Our Failed Constitution

The entire domestic authority of the President of the United States consists of ten words within Article 2 of the Constitution: “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

That’s it.

Capacity to act when Congress doesn’t? Nope.

Responsibility to act to correct what he sees as a “flaw”? None.

Authority to violate any law he wants in order to further his domestic agenda? Nonexistent.


The president has no authority for a domestic agenda. He is an executive; he executes the law as passed by Congress. That is ALL he is allowed to do.

What about legislation or laws he wants passed?

Article ONE, sentence ONE, of the Constitution of the United States of America: “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

There IS no “legislative” power for the president: “ALL” is “vested in a Congress.”


Lawmaking power of the president: ZERO.

Law alteration power of the president: ZERO.

Law non-enforcement power of the president: ZERO.


Look at the first sentence of the Constitution in more detail: “…powers herein granted…”

Who grants these powers, via the Constitution, to the various parts of the Federal Government? The States. The president not only has no legislative authority, all Federal authority – Legislative (Article 1) Executive (Article 2) and Judicial (Article 3) – is granted BY the States TO the Federal government. The States CREATED the Federal government when they ratified the Constitution, and the Federal government is subservient TO the States.

If a STATE wants its border protected – a responsibility and power granted BY the States TO the Federal government – the ONLY legal response of the Federal government is to go protect the border. Anything else – ANYTHING ELSE – done by the Executive Branch is an illegal act. Period.

There are no ambiguities here. The Constitution is a legal document tightly-written by statesmen who understood their history and wanted to avoid exactly what Obama has wrought: an out of control Imperial Executive; a Despot in all but name.


How did this happen? Democrats put party and their demand for Statist control of American citizens above their legal duty to the States, the citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America.

In short – this president is acting illegally, and his party refuses to stop him.


Three methods exist for stopping an out-of-control president.

The first is impeachment. This requires a Congress putting the nation, its laws and its citizens above the interests of a party or individual. Under Democrat leadership, this Congress refuses its duty. And it is not elective. In order to be seated in office, even after having been elected by the citizens of their States, they MUST swear an oath to defend the Constitution. Democrats are REFUSING this duty; they are in violation of the oath they are required to take in order to hold their office. By not reining-in the president they are co-conspirators in his rejection of Constitutional limits on his authority and power.

The second is that the US Military execute their oath of office to protect the Constitution – NOT the president, the Constitution – from the domestic enemy the out-of-control Executive has become. Those believing that the military cannot violate their orders or their chain of command seem unwilling to recognize three issues:

1. They do not take an oath to the president; they take an oath to the Constitution

2. If the oath does not include a president who happens to be an enemy, by definition the most dangerous enemy America possibly could have, then their oath – their entire career – is meaningless. In fact, they are deleterious to America by creating a false illusion of defense

3. Following orders – rather than the law – got men hung at Nuremberg. The Cabinet Secretaries of DHS, the Executives of ICE, two armed services deployed domestically, are acting exactly as did the officers hung at Nuremberg: They are following illegal orders, for every order given by a president on domestic policy that is not grounded in legislation is illegal.

The third is rebellion or assassination.

If the Congress refuses to act within their responsibility to guard not only their legislative prerogative, but the nation and its laws from a despot; if the military leadership refuses to accept that the president, by acting completely outside of any possible interpretation of his Article 2 duties, has become an enemy to the Constitution, to the nation and to the people he serves, then either the Constitution fails – or the People protect it, and their nation, on their own.


It is OUR nation – NOT theirs. WE entrust its leadership and lawmaking and protection to these three governmental branches, but it is OUR country, OUR future, OUR families and children put at risk by a power-mad Democrat Party, and a military unwilling to defend their own nation.

America is NOT a geography. It is NOT a plaything. It IS “the last best hope of mankind.”

America is THE RULE OF LAW.

Yet we have a lawless president and a Congress and military unwilling to do their duty to restore that Rule of Law.


What has America become under Obama?

An Executive Branch ruling by fiat, rather than governing under the law. A Legislative Branch putting party over institutional duty and authority, and over two centuries of peaceful government and succession. A military refusing to act on their oath.

A citizenry with no alternative.


