vote to have a woman as president! They don’t care about competency; it’s all about ideology, and what’s between her legs is WAY more important to them than what’s between her ears – which is as much or more communist ideology than Barack.

Since the NEXT WAR (are you LISTENING, GOP?) will be about GENDER, here’s an idea for the GOP: Nikki Haley. Bonus points: She’s also neither White nor Old.

Here’s what the Left brings to the table in 2016: Gender.

Hillary, or, if she’s deemed to old/ugly/unethical/untrustworthy/shrill/tin-eared/all of the above… Warren.

For Democrats, 2016 will be ALL ABOUT GENDER. The Left has NOTHING ELSE ON WHICH TO RUN. (If they DID, no one would be pushing Hillary…)

The Left’s centralizing of government has given us: Obamacare vs. Americans, Ebola vs. Americans, IRS vs. Americans, NSA vs. Americans, Cops vs. Americans, DoJ vs. Americans, FEC vs. Americans, F&F vs. Americans, ISIS vs. Americans, and “workplace violence” vs. Americans.


Unless the GOP nominates its only out-of-the-box thinker – Rand – 2016 will be ALL gender ALL the time. Any of the others listed above would “fight” gender in the same way McCain “fought” the first Black candidate: Didn’t even try.

How does the GOP fight gender, if we are too stupid to nominate Rand? EASY. Too easy for the GOP, undoubtedly: Nikki. Take gender OFF THE TABLE. You want to play gender? Fine. Great. Marvelous. Let’s play:

Our chip has: Experience, Competence, Youth, Success (on her own, not because of her husband), Ideas, Integrity, Looks (like it or not, America doesn’t elect ugly people in the age of TV)… The GOP can have Gender AND Competence; the Left … can’t.

Their FIRST chip has: NO experience, NO competence, is Older than dirt, is Old AND White, can’t even name her OWN Successes at State OR the Senate, and is in the arena – still – only BECAUSE of Bill ( a heckuva thing for our first woman president – that we’ve only heard of her because of who her husband is, and even THEN, that she only remains in the limelight because of Lewinsky), has NO ideas (their entire PARTY has no ideas – that’s why they run on race and gender…), has NO integrity – at all, and everyone knows it, and is fat, dumpy, ugly & shrill; most would rather hear a donkey bray than Hillary laugh.

Their SECOND chip has: NO experience, NO Competence, made at Harvard a $300K salary for a couple of day’s work a week so cannot stand-up against any intelligent income gap discussion,  is a washed-up academic with nothing but recycled Marxist (Ivy league…) Industrial Age ideas, NO successes, NO Integrity (lied for years that she was part “Native American”), and has, at best, average looks. (Before you get al hot-n-bothered about a discussion of “looks” of a candidate, ask yourself what that Vanity Fair cover on Al Gore in 2000 was all about…)

Will the GOP find any working brain cells to push Nikki into the race, support her massively… and win? Nope. Same with Rand.

They’d rather go with some old white guy – than win.

They’d rather ignore current social reality – than win.

They’d rather me-too the Progressives on spending – than win.

They’d rather me-too the old, dying, neocon interventionists on both sides – than win.

They’d rather me-too the Dems on immigration to help Wall Street – than win.

They’d rather keep government HUGE and the presidency IMPERIAL (which is why they won’t push-back against Barack’s lawlessness; they can’t wait to use those powers themselves) – than win.

And since Nikki won’t be on the ticket – to the detriment of the nation and the world, given our place in it – the ONLY other person who is NOT a power-hungry, Constitution-be-damned person in the race is… Rand. (Even Carson thinks the 2nd Amendment is situational and shouldn’t apply in big cities…. you know… where ALL the crime is because that’s where Democrats live….)

Are GOP voters smart enough to figure this out? Not without the GOP leadership leading them to it. Is the GOP leadership smart enough to figure this out? Absolutely not – but they hated Reagan, too.

Will the GOP push Nikki onto the ticket? If not, the ONLY one who can win is Rand. (A Nikki-Rand, or a Nikki-Gowdy would be ideal, probably would capture the White House for 16 years, and would enable our economy to take off, and get the old, tired, white, idiotic McCains OUT of government, along with the communists.)

Which means, because the GOP is called “The Stupid Party” for a reason and will nominate Romney again or Bush, America will continue its decline under another communist until we are right where the Left wants us: an unimportant, poor Progressive/Communist dictatorship with no Middle Class and no future for our kids.

It’s Nikki or Rand… or bust.

Watch and see.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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