Break It Up

Often I post this anecdotally, almost in passing, but I am serious: the US is too big to save.

From Dodd-Frank, creating the controlling laws and regulations for American banking entirely outside the scope, purview and oversight of the ONLY body allowed to create law (Congress), to an NDAA implicitly denying citizens their protections under the Bill of Rights, to the EPA and other regulatory agencies in which that lawmaking body voluntarily(!) relinquished their Constitutional prerogative to make law to the Executive Branch, the American government is out of the control of those it once was said the country is of, by and for: The People.

America has become so big it seems it will be impossible NOT to fail.

And with half of Congress in the 2014 SOTU giving a standing ovation to the president when he declared them superfluous, it seems Congress, too, has decided that our Constitutional Republic of checks and balances has failed. PAST TENSE.

America was a success when it was a bunch of States doing their thing, under liberty, the Constitution, and an unobtrusive federal government.

If you measure failure of a nation by debt, the centralization of power, and the loss of individual liberty, America was a success until power began being centralized under FDR (rescued by the War which, as Industrial Age wars do, required bigness), and began tipping toward failure with LBJ, whose programs Obama now is determined to enlarge even further, absolutely dropping us into the abyss. And GW Bush, with Medicare Part D, and two “wars” he demanded to fight but refused to win, didn’t help anyone.

Because America is, first and foremost, an IDEA, an idea now under attack by our governing elites, and NOT a geography, the idea can – ONLY – be saved by altering our geography. It is time to break-up the geography in order to save the idea.


America grew big in an Industrial Age in which big mattered. With the advent of the Information Age and globalization, a huge, cumbersome nation is as out-of-date as a huge and cumbersome company. No one needs a huge postal service when a thousand email carriers are at the click of a mouse. No one needs a huge Sears, Roebuck, when the products can be ordered from the manufacturer & sent to your doorstep by FedEx or UPS.

And certainly no one needs an enormous tax structure to take money from the citizens of the States, launder it through the bureaucracy to give back to those States, siphoning off the tens of billions required to feed Leviathan along the way, a completely unproductive – and forced – use of our labor.

A huge company gets in the way of better products and services in the same way that a huge bureaucracy gets in the way of better government and service delivery. Can you say “VA” “ICE” “USPS” “IRS” or “HHS”?

Our “Representative” government… isn’t. With about 700,000 citizens to “represent” for each “Representative,” only the very few squeaky (rich) wheels get any representation.

The rest of us just pay for it.

In an industrial world, Big mattered. Our military force gave us our power in the world post-WW2 because it was enormous. But it relied on an economic force based on our enormous industrial output and shared values we all wanted to protect. And protect them we did. But we will never again go to war conventionally to save the freedom and liberty of others. We lack the demographics for a conventional war, and have proved beyond doubt in our “limited” wars that our convenience outweighs our pretense of desire for the liberty of others.

And there is no question at all we no longer have shared values.

Red States are prosperous, create jobs, vote to save their prosperity, and have kids for whom to save what they earn, and the community standards necessary for those kids to grow-up into responsible citizens.

Blue States are not prosperous, create no jobs, vote to spend the prosperity of others, and have no kids providing any incentive to create, or to save, their own prosperity. And because they have so few kids (of all the “Blue” political units in Western Civilization, ONLY tiny HI, NM and NV are at or above flat fertility, all other States and countries are below replacement), they have no need of, nor use for, the values and morals that will create responsible citizens.

As many have said and written, “Show me how many children a community has and I’ll tell you how they’ll vote.”

No reason – AT ALL – still exists to keep America together.

Liberty and freedom, limited government, self-government and the Rule of Law demand we break America apart.

Can the world survive anywhere near peaceably without the hyperpower of America?

Military power today rests on three legs: Nuclear weapons, conventional forces and willpower. We spend an enormous amount of money on conventional forces. We do this because we refuse to consider nukes, which is absurd. But we have zero willpower.

Wars are won not by weapons, but by willpower. If you think that modern American liberal democracy has the willpower to win conventional wars, please explain Korea (tie), Vietnam (loss), Iraq (loss) and Afghanistan (loss). Explain why it required $80B and a 6-month build-up of forces to conquer a 4th-rate power in the Gulf War.

Without willpower, weapons mean nearly nothing; and nothing at all to a Dark Ages theocratic opponent with nothing better to do than to go fight for his god; with his entire conception of worthiness, afterlife and ideology wrapped-up in that fighting.

But with willpower, it would be considered absurd to trade bullets with a non-existential foe. War, after all, is the protection of ourselves and our posterity. If we are killing, rather than protecting, our posterity by sending them off to die (for what?) in sand dunes, then, what’s the point?

In January, 1954, Ike had Dulles deliver what has come to be known as his “massive retaliation” speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in NYC. As the label implies, the policy was that America would refuse to spend huge amounts on conventional forces henceforth. Rather, if we or our allies were invaded, we’d “respond massively,” which, of course, meant nuking the bastards. How many limited wars did we have under Ike? Zero.

