ISIS and Islam: The Threat and The Future

Western governments see in ISIS what it is not: ISIS is not a bunch of guys at the bottom of the economic ladder revolting against capitalism or colonial imperialism. ISIS is not a cohort of men clinging to their guns and religion. ISIS is not a local tribe or militia. It is not a national threat to its countrymen, though it is that, too. ISIS is not a regional threat – alone. ISIS is not what Barack Obama called “the JV.”

ISIS is the tip of the spear of a rising tribal, illiterate, functionally uncivilized – but existential – threat to the West, and to every non-muslim on the planet. A threat that Western leadership refuses to recognize, though it is beating on our doors.

islam twice during the Middle Ages forced its culture, traditions and barbarism into central Europe, all the way to the gates of Vienna, slaughtering all it found on its way. It slaughtered its way across Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and into the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. It stopped only when it met resistance it could not beat, resistance willing to defend cultures and traditions and people through war more sustained and violent than islam was able to deliver.

islam was stopped by leaders and people willing to slaughter it back in defense of themselves, their families, their rights and their traditions. And who did so more ruthlessly than the muslims, which is how all wars are won.

Islam has never been stopped by words.

Despite generations of occupation by this foreign tradition, so strongly did a Middle Ages West retain its belief in the superiority of its culture, that in 1492 islam was pushed off of the Iberian Peninsula and out of the European continent for the last time. Until now.

The people and the leadership of the West understood the threat to their liberties – and fought to defend them.

islam has a long memory. Bin Laden spoke of the fall of the Ottomans a century ago, but also of battles a millennium ago as though they were last week, as though they still must be avenged. They fight without end. It is their history. It is their tradition. It is their religion. Contesting this history is naïve and dangerous.

The people of the West seem to be beginning to understand the threat of an islam rising again to spread itself via the sword. It is late, but it is a start.

In Europe we see the rise of indigenous political parties demanding THEIR culture and nation come first, BEFORE this foreign tradition. We see entire cities occupied by non-Westerners, to the point that even the police dare not enter; and we see Europeans who are beginning to resist. But this resistance is rejected by their own leaders.

Europe is experiencing localized – successful – conquest of neighborhoods, cities and nations by islam. It is not called “Londonistan” for no reason. Subway in England did not remove pork from its menu as a statement of cultural superiority.

The European man-on-the-street is experiencing cultural defeat over what they have built over millennia because their elites refuse to take the threat seriously, refuse to defend their own peoples and the rights they have built painfully over centuries. The people of Europe are reacting. Some of the people of America are reacting.

Our leaders and elites demonstrably are not.

Our leaders see a “JV” threat we could destroy as we would a gnat – and inexplicably extend to it courtesies we would extend to a child, a foreign tourist, or a handicapped neighbor: a hyper-politeness based on ‘Those poor people don’t know how bad off they are,’ and, ‘We have it so good we need to share with these people.’ Inexplicably, too, we ignore the lack of leadership we elect and re-elect at the risk of our lives and families, at the risk of our countries.

Our elites and leaders scoff at the idea of ‘conquering’ a foe. It’s something done in old movies, an archaic concept and word. We’ve moved beyond that.

islam has not.

Our leaders ignore islam and its history and will at the peril of their citizens. It is not just another culture. It is a lethal, mortal threat to our very existence. It always has been and it always will be.

Great Powers again find themselves faced with an opponent intent on conquering them. An opponent that in the minds of its elites and citizens defeated the two largest superpowers in history, the USSR and America, kicking them out of their lands, doing so at quite a low cost. An opponent who is not at all impressed with our weaponry, and quite unimpressed with our will. Outside of Russia and China, and perhaps not even there, national leadership does not seem capable of comprehending the danger, so intent are they on sustaining the unsustainable welfare states they created when they thought history had ended – and they had won.