America will not endure two more years of accelerating despotism from the enemy of OUR Constitution in the White House.

And if our lawmakers and military reject their responsibility, WE THE PEOPLE WILL TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT FROM THEM.

The Founders foresaw this. It is why they ensured the Supreme Law of the Land included the 2nd Amendment, why they refused to ratify the Constitution, refused to create the Federal government, without the means for the citizens to overthrow it should it become necessary.


Today America finds itself a Nation under the Rule of Law, yet a Nation in which those who are elected to serve that Law and that Nation routinely and without regard violate those laws:

Article ONE:
No Constitutional authority exists allowing Congress to offload rulemaking to the Executive Branch – BLM, EPA. The rules these bodies make are indistinguishable from law; the Executive Branch has no authority to make law.

The “Times, Place and Manner of holding elections” are the responsibility of the States, and NO federal authority exists to countermand ANY State regulation on its own elections. And, no, there is no 14th Amendment exception to this: The 14th Amendment specifically states that if voting is limited in any way other than due to “participation in rebellion,” then “the basis of representation shall be reduced…” I’d be happy to have fewer voters, and fewer Congressmen, if I knew they had been legitimately elected; but NOTHING allows the Federal government to intrude on decisions made by the States regarding voter eligibility, other than to prohibit a Poll Tax, or to reduce representation.

Article TWO:
Obama is in constant, blatant violation of Article 2 powers granted him by the States.

Article SIX:
The Constitution IS the Supreme Law of the Land. Every action, every naked grab of power that violates the text of OUR Constitution is an attack ON that Constitution by subverting the Supreme Law of the Land for personal or political gain. By definition, an “attack” is made by an “enemy.” Obama IS an enemy.

The 1st Amendment: No permit is required for assembly, and no legislation can limit the free speech of ALL Americans or protect the speech of incumbent politicians above those whom they serve.

The 2nd Amendment: No limitation exists on the size, type or load of arms.

The 4th Amendment: No search or seizure of records absent a Due Process warrant is Constitutional.

The 5th Amendment: No Constitutional legitimacy exists for indefinite detention absent Due Process of law, including trial by one’s peers and confrontation by witnesses against one.

The 9th Amendment: No power not granted TO the Federal government is theirs for the taking.

The 10th Amendment: No non-enumerated power may be assumed – or denied – by the Federal government.

The 15th Amendment: The Federal government cannot force the States to alter THEIR decisions on THEIR voter franchise other than with regard to “race, color or previous condition of servitude;” NOTHING allows the Federal Government to deny State decisions on Voter ID. NOTHING.


OUR Constitution, OUR Country, OUR Laws are under attack by OUR GOVERNMENT.

When one branch of the Federal government actively assists another Branch of that government in subverting the law, then both Branches are acting outside the law, are acting in violation of their Duty, are acting in opposition to – as enemies of – OUR Constitution, OUR Nation, OUR People.

NO government voluntarily reduces its own power. The American government, under a Constitution in which limited powers were granted BY the States TO the Federal government, was designed to be unable to GRASP too much power; but that design requires that any power grab by any branch of OUR government is checked by other branches or, in the last resort, by the military.


Those checks have failed. OUR Constitution has proven fragile beyond any pre-Obama expectation.

Absent worthy men and women, OUR Constitution cannot defend itself.

Our Constitution… no longer in the hands of those who deem it worthy of respect but, rather, in the hands of those who put personal power and despotism above it… has failed.


When the Constitution fails, when the rights of those who created it and who are protected by it are taken, when those whom it serves become those enslaved by an unconstrained, lawless government, then it is time for Citizens and States to act to restore their rights as Citizens, to restore their sovereignty as States, to restore THEIR Constitution to supremacy as the ONLY legitimate government of, by and for the People.

Perhaps the most highly-regarded Constitutional mind, lawyer and authority today, who also happens to be a Democrat and Obama supporter, Mr. Jonathan Turley, has been unambiguous in saying, “He’s [Obama’s] becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid.”

His calls are being ignored.

America has not avoided, and our government is doing nothing about this danger.

The danger is here. It is not going away voluntarily. The danger must be removed.

For our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor.

For ourselves and our posterity.

For freedom and Liberty.

For America.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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