2014 – 06-11

On off-chance exists that Cantor is – belatedly – learning how the game is played, I doubt that the GOP hierarchy gets it yet.

It has seemed for two decades that the GOP establishment has an ingrained inferiority complex; that being in the minority from 1948-1994 caused a genetic deficiency making them unable to stand-up for themselves, their agenda, their voters or the nation.

The GOP has the majority but refuses to use it. The Dems are in the minority, but the GOP refuses to make them act like it.

This is the root of the Base v. Establishment GOP fight: The Establishment doesn’t want to lose their place at the table through lack of “comity,” (yes, even though they are the majority) and the party base wants to use that majority to fight to win. We didn’t vote for “comity,” we voted for our policies to be enacted. Really not that hard to grasp – except for the party leadership, evidently.

(Here’s an example: Who sets the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including SCOTUS? Congress. Who owned Congress in 1995-2007? The GOP. Did the GOP pass a law outlawing abortion and then remove abortion from the jurisdiction of the federal courts? No. (Sen Daschle (D), removed brush clearance in his state from their jurisdiction btw…). Conclusion? Either the GOP really does not know how the game is played, or they really are not against abortion. They refuse to use their majority.)

Have you EVER seen the GOP stand-up to Dems and ridicule them, to even TRY to set the agenda instead of reacting to the agenda of the Democrats? To dismiss Dem talking points rather than accepting them and going defensive? Or do they always – ALWAYS – get defensive and allow the Dems to define the field of battle?

Note to GOP: You cannot win on defense, and it is much harder to win when the enemy defines the battlefield.

When was the last time a GOP leader shrugged-off some normal Dem nonsense, told everyone calmly, “that’s of course not true and everyone with three working brain cells knows it. Here’s reality…” Not since Reagan’s, “There you go again,” in 1980. What did Reagan get? Victory. What did American get? 25M new jobs in a 25-year economic expansion, victory in the Cold War, higher standards of living… and more freedom.

It has been almost TWO GENERATIONS since we’ve even TRIED to set the agenda.

Every cycle we hear from the Dems about poverty. When was the last time a GOP candidate flat-out blamed the poverty statistics on Progressive policy, which are the cause of most poverty in America and ALL of our Debt, and used the facts to back up their claim and to put the Dems on the defensive? Never.

Want to swing the middle, the independent and begin to grab minority voters? Start pointing out the results of the policies on which Dems run. Start taking the offensive. Put the Dems on the defensive where they belong – and where the American voter has PUT THEM.

Obama is talking nonstop right now, and will be through 2016, about the income gap. Has even ONE GOP politician spent time laying out the facts that the gap ALWAYS increases under Dem policy? Nope.

Has even ONE GOP pol noted that Dem cabinets contain MORE millionaires than GOP cabinets, as they fantasize they are the ‘party of the working people’? Nope.

The GOP seems to think it is unnecessary to educate the voters – so they don’t. They seem to think that all voters pay as much attention to policy as those of us interested in it – they don’t.

The GOP can complain all they want about the MSM, but here’s the deal: The GOP is reactive and the news is active. If the GOP is always going to respond to the Dem agenda, why on earth would the media publish GOP stuff?

If the only thing the GOP does is to legitimize Dem talking points by responding to them, by getting defensive, letting the Dems set the field of play and the rules, doing anything other than ignoring and ridiculing Dem nonsense, WHY WOULD THE MSM COVER THE GOP?

Who covers losers other than to get their opinion on what they did wrong? If the GOP wants to break the Democrat-Media complex, STOP BEING REACTIVE AND START BEING ACTIVE.

In 2000, we had a 50-50 Senate, but had the tiebreaker in the VP. What did the GOP suggest, from W on down? To split committee chairmanships 50-50. If you can think of anything dumber than that… Can anyone imagine the Dems doing this? Of course not.

The Dems are playing sharpened-spikes dirty baseball and the GOP are out for a Sunday afternoon church softball game. GOP leadership seems to be so incredibly stupid that they don’t even know what’s going on; they really think that their real enemy is their own voters and not their political oppositions. Or, like that symbol of senility, McCain, that their objective is “comity” rather than representing their party’s voters and platform.

Dr John Searle has an excellent quote: “The Right is too stupid to discuss, but the Left is evil.” I don’t know about our voters, but the GOP LEADERSHIP certainly is “too stupid to discuss,” and it is time to change that, because the Left IS evil.

To “prevent” another Taliban release, the House passes “language,” after the president breaks the law. Really? This is defensive thinking – and it won’t work. It WILL show all voters that the GOP is not serious, though.

GOP Leadership: If Obama is going to BREAK the law, do you think he’ll see your “language” as an obstacle? Here’s a tip: If he doesn’t see the LAW as an obstacle (F&F, IRS, DREAM, ACA, etc.) or the lives of our citizens (Benghazi) or his role to enforce immigration law as an obstacle, do you really think he’ll see your “language” as an obstacle? Are you that stupid?

There also seems to be real concern that the original 30-day period was an infringement of Article 2. Fine. Take him to SCOTUS and find out. It’s what they are THERE FOR.

But if the 30-day period was an infringement, do you think he’ll abide by this “language” that isn’t even a bill? Would you?

If you want to do something useful, stop his salary and expense payments. Terminate all spending on the Executive Branch. You have the purse. Really. It’s not a decorative accessory. USE IT.

I get that you’re not going to impeach him and that to do so would be a pyrrhic victory – at best, and we’d probably get only Michelle as a NY Senator out of it.

But if you think DoD acted illegally in freeing the Taliban 5, as most of the country seems to, stop ALL non-combat funding to DoD. GET SERIOUS!

If you think the IRS is stonewalling the Congressional investigation, STOP funding the Treasury immediately.

If you are dissatisfied with the response of the Executive Branch to F&F, stop funding DHS. NOW.

Stop complaining. Get in the game. Play to win – THEY ARE.

And THEIR victory means socialism and the end of an America of, by and for the People.

OUR victory means freedom and liberty for ourselves and our posterity.


Even Feinstein, who once was angry at the Bergdahl deal now is saying “move on.” You had her for a moment… and blew it.


The Dems are playing hardball and you are whining. GROW UP.

YOUR role, GOP, is to ensure our money is spent wisely and the laws are enforced. Start doing so. Quit passing all of the spending that Obama has done. Obama has spent us into $10T of new debt? No – YOU HAVE. He ONLY can spend money YOU appropriate, and YOU have appropriated ALL of Obama’s debt. When he breaks the law – hammer him. He is not impeachable for a host of political reasons. But if you start acting as the majority you might be able to change that.

If the nation (suddenly) discovered that the income gap, for example, is their fault, through a series of coordinated policy speeches around the country full of facts and examples, the GOP might actually begin to sway voters. If a coordinated front were opened to show that minority wages are held DOWN by Progressive policy, that minority education is held DOWN by Progressive policy, that inner-city jobs are held DOWN by Progressive policy, perhaps the MSM even would take note. Obama would, at minimum, slow his destruction of the Rule of Law and – who knows? – might even become impeachable. I doubt the latter but would bet on the former.

YOUR role, GOP, is in making the laws that run the country. Obama’s role is – ONLY – enforcing those laws. He has NO DOMESTIC AUTHORITY absent submitting a budget and enforcing the law.

Rather than whining when he does something, prohibit his spending ANY money to do it. Just close the BANK on him.

What is YOUR PRIORITY? America? Or not?

ACT like the majority.

Close the Bank.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. JOE CAULFIELD says:

    My answer is vote them out. Teaching these old dogs how to FIGHT is an exercise in futility.

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