Why Obama MUST be stopped. Very Very Soon.

Americans, a very large portion of them, continue to believe that Obama is “failing” or “incompetent” or some derivative thereof. The GOP leadership believes it is beating Obama at checkers. Obama isn’t playing checkers; he is playing chess. And he is destroying the GOP… and America.

Obama’s economic policies, for example, are working for him, as are his foreign policy and his healthcare policy and his destruction of the Constitution. People fail to grasp this fundamental fact and discuss instead his “failures” his “incompetency,” and his “being in over his head.” ALL of these critiques are what he wants, they keep people from pursuing his real motives, and NONE of them are even close to accurate.


Obamacare has never been about healthcare. Not in your wildest dreams. It is and always has been about control. Below is a video I made in 2009 from a doctor’s line-by-line review of the House bill. It is an absolute refutation of half of the Bill of Rights. You should watch it and spread it around. Obamacare is failing right now – to deliver high-quality, low-cost, widely-available healthcare – and it hasn’t even really been implemented. It seems quite clear this is by design. Obama campaigned in 2003 on Single-Payer. He has said and written that this is the goal but that it will take time to get there. Guess what?

But it’s worse than that.

In Michigan in 2006, everyone in the State getting a Medicaid check suddenly found SEIU dues withheld from their Medicaid check. No vote. No discussion. No pre-notification. Just mandatory withholding; forcible unionization. Andy Stern, the then-president of SEIU, was Obama’s most-frequent visitor in 2009 the run-up to this bill. He wasn’t there for the coffee.

Anyone who thinks that all healthcare workers in America will not be forcibly unionized into SEIU and/or AFSCME is either dreaming or unaware of MI. This will create a multi-billion-dollar slush fund of taxpayer dollars – Democrat, Republican, and Independent taxpayers – that will be laundered directly to the DNC. NO ONE will be able to stand-up to billions of dollars of advertising every election cycle; democracy WILL BE OVER.


Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool communist dictator. ALL his actions support this view. NO evidence exists to disprove it.

Obama DOES NOT BELIEVE in Capitalism. Capitalism is the visceral enemy of his entire being. His virtual father, mentor and the adult male in his young life was Frank Marshall Davis, a committed communist on the FBI watch list. Economic growth policies – the kind that will enable our economy to recover, are CAPITALIST – and are anathema to Obama; he will NEVER allow them on his watch. If he were to do so, two things he will not stand for would occur: 1. The economy would recover, proving that capitalism works. He will NEVER allow this. 2. Those now moving into poverty BECAUSE of Obama’s economic policies are enlarging the permanent underclass on which Democrats absolutely rely. A permanent underclass reliant on government assistance, so always voting Democrat and for increased redistribution – communism – is a REQUIREMENT of Progressives to remain in power. If this group is large enough they cannot be beaten at the ballot box, period. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” – Marx. THIS is what he is doing and at which he is succeeding. Obama’s destruction of the economy is increasing the pool of permanent Democrat voters, and will lead to Progressive dominance – tyranny, the end of the Rule of Law, and the end of America other than as a geography – the American Dream will be dead.


There is simply no way to connect the dots of Obama’s foreign policy other than that Obama’s goal is to aid the rise of radical sunni islam. Every action he takes is consistent with this; no action he takes is inconsistent with this.

He enabled the overthrow of Ghaddafi and got him killed. Ghaddafi had outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood and kept them out of government and unable to wage large terror campaigns. Recently he voluntarily had given-up his pursuit of nuclear weapons at the request of the West, the UN, and as a result of America’s invasion of Iraq. Ghaddafi was a bad guy – but far better than al qaeda, and al qaeda is only an offshoot of the MB. The MB is the philosophical foundation of all islamist terror. What happened to Libya? It is now a failed State, Mali is a failed State to Libya’s south. Those taking over in Libya immediately began massacring dark-skinned Africans (to NO outcry from American Blacks, including the CBC, to their everlasting shame). And now both Mali and Libya are in the hands of radical sunni islam. And Obama’s Samantha Powers, her of the “R2P” (Responsibility to Protect) doctrine, is nowhere to be found… Oh, wait – having destroyed Libya and Mali she now is our Ambassador to the UN….