If the Left seems not to be overly concerned, consider their view of their country and culture: An enemy. A destroyer of pre-modern worlds. An enslaver of civilizations. Imperialistic powers intent on the physical and economic slavery of the entire world. Something to be “brought down to the level of other nations.” A selfish nation that must submit to the global governance of the UN.

Expecting these leaders to care about the survival of our nation when they abhor nationalism is foolhardy. Expecting them to care about the survival of our culture is ridiculous. They hate our culture: It’s ‘mean’ and ‘aggressive’ and ‘paternalistic’ and ‘anti-woman/gay/LGBT.’ It is ‘greedy’ and ‘destructive.’ It is ‘destroying the planet and its climate.’

No one cares to preserve that which they hate.

This rising, expanding culture of islam blithely, casually, and without regard commits the kinds of atrocities a NAZI Germany or Imperial Japan committed, and worse – yet we do nothing. They enslave half of their citizens to the point of casual murder. They torture and stone their own mothers and sisters and strap bombs on their own children. They throw acid in the faces of little girls trying only to better themselves.

NAZIs did none of these things.

Imperial Japan did none of these things.

Soviet Russia did none of these things.

Maoist China did none of these things.

No culture in history has acted as barbarically as islam. Ever. Not ONE.

Yet the West, the highest achievement of civilization and human rights ever known, does… nothing.

islam confronts in Europe today a citizenry and leadership so horrified by Verdun that they have ceased reproducing. So shocked by Dachau that they don’t believe they can control themselves or their passions. So scared of what they may again do that they write treaties and host foreigners to protect themselves… from themselves. So afraid… of themselves… that they bring in foreigners to work and raise families simply because they are not… themselves.

Babied by 70 years of American occupation, Europe’s leaders and citizens fantasize that their high-minded words have kept the peace, a peace unknown on the Continent until Europeans were held-down by others: Americans and Soviets. Europeans believe their words have caused a peace in fact created and kept solely through the credible threat of American force.

European leaders act on the false assumption that they are free and prosperous today because of their words, that words can fix any problem, alleviate any threat. That we really can “all just get along,” by listening and hearing one another, by negotiating and agreeing on common ground.

Half of American voters have heard this siren song, as well. They see in Europe not the cultural backwater it has become, not the living museum breeding itself out of existence that it is, not the keepers of small farms and stone walls and narrow fields because they need them for their futures and to feed themselves and create jobs in their economies, but because these are things American tourists come to see in their living “museums.” These American voters see something toward which we should strive – not knowing it is a hollow shell, unaware it is dead but has yet to fall down, ignoring the drastic greying of a population that no longer cares enough about its own future to populate it.

These ignorant American voters mimic Europe. They demand we, too, use words rather than actions. They, too, are depopulating their own future.

Ignorant that only our violence and threat of violence – sustained, serious, win-at-all-costs violence – created and has kept the peace, this cohort of American voters believe that Western philosophy and Western words can befriend non-Western people with no tradition of “coexistence,” and no desire to create one. That governing and living philosophies so distant from our own, traditions completely unformed by Greece or Rome, by the Renaissance or Enlightenment, by Luther or Constantine, will reach common goals that not only do not exist, but can not exist.

No bridge can exist between a culture that straps bombs on its children, and one that encourages taking unwanted infants to the firehouse or police station to save them.

Coexistence cannot occur between values so unshared that one celebrates the marriage of old men to pre-pubescent girls, and the other throws pedophiles in jail for decades, where even the most brutal rapists and murderers kill them because of their actions against children.

We see a post-Enlightenment West, living in the Age of Reason, not understanding that islam is still in the throes of a Dark Ages religious superstition that will not – that CAN not – be displaced by critical thought, logic or reason in any timeframe not measured in tens, or hundreds, of generations.

Worse, we see a post-Enlightenment West not only unaware that islam is not a post-Enlightenment culture, but a West in which 98 out of 100 Americans on the street could not tell you what the Enlightenment was, even though theirs was the first Enlightenment nation.

A West that rejects defending itself from violently anti-Western traditions.

