Non-Nuclear Absurdity

The refusal to discuss a nuclear response BY civilization to the enemies OF civilization is childish and absurd. The willingness to send off our educated, literate, modern, post-Enlightenment kids to do battle with these barbarians is an even greater absurdity.

Uninformed people lack an understanding of the damage nukes do – and do not – create. More on that below.

It is policy that drives decisions to deploy weapons: how many, how long, what type.

Weapons are deployed for one reason: to defeat enemies in mortal combat; the entire purpose of lethal weapons is to kill those our policy makers have decided must be killed either to protect us or to advance our goals.

An idea of extraordinary conceit infects the West, and has for some time. It is an absurd and existentially dangerous idea. It has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of Americans and the equally unnecessary spending of trillions of dollars. It has left Americans maimed and America’s future less prosperous. The damage this idea has done to America’s future by denying that future the never-to-be-born children of those killed by this idea is incalculable.

What is this idea? That enemy civilians are more important than America’s youth. That enemy civilians that raise, harbor, feed, transport, train, arm and  equip killers of Americans share no blame for their role in doing so. That a government, any government, can exist without the implicit consensus of its civilian population.

Why is it ok to ask an American 18-yr-old to go die in an infantry battle with a barbarian? Why?

Why is it ok to ask American taxpayers to accept spending trillions to deploy divisions to fight – and die – in conventional combat?

Why is it acceptable to deny future generations their Einsteins, Mozarts, Faulkners by leaving their never-to-be fathers dead in some foreign jungle or desert?

Why do we refuse productivity in warfare? Why is an Information Age nation insistent on using Industrial Age weapons to fight a Stone Age enemy?

Are we rejecting progress for any sane reason?

Progress provides productivity. Productivity counts in war more than any other human endeavor. In war you kill more of your enemy than he kills of you – or you, your nation, your family, your future… die.

How stupid is it to reject progress in warfare, especially when doing so reduces our productivity, costs more money and leaves more of our own maimed and dead?

Our enemies are not kidding. Right now they are tweeting photographs showing an evident intent to blow-up buildings in Chicago. Will we wring our hands and send more young American armed only with bullets to kill them after they kill thousands – tens of thousands? – and cause a trillion dollars of damage to Chicago?

Is it really an intelligent policy decision to take that chance?

General Allen is quoted that America must “Destroy the Islamic State [ISIS / ISIL / IS] now.” Yes. We must.

Not “degrade.” Not “contain.”


It is folly to pretend this can be done conventionally, and at low cost in money and lives.

Sen. Inhofe: “We’re in the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in as a nation.” This may be true. Though soldiers from Imperial Japan beheaded POWs and used Chinese civilians for target practice and bayonet practice in Nanking, American never has had to deal with this before.

Why are we dealing with it now? Simple: Open Borders and a refusal to destroy an existential enemy intent on destroying us.

Whenever any discussion turns to modern weaponry, people dismiss it. Why? They begin yammering about “women and children” and “innocent civilians.”

We send our women into combat. And our 17-18-19 yr olds certainly are children of someone.

At some point people need to grasp that, yes, some people ARE more valuable than others. Those who are civilized, literate, care about other human beings, and want to advance civilization: Westerners, ARE of more value to humanity and the future than those who insist on living an illiterate life based on killing everyone not in agreement with their brand of some Stone Age religio-politico death cult.

We demand kids are in car seats. They strap bombs on theirs.

We send our kids to school. They send them out to kill.

Our people defend themselves and their neighbors.

Their people stand “innocently” by and watch as gays are hung from lampposts, women are shot in the head in a stadium, girls are whipped for being raped and women are stoned to death.

Any idea that Western lives are not more important – by far – than anyone living in or accepting shariah is definitionally insane.

Why are people so afraid of nuclear weapons? They kill.

That is the entire point of weapons.

Why are nukes so abhorrent? They kill everyone in range, indiscriminately.

Seen pictures of the aftermath of the Tokyo firebombings or Dresden, each of which killed more people than either WW2 nuke?

The purpose of war is to defend yourself or to advance policy. If you are unwilling to destroy an enemy attacking you, you do not believe you, your family, your community or nation worthy of being defended.

If you are unwilling to destroy an enemy for policy reasons, you don’t believe in your policy and should not wage war. This is as true today as it was in Korea and Vietnam.

We killed over 2M Vietnamese BECAUSE we refused to nuke Hanoi in 1963

But just because YOU don’t believe in destroying our enemies does not mean our enemies are not intent on destroying YOU… and everything and everyone you hold dear, including civilization itself.

