Let’s Play ‘If I Were President’

If I were president, I would:

Contract with CATO, Heritage, Hoover and some major ConLaw schools (NOT Ivies; real schools) to review the Federal Code and report in an order of priority based on the damage to the Constitution (as defined jointly by those contractors), all Federal laws and regulations having no basis in the Enumerated Powers. All Federal regulations not so based would be prioritized to be EO’d out of existence. All laws not so based immediately would be litigated by my Solicitor General to SCOTUS as unconstitutional, and not enforced until & unless SCOTUS ruled in their favor.

Give a Prime Time speech on the Constitution, what the Enumerated Powers are and are not, and ensure everyone knows that no legislation will be signed, no EOs created, no justices appointed that do not recognize the supremacy of the Constitution, making sure to enunciate very clearly that the Constitution is silent on Marriage, Education, Healthcare, Personal Relationships and Abortion – and so will be my administration and any Justices nominated by me.

Propose a Constitutional Amendment that only humans are citizens, not corporations, unions or other involuntary organizations, and that Constitutional free speech provisions apply only to individual humans and groups of humans coming together for a particular political purpose, eg, not forced unions and not corporations.

Propose legislation providing that any Representative or Senator who submits legislation, other than a Constitutional Amendment, said legislation being at-odds with the Constitution to which they were required to swear an oath to protect and defend in order that they be seated in their Chamber, will immediately be dismissed from their Chamber as being in violation of that oath and no longer meeting the qualifications to hold a seat.

Propose a Constitutional Amendment limiting the terms of Representatives, Senators and Federal Justices, including a matching clause in which a duration identical to their total time in office as a federal official must pass prior to their being allowed to lobby the Federal government in any manner, on any topic.

Propose a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting Federal spending from exceeding 18% of GDP in any given year, ending all off-balance-sheet Federal budgeting, applying GAAP to all Federal budgeting, and requiring an audit by an established Private Sector audit company with experience in large audits, of the Federal Reserve in conjunction with the decennial Census.

Close any Cabinet Department not representative of the Enumerated Powers, recommending to the governors that if they want these functions within their States, they should pass legislation creating them and a tax to support them: HHS, HUD, DoE, DoEd, DHS, DAg.

Propose legislation for a National Energy Policy that looks similar to this.

Propose legislation to begin reining-in, through primarily market mechanisms, the ridiculous amounts of money Baby Boomer executives have been paying themselves (that serve NO national or conservative value), amounts their parents would have been shamed by, to look something like this.

Because Congress sets the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, submit legislation removing from the jurisdiction of the Federal Court system any and all issues not explicitly defined in the Enumerated Powers as they are, by Constitutional definition, outside the jurisdiction of any part of the Federal Government. When questions arise as to the pertinence of the Federal Government to any issue not among the Enumerated Powers, point questioners at the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Bill of Rights, absent which the Federal government would not have been created by the States, as the Constitution creating it would not have been ratified by those States.

Per Article 1, return all the “times, places and manner of holding elections,” including Voter ID, to the States, leaving only the specific penalties defined in the 14th Amendment (reduction in representation) for violations of the Constitutional requirements on voting.

Propose legislation to move to a Fair Tax. In the transmittal letter include an EO closing the IRS and outlawing Federal withholding one year from the date of submittal.

End all Block Grants to States, reducing federal taxation by an equal amount; if States want a function, they can pay for it. Because States are superior to the Federal government they created when they ratified the Constitution, tell the governors that the Federal government will stop ordering the States to perform certain functions, and recommend that the States stop asking permission from their junior.

Stop raising overseas living standards by lowering ours. Living standards in other nations are dependent on their chosen cultures, literacy, education, rule of law, religion, etc., and are not our business. Globalization is fine for everyone but the American worker; and they are the people who run this nation and who must prosper FIRST by our nation’s laws. Sensible (ie not smoot-hawley) tariffs and duties would be recommended to Congress.

Propose legislation to move all Federal regulatory agencies to the Legislative Branch: BLM, FCC, FEC, EPA, etc., under Article 1 requirements that ALL legislative power resides, interestingly enough, in the LEGISLATIVE Branch (regulations under which you can be deprived of life, liberty or property are indistinguishable in practice from law). In the delivery message of the proposed legislation, include a date sunsetting those agencies within the Executive Branch 120 days out.

