Why is American Funding the Spread of Islamisn & Shariah?

Islam – that pre-modern barbaric tribal culture of killing everyone outside the tribe, as did most pre-moderns (check your anthropology), of treating women as chattel lower than dogs (which they also despise) – ‘marrying’ 6-yr-old girls, raping 1-yr old girls, whipping to death 14-yr-old girls for being rape victims, killing your daughter for looking at a boy, killing your wife for going out of the house without wearing her tent, throwing acid in the face of girls trying to get an education, prohibiting women from driving & holding office and even walking alone, requiring two female witnesses for every male witness, and on and on (a tribe supported by American Democrats for some reason supported by women… talk about a ‘War on Women!’) – has been expanding ever since Carter (D) let it loose in 1979.

It has been expanding on steroids since American women basically made an existential – for women – error in electing and then re-electing Obama (D).

OK. This is all known. What to do about it?

The first thing people must realize is that islam is NOT a “religion.” Period.

“Religion” is a Western word. It includes the concept of “Not State” within its philosophical foundation. Those unfamiliar with Christianity and the philosophical underpinnings of the West often are ignorant of the most intriguing aspect of Christianity, and what, precisely, gave its practitioners – alone among major religions – the power to create the modern world: our freedoms and liberties, our literacy and economic vitality, our political and military strength, what, above all, allowed the West the curiosity that has led to every invention of  the modern world.

One verse in the New Testament is what gives us all our freedoms, Matthew 22:21: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” This is what separates us from pre-modern civilizations reliant on supernatural “reasoning” for the explanation of every phenomena in the universe, for the inquisitiveness from which all progress in the last few millennia has come.

It is what separates us from a pre-reason world of “Might makes Right.”

This verse informs all of Western civilization. It is the root of our separation of church and state. When we think of religion, we don’t even think of this separation – it is foundational to how we experience religion and government. It’s like breathing – it happens; we don’t think about it.

This concept does not even exist within islam. In fact, when confronted with this separation that has given us so much liberty and freedom, so much progress, they reject it out of hand.

So to give to this barbaric tribal cult freedoms we associate with religion is a logical – for an increasing many an existential – idiocy predicated on ignorance.

Where is shariah – the most pre-modern of all pre-modern political islam or islamism – most rapidly expanding?

The Third World – North Africa, South Asia, spreading to Central Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East. Why is the Third World the “Third World”? Lack of civilization, freedom and wealth – which occur in that order.

Where are the most barbarous regions of the planet? Those under the sway of the cult of islam. The poorest? Either now under islam – or under attack BY islam. Coincidence? Not on your life.

Ignorant people in the West pretend to what they call “multiculturalism” which is, in reality, projection of Western mores onto people whom they feel only eat, speak and dress differently. These “multicultis” fantasize, against all historical experience, that we all can get along and that these Third Worlders are JUST like us if given a chance – which is, of course, the antithesis of the “multiculturalism” they so ignorantly espouse. Multicultis are, in all seriousness, too stupid to understand this. It is intentional stupidity, too: The facts are all out there for everyone to see. Not grasping that different cultures are, you know, different and so have different cultural mores (including maiming & murdering their own children, zero women’s rights, no value on education, etc.) is just one of the absurdities of today’s Liberal. Another is to pretend that those of non-Western cultures hold all the same values of the West. To pretend that non-Westerners are the same as Westerners except for wealth belies the entire concept of “multiculturalism.”

From where does this harsh and barbaric shariah emanate? Among Arabs, from the Saudi Arabian Sunni Wahhabi strain of the muslim infection on humanity. Among Persians – Shia Iran.

Why does it spread? What is it that those spreading it find so attractive?

Islam is all about ‘Might makes Right.’ That’s ALL it is about. Don’t like someone and are more powerful than they? Kill them. Cut off their head. It’s your own son who stole a loaf of bread because you are an illiterate living in and supporting a culture of illiteracy? Put his arm beneath a car tire and hold him there as you run over him, maiming him for life. You daughter wants to better her life and get educated? Kill her. Your wife doesn’t feel like sex tonight? Beat her to death.

You object to an American ambassador in your midst, one who has given his all to help you overcome autocracy? Strip him and put an electric cattle prod against his genitals, holding him down as he writhes and screams and dies. It is a cult designed by and for primitive men.

Primitive man, basically ALL mammals before they begin to adopt reason (you know, the Age of Reason? The Enlightenment? That thing?), lived in cultures of “Might makes Right.” Check your dog in a dog park – bigger is badder. Those who think muslims have progressed beyond a tribal culture of killing all outside the tribe are in delusion, there simply is zero evidence that they have, and voluminous evidence that they have not.

This is what sharia is: a violent, pre-modern culture of Might makes Right with a fantasy theological excuse to kill everyone outside your tribe. To deny this is to deny reality.

But how does Islamism / shariah promulgate?

Money. Outside of a few academic circles the civilized world never heard of this cult before the 1973 formation of OPEC and the beginning of moving – literally – trillions of dollars from the civilized West to the barbaric, savage, utterly uncivilized muslim States.