Next, Obama enabled the overthrow of Mubarak. Again, not a great guy, but he had kept the MB outlawed for decades, signed & kept the peace treaty with Israel, prevented the devolution of Egypt into a Sharia state, etc. Egyptians overthrew Mubarak’s autocracy (Obama COULD have worked with Mubarak on succession but CHOSE not to do so – Bush could have done the same and did not). Once Mubarak was out, the MB came in. IMMEDIATELY Obama gave them M1 tanks and F16s. Do they need these? No. They have been at peace for 30 YEARS with their only militarized neighbor, Israel. When the MB overplayed their hand, the people again rose-up and demanded the army overthrow Mubarak for hijacking the rebellion THEY thought would result in human rights but had resulted instead in sharia. Obama’s reaction? To demand the reinstatement of the MB. Why? Radical sunni islam.

(This is of a piece with his reaction to the recent constitutional crisis in Honduras. The president of Honduras wanted another term of office, in violation of the Constitution. He was told “No,” by their Supreme Court, like ours the arbiter of all things Constitutional. He proceeded to distribute petitions to change the Constitution to his liking. The Supreme Court told him to desist; he refused. He was impeached by the Congress, acting on behalf of the Supreme Court. Obama’s reaction? To DEMAND that Honduras replace this Constitutionally-rejected president. Obama HATES the Rule of Law; he is a dictator to the very core of his being.)

Then Obama ran Ghaddafi’s guns to al qaeda in Syria via Turkey. This is what Benghazi was about. The former SEALs were CIA contractors working at the busiest CIA station in Africa to gather, inventory and ship Ghaddafi’s weapons to Turkey for forwarding to al qaeda in Syria. Why were the American and Turkish ambassadors meeting at any location OTHER THAN the Embassy in Tripoli, hundreds of miles away? Why were they meeting at a CIA station? Why had security FOR that station been systematically stripped AGAINST the will of ALL location security experts AND the ambassador, AND State’s own security department? WHY does the video of the first armed men rushing the compound clearly have them saying in Arabic, “Don’t shoot, Morsi sent us”? Why was there no armed response?

Look…. the Navy was in the Gulf of Sidra that night, minutes flight time from Benghazi. Aviano is a red herring. But it’s worse than that.

A friend is a retired career fighter pilot. He understands laser guided bombs – precision guided munitions – PGMs; he’s dropped them. The LAST step you take before dropping them is to light the target with lasers. THE. LAST. STEP. These lasers are not office pointers; they ONLY work when in close communication with an attack asset. Well, in the words of my roommate, “The lasers were lit, no bombs dropped. Someone stopped them.”

What happened? Since we KNOW those attack assets were in position – the target could NOT have been lased otherwise, and NO SEAL would have left his machine gun in the midst of a firefight in which he was badly outnumbered to lase a target under an empty sky – SOMEONE stopped the attack at, literally, the last second. Who? Well, Rolling Stone, not a right wing rag, reported that General Ham, CINC-Africom, was relieved within 30 seconds of beginning his phone call with Obama. 30 seconds. What could have that level of urgency – other than stopping those PGMs? Nothing. Literally NOTHING. Why Ham? He owned ALL AC/130 and armed drones in the region – two of the three air attack assets that carry PGMs and that quickly could be brought to bear on Benghazi. Obviously one or more of these assets were overhead Benghazi, in communication with the laser designators and about to drop. Who else got fired? Admiral Gaouette. Why him? He owned the naval assets sailing off Sidra – and ALL F/A-18 in-theater, the only other PGM system in-theater. Result? 4 dead Americans, a re-elected Obama, more weapons to al qaeda in Syria. And a completely emasculated US military.

WHY has this not yet come to light? Ham and Gaouette are retired and don’t want to toss a turd in the punchbowl of all those flag officers with whom they & their wives will spend the rest of their years. Too bad. They are CITIZEN-SOLDIERS in our republic, and “CITIZEN” comes first for a reason. They have a DUTY to voluntarily place themselves under oath before Congress and tell the truth, regardless of their comfort level. And if they won’t do that, or Congress won’t call them, they need to go public. OUR Republic is more important than THEIR comfort.

Heck, they USED TO BE warriors. Same with Dempsey, C-JCS. Same with Adm Mullen, the flag officer who was on the ARB. ALL of these men are covering up for a CINC and non-responsive military. All of them.

(Nial Ferguson, a Brit historian, wrote of Hitler’s rise that one of his earliest moves was the assassination, at home and in bed, of a senior member of the German Army, a hereditary officer of very high rank. When the German Army did not respond to this, to a very blatant murder by Hitler’s henchmen, they emasculated themselves and never again could rise against him. Hitler KNEW this. Now that Obama has succeeded in the murder of an ambassador and multiple SEALs, and the military has NOT risen against him, they, too, have emasculated themselves and now no longer are able to fulfill their primary role – the protection of the Constitution.)