But that’s not the point; the point is bigness.

We are so big we demand to throw our weight around. This is not limited to Republicans, who too-often see every problem as a nail to be smashed with a military hammer. Under Clinton, SecState Albright once asked of General Powell: what’s the point of his “shiny” military if he didn’t want to fight it? But – what is the point of spending money and lives in conventional combat we choose not to win?

Conventional combat requires bigness (and combat without war is a wasteful absurdity). A small nation cannot send millions of men into battle, as we did to liberate Europe and the Pacific from monsters far less monstrous than Shariah. A big nation shouldn’t send thousands into combat we refuse to win, and a modern nation has no reason to do so. And a small nation CAN nuke the bastards.

Technology allows, and often means, smaller IS better.

Want a real-life example? Had Ukraine NOT given up its nukes, Russia would NOT be eating it up. Moral: EVERYONE dying in Ukraine is dying BECAUSE Ukraine relied on conventional warfare.

And EVERY American dying in South Asia is dying for exactly the same reason.

America – the idea – is under attack from within as never before. The Left is eating away at our freedoms and liberties through speech codes, welfare, huge taxation, enormous regulation, public sector unions of which even FDR disapproved, an MSM that, unlike Soviet media, did not have to be bullied and murdered into compliance with the totalitarian State (our MSM volunteered), and military adventurism as a way not to preserve the liberties of others (what liberties had the Afghans lost?), but as a way to focus us away from the problem: Both parties putting power above our freedom, our liberty, our future.

Let’s not pretend this is all on the Left. The GOP has had the House for several years now, and every appropriations bill passed by the House to fund Obama’s dictatorial leftist vision has been passed by the GOP since 2010. Why? Because those funding their re-election campaigns WANT them passed. What do you think the GOP Amnesty push is all about?

Why would Big Business care about Main Street? They don’t. They put roadblocks in the way of Main Street entrepreneurism and block small business with new ideas Big Biz may see as a threat.

How? The tax code, campaign donations, etc. (Those who think a FAIR or Flat tax will ever pass the current campaign finance law-run Congress are living in denial.) Who wants globalization? Big Business. Who is hurt by globalization? Main Street.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to work every day to raise the standard of living of some kid in Pakistan. If parents in Pakistan want to raise their standard of living, all they need to do is modernize, follow the Rule of Law and provide liberty and freedom. What America does today with foreign economic and military aid is to enable pre-modern cultures that degrade their weakest and most vulnerable to continue to do so because OUR taxpayers are funding them. Our ONLY “aid” export ought to be our Constitution: ‘Here’s what works, folks, follow it or not, but it’s all you’re getting…’

Back to bigness.

America has led the world into the Information Age. It is time to accept the value of doing so insofar as that value represents our liberty. We don’t NEED our massive government. It DEGRADES our liberty. It DEVALUES our values. It DESTROYS our freedoms. It NEUTERS the Rule of Law. It HARMS our families.

Even if it did none of these things, Big Government DOES NOTHING WE NEED.

There is NOTHING positive accrued from the size of the American government for those who love liberty and the rule of law – basically for those who BELIEVE in the IDEA of America.

Break it up.

Let those with shared Blue values live together and grow old and gray in their aging society redistributing the lack of prosperity they demand from their policies, from unaffordable Minimum Wages to “Social Justice,” to truly bad education by teachers that cannot be fired. And let those with Red values STOP PAYING FOR IT.

Let those with shared Red values live together in peace, prosperity, freedom and the Rule of Law as we raise our kids for a free, prosperous future. And if someone attacks us: nuke them.

Let them know we do NOT mess around with our freedom, our liberty or our kids – our future.

The Constitution is a pact, and was so understood by the Founders. There is no concept of a pact with no exit clause within the entire body of the English Common Law on which the Founders were raised and made the foundation of America. Three of the original 13 States, including both of the two largest (NY, VA) included exit clauses in their ratification documents (the third was RI).

Lincoln may have “saved” the Union, but he did so in contradiction to many of those who ratified it.

An excellent set of essays is contained in a book, Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century. In it the authors posit a new map, with States seceding from the current too-big-to-succeed union to form six regional countries consisting of shared values, traditions, etc. For me, limiting Red-Blue breakup only to States is not going far enough. I live in CA, for example. One-seventh of our counties vote Blue – but we are a deep Blue State. Why should decades-, or centuries-old political boundaries continue to limit freedom?

The late George Kennan is quoted from his autobiography that a central government can rule 305 million people only by imposing one-size-fits-all rules that necessarily result in a “diminished sensitivity of its laws and regulations to the particular needs, traditional, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and the like of individual localities and communities.”

It is time for Americans to take-back their birthright of freedom, individual liberty and the Rule of Law. It is time for Americans to stop giving-up everything that IS America in order to “save” the dying dinosaur we have become as the Left has begun devouring those freedoms.

It is time for those who believe in the future enough to populate it, to ensure that future remains free and prosperous.

These CANNOT HAPPEN with America as big, and as un-representative as it has become.

Break it up.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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