What to do about this existential threat, assuming it ever is recognized as such before we are conquered while watching The Voice?

Two linked issues unaddressed by leadership inform any decision which must be made regarding this rising cohort numbering in the hundreds of millions, this threat to the rights we held dear in Vienna, but now take for granted.

Demographics is the first.

islam is on the march. Its history shows it only can be stopped through force.

As we watch ISIS and islam conquering large swaths of territory, imprisoning hundreds of millions to its barbarism and 7th Century philosophy, it is unrecognized and goes unremarked that no nation in the civilized world can muster the tens of millions of men to oppose them conventionally as the West and Russia opposed Germany in WW2. An “invasion of islam” like the invasion of Normandy can not happen today. Our demographics do not support it.

A nation that refused to wage war on Afghanistan after it killed 3,000 Americans in a surprise attack (we waged combat without war, which is absurd and absurdly immoral), will not commit their sons and daughters to war – ever again. No number of patriotic Southerners and Midwesterners can fill the void created by a national Middle Class wisely unwilling to sacrifice their children, their futures, to semi-serious combat under suicidal Rule of Engagement against a barbarous foe on the opposite side of the planet.

Which brings us to the second.

Demographics no longer support conventional warfare, yet nuclear weapons are never discussed. It is unfortunate that this is the case because wars happen. A truly serious consequence for attacking America would reduce the probability of recurrence, probably to zero, but we live in an age in which our elites reject consequences.

A millennia ago Plato wrote, “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” A century ago Trotsky wrote, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

These truths have survived the ages because they are true. Only the naïve and illiterate reject them.

Robert E Lee said, “It is good that war is so horrible or we should grow to like it too much.”

With our stealth weapons and precision guided munitions, we have created war that is, for us, not only un-horrible, but so entertaining that thousands of clips of Americans killing our enemies with advanced infantry and airborne weapons are among the most-watched on YouTube. Ghostly enemy figures walk around – and then blow-up, Americans safely watching and talking from helicopters and attack aircraft. We routinely discuss “surgical” strikes; a pilot in Nevada ‘drones’ and destroys lives in Yemen.

We have sanitized war.

We have created war that we have “grow[n] to like too much,” so much that we – absurdly – wage it nearly continuously.

Perhaps the only way to stop ourselves is to make war once again so horrible that we again turn against it. Perhaps making it so horrible is the only way to stop an enemy we will never stop conventionally – or by talking of Western notions of behavior.

Productivity in war – destroying the enemy at a lower cost than he can destroy you – is what wins wars. Nuclear weapons are the most productive weapons ever invented.

A Great Power fighting a regional opponent only capable of small-arms, and using only small-arms to do so is not only unproductive, it is grossly immoral: by doing so the Great Power is making the strategic statement that being “nice” in war is more important than its own children; that our opponents’ children, an opponent that attacked and killed Americans, are more important than our own.

Should ISIS finally be seen by the Great Powers as the barbaric opponent that it is, that its five-year plan is advancing or even could come to fruition, imprisoning hundreds of millions in a barbarism far worse than the NAZIs – and not stopping there, threatening our families, our countries, our culture, our liberties… and our children, those Great Powers must recognize that the ONLY way the West can respond effectively is with nuclear weapons. To believe otherwise is to refuse to understand the problem and the opponent, to reject history, to fail the grasp the ramifications of not acting sooner. And to continue the immoral assumption that their lives and futures are as important as ours.

Pretending we can – or will – send our only son or daughter to engage barbarism in infantry battles, when a strategic, moral option of far greater productivity exists – is fantasy.

Refusing to acknowledge our demographics, our choices, our future, and the necessary destruction of islam does not and will not change the desire of islam to conquer us.

But it will make it inevitable.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. Tadiboina says:

    Your post has moved the debate foarrwd. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Steve Leonard says:

    This piece is so very prescient. It however really isn’t just the west, if you research the depredations of Islam in India, it is appalling.
    Churchill (again) said it best. “were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled (referring to Islam), the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

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