After Libya, Obama tried to help radical sunni islamists in Syria by degrading Assad’s force projection. Why? Gas attacks. Who believes it was Assad using gas? Obama. Who believes it was the rebels themselves? Germany, Russia, FARS News, Doctors without Borders – and the rebels themselves, who SAID it was they who had released the gas. So what’s Obama’s purpose? The same as the purpose in the rebels’ release of gas: To get the American military to degrade the opponents of radical sunni islam and enable the rise of radical sunni islam and the creation of another Libya – a failed radical sunni State, but successful sharia. (And women VOTE for Obama….)

Remember the video of the MB guys walking angrily up the steps in Cairo, rising against the army overthrowing Morsi? The one where one MB guy turned to the MB guy next to him and shot him in the head? How was it reported by the MSM? That the army had begun shooting civilians. Islam RELIES on martyrs – the more of them there are, the stronger islamist terrorists become. The Syrian gas attack was the same.


America is a Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law. The Constitutional duties of the president in domestic affairs begin and end with executing the laws as passed by Congress; he has NO legislative authority. How has Obama been doing? He refused early-on to enforce DOMA. I don’t support DOMA, either, but that’s not the point. The president has zero legal or Constitutional authority to pick-and-choose the laws he supports. DREAM? Congress rejected it – and Obama implemented it on his own a few weeks’ later. Obamacare? He simply has picked-and-chosen which parts he will implement in accordance with the law, and which parts he will waive for specific constituencies (a direct violation of the 14th Amendment requirement for equal treatment), or to delay, eliminating their bad effect on the voters until after the mid-terms. He has NO legal authority for ANY of this.

Yet – how has Congress reacted to these and other rejections of the Rule of Law? Simply – they have not. Not one time has Congress filed a Separation of Powers lawsuit at SCOTUS to rein-in this anti-Constitutional president.

F&F? Congress allowed Obama to issue an Executive Order halting the investigation. The interpretation of EOs is that the president ONLY can issue EOs for stuff that involves him. If Obama was following the law in issuing an EO, then F&F involves him – and we need to know. He WORKS for us, not the other way around. If not, he is in violation of the current SCOTUS interpretation thereof. Has Issa done anything? Sure – he has effectively stopped investigating F&F.

IRS v. Tea Party? Stopped in its tracks. Benghazi? DOA. F&F? Over.

A Democrat Congress by now would have multiple lawsuits at SCOTUS – which they would win, just as they did against Nixon, a president who, unlike Obama, only THOUGHT he was above the Rue of Law; Obama IS, for all intents and purposes, above the Rule of Law. With the tacit permission of Congress and the military.

That military, whose oath of office is to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? They have chosen to become a Palace Guard, to their everlasting shame. For the sake of promotions, battlefield experience, and careers, they not only continue NOT to protect the Constitution Obama routinely is trashing, but also to send men into battle to die for a war the CINC does not want to win, that Congress refuses to stop, but which will leave-behind radical sunni failed States when Obama finally pulls out next year, and to accept from that CINC ROE that are, quite literally, suicidal. All for careers.

Our society has become, ironically under the same Boomers who ran-away to Sweden and Canada when THEY were called, a hugely militarized culture with parades and monuments and flags in the street for everyone who joins a service willingly throwing away their lives, with enormously militarized police forces beyond any conceivable need or action to control domestic crime.

Did the police and Guard and FBI HRT basically declare Martial Law and invade people’s homes and direct people’s movements when Ayers & Co blew-up some banks in the 1960s? No. Look at Boston when a couple dumb kids detonated two bombs in Boston. Kids that, Oh By The Way, Russian security services had WARNED our government about – which promptly did… nothing… The Law Enforcement reaction to Boston was a lot of things, but police acting within the Rule of Law and the 4th Amendment it most assuredly was NOT.


Obama is NOT “failing”. He is an intelligent enemy. And his handlers, whoever they are, were intelligent enough to put an African-American in as a leftist radical president. They KNEW any criticism could be sloughed off as ‘racist’. And that the “useful idiots,” the cannon-fodder of the Left, would be able to brush-aside as “racist” any serious discussion of or threat to his policies. As they continue to do.

And any criticism of President-in-waiting Hilary, another radical Leftist unconstrained by the Rule of Law, similarly will be sloughed off as ‘sexist’.


I’ve written often that America may not survive the Baby Boomers. If our military continues to refuse to remove Obama – legally, Constitutionally, per their oath of office, if our Congress continues to refuse to guard its legislative prerogative from an encroaching Imperial Executive, if Obama care passes, it is exceedingly difficult to see an America, in only a few years, that even RESEMBLES a republic under the Rule of Law, and Limited Constitutional Government.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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