Arabs, Islam, Terrorism, the Future

Why are Arabs so angry that they kill all outside their tribe? Why has this terror risen as it has over the past few decades?

The answers are not that hard.

Arab countries have the highest rates of illiteracy outside subsaharan Africa. 85% of Egyptian women and 75% of Egyptian men are illiterate. Their college grads are unemployable. Egypt is the largest – and most modern – Arab country.

Half of Arab populations are prohibited from education and work.

Their governments don’t care.

Post-war generations of their people – that is 70 YEARS of kids – are unable to compete in the vanishing Industrial Age BECAUSE of their governments, culture & religion.

As the West and China accelerate into the Information Age, Arab countries will be left even farther behind.

Throughout the 20th Century some Arab countries tried to come to grips with modernity. Western academics foolishly convinced major Arab leaders like Nasser that socialism was the future. It failed there as it had, and has, everywhere else. They tried nationalism but couldn’t get Islam out of the way. Attaturk saw the problem that was Islam, acted to remove it from governance and Turkey prospered. Erdogan has returned Islam to governance. Turkey is regressing. Nasser tried to catch-up to the West and failed. Sadat was assassinated for trying.

Every step forward toward modernity set them two steps back.

If you want to know the root causes of political Islamist terrorism, it is this: States basing their cultures on Islam have been regressing for a millennium.

Before the post-war era and the rise of mass communication and television, no one – especially them – really knew how backward they were in comparison to the West.

With television came the realization that not only were muslim societies grossly behind the West, they were getting farther behind each year. High fertility gave them hundreds of millions of kids. The regression caused by the takeover of Islam by fundamentalist clerics over the past 400 years ensured these kids could never be gainfully employed. They lacked the ability to compete with other cultures.

And with television… they now know how backward they are.

These kids are pissed off. Pissed off young men riot. They attack. They kill.

How pissed are they? They strap bombs on their own children.

What have they to lose? What have their children to look forward to?

They see what their age cohort has everywhere outside Islam, they know they never will have it. Their preachers inculcate a radical Islamist fundamentalism making The Other culpable in a demise entirely of their own making (much like Black preachers in America).

The Other… is modernity itself.

How would they be expected to react?

The world is moving ahead. Islam is being left behind. Islam CAN NOT compete. Not with Europe. Not with China. Not with America.

Not with modernity.

Those rioting? They know this. So they react not by trying to improve their lot – they tried that but their autocrats killed them. So they react by destroying The Other: The West.

Nothing can change this other than by altering islam itself. Either islam modernizes, or terror continues. Either muslims work – and fight – to bring modernity to their culture – an Enlightenment – or a billion human beings will continue to be imprisoned by a worldview keeping them impoverished, ignorant, illiterate … and angry enough to kill.

Who will keep billions of human beings in poverty, forcibly separated from literacy, from communication itself?

A West refusing to acknowledge these facts. A West making excuses and blaming the rise of the West for the fall of the East.

Progress is not going to stop. If Obama slows it in America – and he is – it will move to Europe or China or Australia. But it won’t stop. No matter how many people terrorists kill.

And the more they kill – mostly their own, including anyone attempting to work beyond Islam – the farther back they will fall. The fewer chances they will take. The angrier their generations will be.

The enemy of islam, and of Arab states, is modernity. And the enemy of modernity… is islam.

No amount of excuses or blaming the West or Jews can alter that fact that the only real enemy Arabs & muslims have… is islam itself.

Islam must modernize, be forcibly modernized, or destroyed. Islam is denying a billion humans their most fundamental rights: freedom and education.

Islam CAN not coexist with the modern world. And stopping modernity is like trying to hold-back the tide.

The protestations of multiculturalists and Democrats and Progressives and Europeans that muslims are victims or must be excused matter no more than do protestations against gravity: they are irrelevant.

Modernity and Islam as practiced today cannot coexist.

Modernity is not going to stop.

Islam must change or die

Not forcing a change is saying one’s ego is more important than the lives and futures of billions of people.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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3 Responses to Arabs, Islam, Terrorism, the Future

  1. Qui Creva says:

    Mr Hughes, you need to learn history before you speak about it. Christianity was NEVER where Islam is today. Not a thousand years ago, not ever. There is simply no equivalence between these two religions, despite the efforts of secularists and humanists to paint them in the same colors. Islam has always been opposed to any sort of knowledge except that which directly served the religion. All the touted scientific advances of the so-called “golden age” of Muslim society occurred DESPITE Islam, not because of it. The “muslim” scientists of this period were most often Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, or apostates from Islam.

    By contrast, the Judeo-Christian tradition has always maintained that a rational God created a Universe that can be understood by application of human reason. It is this belief that permitted the rise of modern science. Moreover, during the Middle Ages the Church made NO effort to keep knowledge from the laity. Rather, the Church was the most important support for and repository of knowledge in Europe. This continued into modern times; clerics have often been at the forefront of scientific research. Remember Gregor Mendel?

    The western belief that Islam can somehow undergo a reformation, similar to the Protestant Reformation of Western Christianity, that will permit Muslim society to join the modern word, is the product of gross ignorance and arrogance. Islam cannot be reformed because Islam claims to have the perfect, final revelation from Allah. To question/crticize the Quran or Sunna is therefore to challenge Allah himself. It isn’t going to happen, becuase the very process of reformation would destroy the foundations of the religion. Christianity is flexible and believes in reason. Islam is rigid and insists upon blind obedience to its laws, no matter how much cognitive dissonance this produces in Muslims. The result is the chaos we see around the globe. The only way that Muslims can free themselves of their backwardness is to renounce their religion.

  2. Alexander Scipio says:

    It was a couple of things, the most important of which was literacy, something Islamist states reject today. Premodernism cannot survive general knowledge. But perhaps the most important difference is in THE MAJOR difference between Christianity & Islam: Luke 20:25. This concept is entirely alien to Islam. If a society can read, can explore governance outside theology, it will advance. The West proves thus. Those who cannot explore governance outside theology, it will not advance. Islam proves this.

  3. Arch Hughes says:

    A thousand and more years ago the world of Christendom was doing the same thing as Islam is now. We call these times the dark ages and the middle ages. There was little no growth in society. Knowledge was kept in the hands of a few clerics. The Church worked to stifle education. There was no freedom.

    What changed in the west, then, to start the age of enlightenment? Was it that the nation-states grew enough power to say “no” to the Church? Or was it the undercurrent of growth in science by the Newtons and Galileo’s of that time? Or was it the growth of competition to the Church that diminished hits power through fracturing to religious monopoly?

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