The Reality of “Multiculturalism”

Multicultis have several pretty banal and standard complaints about the West in which they choose to live. These are non-serious, usually infantile, and always uneducated responses to a world on which they seem unable to get a grip, and have everything to do with the core belief of all Liberals that no one ever is responsible for their behavior.

(If you doubt that, look at the Democrat Party platform and see which planks are not based on a refusal to accept responsibility: None.)

Multicultis (“MCs”) tell us that the West is responsible for all harm to the world. But the West has only been around two millennia, and the things MCs pretend (more below) to dislike, such as slavery, have been around millennia longer than that.

MCs blame Dead White European Males (The West) for the failures of the East, but the East had a head start and fell behind; whose fault is that? It’s the fault of those falling behind. All cultures had access to the same writings and thoughts. We’ve had global trade since Marco Polo (13th Century).

MCs blame the West for pollution, and demand an end to (Western) capitalism. The term “ecocide,” on the other hand, was invented to describe the appalling ecological damage left on the land by that Leftist socialist, non-Western paradise, the USSR. Want a clean planet? Better support Western Civilization, because that’s the only part that’s clean. Why? Western mores and Capitalism.

MCs blame Western White Men for slavery. Can’t get much more uneducated than that. “Slavs” came from the same root and was applied to those people long before the New World was discovered. Muslims sold slaves to other muslims, who transported them to America. Not a Dead White European Male market. African enslaved other Africans for a (non-Western, capitalist) profit.

Who STOPPED slavery in the West? Those mean old DWEM Western Civ guys, that’s who; Christians, no less…

Slavery still exists in other – non-Western – cultures, like muslim cultures the MCs demand we stop killing… while we reject slavery … but refuse to terminate the only culture that still practices it…It makes your head hurt.

Hey – if non-Western cultures still practice slavery, wouldn’t it be imperialistic to condemn them for that practice? Shouldn’t MCs be celebrating slavery, instead? (If not, why not? Contrast and Compare…)

Capitalism, a Western philosophy developed to get Europeans to stop killing each other over religion, is shunned by MCs. Yet if it were fully-introduced into muslim lands, it might have the same effect it did in the West: A termination of centuries of religious wars.

The most stupendous insanity of the MC crowd is in human rights, however. From their first siting in Berzerkely in 1964, the free speech/hippie/MC/anti-free-speech crowd (same folks, btw) has demanded what they, absurdly, call “Universal” human rights. What “rights” are they demanding? Western rights. And these rights are not even consistent across the West: A woman getting divorced in Argentina or Uruguay won’t get half the property. “Universal”? Nonsense.

MCs concurrently demand Human Rights AND Multiculturalism. This is absurd.

A multiculturalist will tell you (ad nausea) that all cultures are equal and most are better than the West, that one cannot judge one culture by another. Then they go protest for uniquely Western human rights. It’s silly, as are they.

A reporter gets his head hacked off by what has become cultural SOP in a non-Western culture. A woman is stoned to death for flirting in the street. A teenage girl is whipped to death for the crime of being raped.

How can a Democrat complain about these actions? By insisting that THEIR cultural mores – WESTERN cultural mores – are used to judge non-Western cultures that they – concurrently – celebrate as better than the West! Can’t get much more anti-MC than THAT!

They demand that we CELEBRATE non-Western cultures as equal or even better, then demand to project uniquely modern, Western values and behaviors ONTO those non-Western, pre-modern cultures.

It’s really quite silly.

And listening to, engaging, or (scary thought) taking SERIOUSLY an MC is just nonsensical.

MCs are fundamentally demanding we celebrate what they believe to be consistent human values separated only by food, dance and dress. If they eat sushi, wear a tapa skirt and say “Neecarrrawwgwaaa.” they pride themselves on their non-Western creds.

These people are ignorant – as in un/mal-educated – idiots. They have no idea of the real world. They project onto it their desired behaviors as the reality that DOES exist in their minds.

And, by projecting, and then judging by, Western mores, multicultis are acting imperialistic and monocultural – demanding THEIR culture and THEIR behaviors from non-Westerners. And they do this at the same time they pride themselves on not being Western,  imperialistic or monocultural.

And they ignore the true facts of multiculturalism: Beheading noncombatants. Raping 2-yr-old girls. Strapping bombs on their 6-yr-olds. Hanging every gay from a light pole in the street.

THESE are the realities of multiculturalism. Not food & dress.

Celebrating other cultures is celebrating illiterate, savage, non-Western, pre-modern brutality unchecked by any civilized mores.

Has this brutality seemed to reach a crescendo under the results of Democrat voters: Obama? Yes. It has.

Democrat voters have VOTED FOR this brutality, have voted FOR this – true – multicultural behavior on the parts of ISIS, Boko, Al Qaeda, MB, Hamas. For them now not to accept the results of their yammerings is childish. For anyone to listen to them is stupid.

For MCs to complain about Foley, for example, or ISIS slaughtering non-muslims & non-Sunni (they are killing far more Shia than Christian, BTW, and more power to them for that), is childish in the extreme.

Mencken once said that democracy is the idea that the people should get what they vote for – good and hard.

Well, Muticulturalists are voting for savage, pre-modern brutality. But it isn’t THEY who are getting it “good and hard;” it is non-Western victims of American MC Democrat voters who are suffering at the hands of those spawned by the result of Democrat voters here in America: Barack Obama.

MCs must be so proud of themselves!


Who are the TRUE “multiculturalists? Those who recognize that other cultures ARE – actually – DIFFERENT, who – truly – respect and want to protect human rights?

Educated Westerners who know these brutal thugs must be annihilated, that Western mores = civilization, and non-Western behaviors do not.

People who not only know, but know to be correct, the concept of personal responsibility so abhorrent to the Left.

NOT Democrats, in other words.



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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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