Why? Because the illiterate Wahhabi morons in Saudi Arabia had no way to project this barbaric ideology with any speed, across any distance, to imprison hundreds of millions of females in its savagery, nor hundreds of millions of males in its illiterate, anti-progress culture before the enormous transfers of wealth to them from the West as a result of OPEC. They had no money, no transportation, no personal airplanes, no foreign human infrastructure with which to infect, really, anything outside the Arabian Peninsula, Pakistan tribal areas and cultural swamps like Indonesia with the exception of a few local nations that fought back hard against it – until America, under the rule of Obama, using our tax dollars, in OUR name, let it loose across the region – across the world. And the illiterate Shia morons in Iran were held in-check by the Shah – until Carter enabled his overthrow.

Until Obama, several local States outlawed this infection, among them Egypt (the largest Arab country), Libya, and, until Erdogan, Turkey. In fact, the modern Turkey was built by the anti-Islamist Attaturk, who had seen the damage and lack of progress Islamism had brought to Turkey under the Ottoman Empire – and so overthrew it and outlawed it within the new Constitution in the middle 1920s.

What has Obama done? Become the enemy of hundreds of millions of women across the region by imprisoning them within a backward, illiterate, anti-scientific, anti-progress barbaric 7th Century tribal cult. He has killed Mubarak (who outlawed Islamism), killed Ghaddafi (ditto), left Iraq (where it is now ascendant), is leaving Afghanistan (ditto), and Erdogan is his new best pal in the region as the AKP (Turkish islamist party) moves to take control of Turkey – OBTW a NATO State…

But… it still requires money to spread; money is its carrier.

Can this transfer of wealth be stopped? Can we in the West (and Russia, and Japan and China) create a world in which we can prevent money flowing in any amount to these infected States?

Yes, we can.

And it isn’t even very hard.


Fracking. We actually are reducing our reliance on oil from islamic nations as we increase fracking, as technology leads our way into a future of keeping here $400+ Billion dollars annually – as well as the jobs and tax revenues doing so brings – $400B+ we now send overseas. We’re also decreasing our CO2 output.

Can Europe frack its way out of sending billions of euros to islamist states? Yep. But they refuse to. Oh, well. Literally – their funeral…

(Europe has another problem, actually. Even if they ceased sending money to islam they could not stop the infection. In America we import millions of Hispanic workers to do menial jobs we no longer are willing to pay a First World wage to do. (Those constantly saying ‘jobs Americans won’t do’ are just ignorant. The accurate phrase is: ‘jobs American won’t do for the wages Americans are willing to pay.” Maybe if we want to live in the First World we should pay our Labor to live here, too, huh?)

(Anyway – the problem in Europe is that they only have muslims to come and do menial jobs. Europeans stopped having kids, basically after the Somme, almost completely after Hitler. There ARE no kids in Europe who can take the menial jobs of the kind we all took as kids to earn a few bucks and get on our way to productive lives. Europe is done. Over. Kaput. Turn off the lights. They have voluntarily bred themselves off the planet. Darn.)

Back to fracking. The REASON we send to islam hundreds of billions annually is because those pretending to want a cleaner planet insist that we do so. We COULD drill for oil here, under the strictest environmental regulations on the planet and get all the oil we need, keeping the $400B here –and use it to figure out even newer technologies to replace oil over time.

Instead, the Greens insist we only extract oil in regions and nations with ZERO environmental regulations – Mexico, Nigeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

People who care about the environment – and I am one: I backpack, scuba dive, ski and water ski, ride horseback and camp all over the West – want to keep the planet clean.  “Environmentalists” obviously want to make it dirtier; there simply is no other logical conclusion from their efforts.

If we opened all our lands to fracking, if we used the technology we have to meet the energy needs we have, we could STOP financing the spread of savage barbarism. We could STOP enabling men to rape little girls. We could STOP children being held under cars for childish behavior. We could STOP the imprisonment of hundreds of millions of women.

It is America’s “environmentalists” and Liberals who are spreading shariah.

It is America’s liberals, who pretend to support women, gays, children, education – who are destroying human rights globally — at an historic rate.

I am not advocating playing world cop and running around sacrificing Americans to free others. That is insanity perpetrated by both parties for decades now. There is NOTHING in ANY muslim country worth the life of ONE modern man or woman.


There is no reason we should be sending money to keep islam spreading. Yet that is precisely what we are doing.

Islam as practiced by the majority of its Third World practitioners simply has no business in the modern world. We ought to be stopping it; destroying its centers of ideology and funding; preventing it from gobbling-up any more children, killing any more women or girls. But – at a minimum – if we care about human rights – we need to stop funding it.

Instead – under a president elected by women – we finance this Might-makes-Right anti-woman barbarity at an increasing rate, and use our military to overthrow governments that have kept it at least in the shadows, leaving many, if not most, of their women and children free of it – while pretending we will be able to tame the tiger after it has grown large enough to eat us all.

It is absurd and ignorant NOT to stop islam in its tracks; It is insanity to pay for its spread, to enable this deadly infection on humanity.

We have the technology to stop it by starving the beast.

It is time to USE that technology – and starve islam back into the medieval hole in which it existed until Carter let it out, and Obama began feeding it.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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