Are you really willing to accept massive destruction and death in America – instead of to the towns and villages of our enemies?


So let’s talk realistically about the power of nuclear weapons. We have an entire political party who thinks earplugs are bullets, and that nukes will destroy… well, they really have no idea. So let’s discuss it.

This website will calculate for you the damage done by a nuclear weapon of a defined yield (explosive power) at an optimal altitude. Let’s see what would happen in various scenarios in ISIS-land, shall we, and then use that information to determine policy, rather than just assuming GASP! We cannot use nukes!!

The W88 thermonuclear warhead is the most modern in the world. It is small and lightweight and has a reasonable amount of destructive power, about .475megatons (.475MT), 475 KT (kilotons), or about half-a-million tons of conventional ordnance. We already have dropped on Iraq and Afghanistan far more than that at a far higher cost in weapons and delivery systems.

How many tons of bombs have we dropped on muslim terrorists? Too many – and not enough.

Too many as these are expensive to build, deploy and deliver, and they mostly kill dirt.

Not enough as they are still out there slicing off people’s heads and cutting children in half, whipping little girls, machine-gunning their own kids, and killing two year olds – TWO YEAR OLDS! – for apostasy.

W88s aren’t planet-destroyers. Far from it. Hollywood’s depiction of nukes is not real – it’s Hollywood.

The W88 can be delivered in many ways, manned and unmanned. So what does it do? What level of destruction does it cause?

A single W88 detonated at an optimum altitude for destroying a soft target – like an IS encampment, the marching of thousands of IS killers toward Baghdad or Mosul, or an occupied village – will generate the following:

  • 3rd degree burns over a radius of 8.6 KM – an area about the size of Mosul, smaller than the metro area of Baghdad.
  • Widespread destruction (which is why you bomb) over a radius of less than 6 KM.
  • Near-total fatalities in a radius of 2.1KM

What will it cost? Nothing. We have these weapons in our arsenal, deployed in ICBMs, SLBMs, and on carriers. ONE B2 flight from the US.

How many Americans will die? None. Zero.

But the single most important reason to use nuclear weapons, and to use them now, is to show that WE are DEAD SERIOUS. That WE will ANNIHILATE those intent on destroying civilization itself. That there are steps so abhorrent to human beings that they not only will not go un-punished, the punishment will be so severe that it will be generations, if ever, before anyone again decides to destroy civilization in the name of a Stone Age cult of murderous death.

That WE no longer are going to accept this barbarism and genocide of human beings based on a – literally – Stone Age interpretation of the value of life.

Iran soon will have their own nukes. Obama and the Democrats (and the worthless European “leadership”) have ensured this. Not ensuring Iran grasps that we WILL annihilate them if they choose to use them ultimately will ensure that we will have to do so. And Iran will not believe us other than through example, any more than we believed the savagery if ISIS before Foley.

NOT using nukes now on smaller targets and foes will ensure the deaths of millions later.

This is the way of war – and of leadership. One bullet in 1938 would have saved 50M lives in WW2. But it was deemed not nice to assassinate Hitler.

Will one nuke dissuade Iran? An unknown. One nuke did not dissuade Hirohito. But the LACK of demonstrated willingness to annihilate this enemy will encourage Iran to use theirs once they have them; why would they not, when they know we will not respond effectively? As I have written before, the West’s non-reaction to Ukraine is a big-as-life demonstration FOR nuclear proliferation, and you can bet Iran is learning that lesson. As are Japan, Saudi Arabia and any other nation with aggressive neighbors.

But the real questions are these: Is the West going to fight for civilization, or roll over and die? Do we believe in the rights of women, gays and children – or only Western women gays and children? Do we believe in the freedom of religion? Or is that only a nostrum we use to pat ourselves on the back?

There is only going to be one winner here, and no amount of tea-room or water cooler or treaty-table talk will alter that fact: WE destroy THEM. Or THEY destroy US.

And it matters not at all whether you agree with that any more than it matters that you agree with gravity.

The Islamic State is NOT going to be talked out of their ideology. They are proving that right now. They LIKE to die. They WANT to die. Shocking and awe-ing them, or delivering a few – or a few thousand – Hellfire missiles will NOT force an ideological change. These people live for ONE reason: To kill.

They MUST be stopped.

Any method other than nuclear weapons is ensuring OUR men die unnecessarily in killing them, and continues the spread of their infection. We blew hell out of them in Iraq and Afghanistan… and they are stronger than ever. Conventional weapons are not going to win this war – at any cost, let alone an acceptable one.

NOT using nuclear weapons to destroy these people utterly is the most immoral decision Western policymakers possibly can make.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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