Killing Arab Children

Israel, again attacked, is again defending herself. Only those who never have experienced incoming artillery on their cities and families are complaining, and they are using a tack that any observant Westerner would find, at best, disingenuous:

Palestinian Children Killed in Israeli Strikes
Revealed: The Palestinian children killed by Israeli Forces
UN: 1 child killed in Gaza every hour

Why are Arabs crying that their children are being killed?

The conventional wisdom is that kids should never be killed in war. This is obtuse. The muslims started this war by launching over a thousand rockets at civilian areas of Israel, trying to kill Israeli kids; they knew – the counted on the fact that Israel would retaliate, killing THEIR kids; the muslims understand that they are so amazingly backward that they only war they can win is the propaganda war – and that every single death of one of their own kids is a victory.

This is why they knowingly site their weapons and ammo dumps inside hospitals and schools and neighborhoods.

War is hell. You buy the ticket, you take the ride. The muslims bought the ticket. Get in, sit down, hold on and shut up.

But the conventional (Western) wisdom is not useful in discussing a non-Western viewpoint. (This is the problem with “multiculturalism;” it is just a projection of Western philosophy onto non-Western cultures, in and of itself an imperialistic mindset.)

Sure, on the one hand, it’s too bad kids are killed in war. But it’s bad ANYONE is killed in war. WAR is bad. Unfortunately the alternative may be worse.

But it’s the on-the-other-hand, a hand never discussed in the West, that makes all the hair-pulling and wailing by the muslims so silly:

Are they just upset because Israelis killing their children… rather than themselves?

Are they whining because they can’t strap bombs on their own sons and daughters to kill them when and where THEY want them killed?

I’m supposed to shed a tear that Israel killed these kids instead of their own parents?

Are muslims only concerned about their kids when killed by others? (Tangent to American readers: Sound familiar?)

I can see why muslims would cry about being deprived of a few little suicide bombers able to penetrate a child-friendly West and be detonated in some crowd or pizza parlor or bus or disco: they are losing future ammo.

But why on earth would anyone in the West care? You CARE about precious lives and lost futures. Hey, their parents didn’t care about their lives, and they have no future other than as little walking talking bomblets. Their countries are illiterate wastelands and their leaders find it acceptable for these people to live in intellectual, moral and economic squalor.

It isn’t as though these people value their children. If THEY don’t value their own children, why should WE? That would be so – what? – paternalistic? imperialistic? monocultural?

If in their culture it is acceptable – and it obviously is – to blow up your own daughter, who are we to complain?

Multiculturalism is demanded by these same people in the media yapping about – gasp! – a different culture! Hey – this culture straps bombs on its own kids to blow little tiny children into little tiny pieces.

That is what multiculturalism is all about – not judging other cultures just because they are different.

This culture blows up its kids. According to the multiculturalists, we should be celebrating this non-Western culture. Academia has (lots of) courses denigrating the West and celebrating non-Western cultures. Here ya go! THIS is a non-Western culture! Celebrate!

We are supposed to use one set of rules celebrating non-Western values on day, and a different set of rules projecting Western values onto non-Western cultures the next?

That’d be stupid.

Is it that we know better what is good for these kids than do their parents? Is that we are getting upset about these kids being killed by others rather than by their own parents? Because we never complain when they ARE killed by their own parents.

Maybe for the Left, mourning the death of children is situational?

Killed by their own parents = GOOD.
Killed by Israelis = BAD?

It takes a village, right?

Is it that we here in the USA or Europe, thousands of miles and tens of centuries removed from the muslim villages, know better what is good for their children than does their own village? Their villages have been detonating their kids for decades now. What difference, at this point, does it make who kills these children?

Their village wants them dead. Their village blows them up on purpose. Israelis blow them up accidentally. Maybe it’s the intent that counts?

Intentionally killing your own children = GOOD.
Unintentionally killing someone else’s children = BAD?

Is THAT it?

Sorry – I can’t figure out all the wailing and gnashing.

In 1957 Golda Meier, later the first woman PM of Israel, said in a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D. C.:

“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

This is as true now as it was in 1957, 54 years – almost three generations – ago.

Except today, the Arabs hate their children even more.

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