Killing Christianity

Muslims are killing Christians in Iraq (… and Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Thailand, Philippines…), taking over monasteries, and forcing Christians to “convert, pay tax or die.” This is exactly how Christians were treated under the Ottoman Empire / Caliphate under the policy of “Jizya.”

Christianity used to complain about being attacked by muslims, even going so far as forward defense (Crusades) from an aggressive islam that would have snuffed out Western civilization (Vienna) – and ALL Progress in human rights since the Middle Ages. For unknown reasons, we no longer are complaining or defending.

If Christians today want to pretend that violence never is necessary and see no call to defend their culture, freedoms and faith against violent attack, then they really don’t believe in them, do they? Any more than a dad believes in his family if he watches as it is attacked and killed, but does not act in its defense because he believes in “coexistence” with the murderers.

If some peacenik wants to go all WWJD? Remind them of violently kicking the moneychangers out of the temple.

What we are – the entire world is – seeing is a clash between islam and the West, or what still was named in textbook maps “Western Christendom” as late as the 1960s. And this clash is occurring in every single place on the planet in which islam has a Christian (or Western-influenced) neighbor. From Kenya to Iraq to India to Thailand to the Philippines to Dearborn, MI. And the West is refusing to defend itself.

Sure, muslims are killing each other – opportunistically – along the way, as they have been doing for a millennium. And, sure, muslims are killing non-Christians along the way (Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindu…). But the full force of what is going on is islam vs the West for the simple reason that the West is and has been the driving force of civilization – the dominant global culture – for a thousand years. There’s a reason for that: We are better than any other civilization at providing freedom and living standards and the Rule of Law, which provides liberty and all human rights.

Denying this, or saying this is about economics or climate change or anything other than one faith attacking a different faith for the simple reason that it IS different, is just naive. And when people in policy making positions are that naive, we call them “dangerous,” because their naiveté / ignorance is intentional, and gets killed the people they have been elected to serve and protect. They get people killed with their stupidity, they do so to gain votes/power, and adults don’t vote for them (are you listening, Hillary voters?).

Some will say, “Well, Christians did that, too!” True. We used to believe in evangelizing Christianity, sometimes violently – and in defending our own faith, often violently. So? That was the 14th Century.

Have you looked at the islamic calendar? It’s the 14th Century.

Have you looked at muslim practices re: slaves, women and violent expansion? Yeah, we did that: 700 YEARS ago. But unless you’re willing to support slavery, daughter-murder, and killing everyone in disagreement with your faith, even if your faith is “none of the above,” then you cannot also support islam OR cultural relativism / multiculturalism. If you support Western (no, they are NOT “universal,” no matter how many times you say it) Human Rights, you CANNOT also support islam or its expansion.

We outgrew violent expansion, just as we outgrew the parts about treating slaves and women. We also had something called “The Enlightenment,” or “Age of Reason,” that not only HAS not, but CAN not occur in islam, for the simple reason that Christianity has the scriptural verse separating Caesar from God (Luke 20:25). This separation is a foundational philosophy of Christianity completely lacking in the koran, and is the philosophy that has allowed all of human progress in the past 2,000 years, progress which has not happened – CAN NOT happen – under the koran.

I’m unaware of any violent clash in history in which the side that refused to fight actually won. (And if ANYONE thinks we actually have fought against islam in Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalia, etc., I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.)

Pretending we can all get along is absurd and can only be fantasized by those with either no grasp of history or a fantasy that members of BOTH of two, nearly-diametrically-opposed cultures actually WANT to get along. One side wanting peace is as successful as making noise with only one hand clapping. Ask the Israelis.

Often these Western “leaders” are both fundamentally ideological and functionally uneducated (don’t confuse a degree with an education), are in love with their own voice, and absolutely immune to critical thought or self-examination. In the real world we call these people “pre-adolescent children;” in politics we call them “Democrats.” Some even have names: Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, to name just a few who harbor childish fantasies about the real world (can you say “Russian reset”?).

These people will say ANYTHING to get low-info voters to pull their handle. “57 states,” “Taxes are voluntary,”  “Every month 500 million Americans lose their jobs,” “I was shot at by snipers in Tusla when I was getting the Rose Law Firm billing records and taking them to the White House Travel Office for a meeting with my Cattle Futures broker,” for just a few examples.

Islam does NOT want coexistence. Thinking – or arriving at policy based on the fantasy – that they do is existentially stupid, yet is practiced by the entire Democrat party, nearly all of Europe, and the Establishment GOP. 21st Century politicians who actually believe that 6th-Century cult leaders hold the same values of talk, treaties, peace, coexistence, human life, demographics, etc., are enormously ignorant.

But the West is listening to these idiots.

Historical soundbite: The guy who really initiated the practice of diplomatic immunity? Genghis Khan as he conquered pre-modern States across Asia. In 1218 Genghis sent three diplomats and a trade caravan to Otrar (now in Kazakhstan) to establish trade relations. The local leader, Khoresmshakh Mohammed II, ordered two of the diplomats shaved and one beheaded, and the caravan seized. Genghis wiped out him and his city, which remains a ghost town. So, basically, Genghis Khan understood diplomacy, rules between nations, and consequences better than Obama, Kerry & the Democrats, and the south Asians (and Democrats) have learned nothing since.

Only one side will win this conflict. It will be the side fighting most strongly for their beliefs. Half measure won’t work. Talk won’t work. Shock & Awe won’t work. All of these have been tried to zero effect. Actually all of these have had a negative effect: They have cost the West money, lives and credibility but have not won a single battle.

It’s time to get serious.

Or watch Western Civilization, individual freedom, Liberty and Human Rights… die.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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