Issue a Cease & Desist EO on any and all Federal funding of private sector R&D and manufacturing. If the private sector thinks an idea is not worth funding – it isn’t. Period. Raise R&D funding in universities, but stop spending it on the sex lives of turtles and start spending it on technologies we need, and blue sky research in fields deemed of interest by qualified people based on un-corrupted data (eg NOT “global” “warming” or “climate” “change” or whatever it’s called this month).

Send my Secretary of State to the Council on Foreign Relations to read exactly as read by Ike’s SecState, John Foster Dulles, in January, 1954, Eisenhower’s “massive retaliation” speech, excepting only that today’s terrorism, terror-funding supporting states, and expansionist Great Powers be substituted for the threat defined in the speech (Soviet communism). Then re-configure the entire DoD, DoD R&D budgets, future weapons systems, and all deployments of American forces accordingly.

Propose a Constitutional Amendment outlawing the deployment of American military forces under foreign, including UN, leadership at any time for any purpose, prohibiting their overseas deployment to combat or combat support/training missions absent a formal vote of both houses of Congress affirming that projected deployment, with explicit exceptions in the event America is attacked.

Terminate all foreign aid, and send copies of the American Constitution to all nations: Following that Constitution is why we are able to grant aid; YOU follow that Constitution and you won’t NEED aid. And we’re going to terminate ours to give you a boost in the right direction.

Terminate DHS and TSA. We already HAVE a Defense Department, whose job is securing America, and the TSA function belongs to the airlines, with security moving to each gate. This reduces overall airport time wasted, ensures through competition polite and efficient security personnel, and opens all airport shops and restaurants to those seeing-off or picking up travelers, raising the tax revenues from airport operations.

Shutter any domestic activity of any Federal intelligence organization, and turn over to the States the role of the FBI, retaining a central DB and administrative functionality paid for by the States via apportionment. If NSA wants to spy on an American, they can go to Court to get a warrant under the public Due Process terms of the 4th Amendment. Terminate FISA as the Star Chamber that it is, along with all secret “no-fly” lists, making that information both public and subject to appeal, said appeal to be funded by the agency creating and maintain that list. If terminating the unconstitutional domestic spying of NSA results in a successful terror attack, see “massive retaliation,” above. It won’t happen twice.

Sunset all contributions to the UN, effective 90 days hence, unless they relocate away from America, in which case offer negotiations on which funding may continue, and sell off the Turtle Bay property to the highest bidder.

Propose legislation to terminate Davis Bacon and begin competitive bidding, at wages and salaries local to that State or States, for ALL Federal contracts.

Put together a panel of free-market economists to define, in order of priority, all functions of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government that could be done less-expensively by contracting them to the Private Sector. And then implement their findings through EO.

EO public sector unions out of existence, just like JFK EO’d them into existence.

Close the border, build a big friggin WALL, legalize everyone here and then “take care that the [extant immigration] laws be faithfully executed. [Article 2]” (It is absurd to suddenly enforce our laws after not having done so for thirty years, and to penalize those who came here when WE refused to enforce our law. Accept the screw-up, build a wall and enforce going-forward.)

File Federal Civil Rights lawsuits against, and terminate any funding to, “Sanctuary Cities” that are in violation of Federal Immigration law.

Immediately arrest and try any Federal agent acting in violation of the law, to include all ICE agents not enforcing the current immigration law. “Following orders” didn’t work at Nuremberg, didn’t work at My Lai, and must not work here; America is a nation of LAWS.

Initiate federal Civil Rights lawsuits against ANY law enforcement agency in which a cop shot a kid or a dog or choked to death a guy being busted for a misdemeanor. The fine sought will be equivalent to the annual operating budget of the municipality under which that agency operates. Outlaw to any civilian law enforcement agency any weapons system or vehicle not available to the general public. Apply Posse Comitatus to any and all armed Federal agencies.

Terminate all federal funding to any State that does not accept the 2nd Amendment and implement, within one year, “Shall Issue” CCW permitting.

Establish a panel to make sentencing recommendations, to be followed by proposed legislation, for federal crimes based on current societal values: life for grass is dumb. Decriminalize drugs at the federal level.

Terminate all federal funding to any State that does not move, within one year, to Right to Work.

Request that the Governors review all federal land holdings within their States, other than those within the NPS and remaining military bases (see DoD reconfiguration, above), and propose the order in which said land should be sold to the States. Sales pricing to be established based on local conditions.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Steve Leonard says:

    WOW! If only!

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