Tunnels for Peace

Minutes into the latest quote-unquote ceasefire, Hamas violated it.

It’s almost as though the Palestinians – gasp! – don’t want peace! Could that be?

Was the construction of these tunnels by Hamas, using tens of millions of dollars in aid donated to them from all around the globe to alleviate their poverty and illiteracy and to help them build a functioning government, a make-work construction project providing jobs to the unemployed and a boost to their economy: “Tunnels for Peace”?


With the Hamas charter calling on the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews, and the Palestinian people voting Hamas into power, can it realistically be said that Palestinians want peace?


Was the filling of these tunnels with explosives just a convenient, safe storage place for hundreds of tons of dynamite, TNT, C4, Semtex, that later would be used for, oh… I don’t know… mining?


Did Hamas fill some of these tunnels with drugs to knockout kidnapped Israelis to keep them safe as they carried them away from a battle zone?


Did Hamas place hundreds of pairs of restraints – handcuffs, leg irons, etc. – into these tunnels to aid epileptic Israelis and keep them from harming themselves?


Were thousands of rockets stockpiled by Hamas for a fireworks show on the event of an independent Gaza or West Bank or Two State solution? For a celebration of peace?


Did Hamas’ tunnels come up inside bedrooms of Israeli homes to bring the sleeping children muslim books to press the theme of coexistence?

No.  (BTW – Do you know how many books, on average, are translated annually into Arabic? One.)

Is the strapping of bombs onto their own kids to go blow up other’s kids simply a misplaced peace overture, an introduction to the region of the post-birth abortion practices now widely demanded by those in the West who also support Hamas?


Was the siting of rockets by Hamas within schools and hospitals just a defensive way to ensure the safety of the sick and injured patients, and schoolchildren?

No. (Was the siting of Hamas rockets inside UN schools evidence of UN support for peace and nonviolence? No.)

Was the Palestinian rejection of the Egyptian-sponsored ceasefire last week a grasp toward peace?


Can anyone with working brain cells believe Palestinians want peace?



Sharia v the West is not about Peace. It is not about practicing what we in the West think of as “religion,” itself a Western word inapplicable to Islam in that it includes the foundational concept of “not State,” a concept antithetical to islam.

Sharia v. the West is about pre-modern v modern. It is about a tribal culture v. a civil culture. And pre-modern not only can not but must not be allowed to coexist. Here is why.

Though the West may want to coexist with islam, there is no indication that sharia wants to coexist with anyone.

As “co” means “more than one,” working toward a peaceful coexistence between one who wants peace: the West, and one who does not: Sharia islam, is absurd on its face. Ask the Christians in Mosul about how much the muslims there want coexistence. Oh – wait; you can’t! All non-muslims were driven out of homes in which they have lived for generations… or killed.

Sharia islam, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah, and all offshoots of the koran that demand their way or death, does not want peace. They do not want “coexistence.” Read their literature. Listen to the Arabic speeches of their leaders.

Shriah islam wants –DEMANDS – absolute control over mind and matter across the entire globe.

Pretending that shariah muslims can get along with non-muslims, in fact pretending they can get along with non-Shariah muslims, is a fantastical absurdity that only can be held by a specific type of Western liberal who believes in projecting his or her Western philosophy onto non-Western people – which is startlingly imperialistic & monocultural for a Liberal, but they are too ignorant to grasp the basics of their own philosophy.

Sunni fundamentalists cannot even get along with Shia fundamentalists. They have been killing each other for a millennium. What we are seeing right now in the former Iraq-Syria-Lebanon is Shia cutting a corridor to the sea to breakout of what essentially is a containment of Persian Shia by Sunni Arabs.

Do you know why Saudi Arabia – Sunni islam – has granted Israel overflight rights for an attack on Iran – Persian Shia – in the event of a nuclear breakout? Why Saudi Arabia has given up on Barack Obama’s negotiations with Iran? Because Sunni Arabs are far more concerned about Shia Persians than they ever will be about any infidels.

If the two flavors of islam cannot get along, reading from and being raised on the same book, what level of stupendous ignorance does it take for Westerners to think that these barbarians can be brought into the modern world to get along with non-muslims?

Palestinians don’t want peace. They have been proving this for 65 years.

Arabs don’t want peace or education or literacy for Palestinians, either. If they did, we would not have three – working on four – generations of “refugees,” those who were convinced by the Arabs to run away from Israel when the UN created it in 1948 (even though Israel begged them to stay and even though the Arabs living in Israel are the best-off Arabs in the Middle East). If they did, Arab countries long-ago would have brought the refugees they created into their own societies and countries. The Arabs prefer keeping Palestinians as illiterate, unemployed, uneducated pawns in a lethal game based on what religion people practice.

Can’t get much more pre-modern than that.


Why are Palestinians dying? Because Saudi Arabians want them to. Pretty simple.

Who is at fault for the plight of the Palestinians? Arabs and Palestinians.

Who is at fault for the escalating off-and-on violence in the region? Arabs and Palestinians.

Why do the muslims prefer killing and death to peace? Because the illiteracy of the average muslims allows the inculcation of the belief by Sharia imams in a Dark Ages interpretation of their superstition is so strong that it has driven backwards a once-accomplished culture, destroying anything and everyone in it.

If Arab governments were more interested in the literacy of their people than in personal 747s and ski slopes in Dubai, would this illiteracy still be spawning global death and destruction?


This is why there neither is nor will be peace in the region until the pre-modern are dragged into modernity – or annihilated in the same way we annihilated NAZI Germany and Imperial Japan which in no way were as barbaric as Shariah islam.

To think a third alternative exists is to ignore the last few centuries of islam.

And one must be stupid enough to be a Western Liberal to do that.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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    Nicely presented, not a peep out of hizbullcrap. Not a good day to be a hamasshole, just lyin stiff an still like turds in a dog park…

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