Why is Obama not Tossing Missiles into Iraq Given THEIR 4,000 recent Killings?

A FB friend this morning posted a query to the effect that, given the 4,000+ deaths in Iraq, why is America not going in and overthrowing the government there?

Two reasons, both necessitating an understanding of Obama’s mindset and goals.

1.    Looking across the regional landscape, from Afghanistan to Mali, and Obama’s completely consistent actions within that region, one CANNOT come to any conclusion other than that his REGIONAL GOAL is the rise of radical islam, preferably sunni, but shia will do in a pinch (which is why he has done NOTHING re: Iran’s nukes). Doing nothing in Iraq furthers his regional goal – as does withdrawing from Afghanistan as he is. What are his “achievements”?

a.    The overthrow of a friendly autocrat in Egypt, one who had kept the peace with Israel for decades… and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, a tyrannical, pre-modern radical sunni cult, and the philosophical grandfather of ALL radical sunni movements (including al qaeda), a cult that immediately suspended and rewrote the Constitution, began targeting the homes and lives of non-sunni – and which immediately was armed by Obama. The results were protests in the street by, literally, millions – and the overthrow of the anti-liberal MB by the military – at the DEMAND of the citizens who had called a year earlier for LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. Obama’s reaction? A demand to put the radical sunni MB back into power.

b.    The overthrow of a non-belligerent Ghaddafi, a man who had publicly given-up his nuclear weapons program BECAUSE of our invasion of Iraq, a man who had done quite a bit to mollify previous tensions with America and the West. How did we reward him? Got him killed. What happened next? The rise of radical Sunni islam in Libya, the mass executions in the street of Black Africans BECAUSE of their color (to NO objection by the Western media, by American Democrats or by American Blacks, or by the Congressional Black Caucus), the export to neighboring Mali of thousands of radical sunni terrorists and the failure of Mali as a State.

c.    The overrunning of an American consulate in Benghazi, the busiest CIA station in N Africa, following a meeting at that facility by America’s Ambassador to Libya with the ambassador from Turkey. WHY were these two ambassadors meeting at a location other than the Embassy hundreds of miles away in Tripoli? WHY were they meeting at a CIA location? WHY were two ex-SEALs, then in the employ of the CIA as contractors, on-site? Because Obama was running Ghadaffi’s guns via Turkey to al Qaeda in Syria and the SEALS were gathering, inventorying and prepping these weapons for shipment. BECAUSE Obama already was arming the radical sunni Syrian opposition to Assad.

d.    He ALMOST achieved, and not through lack of trying, getting the American military to assist the takeover of Syria by radical sunni al qaeda by shooting missiles at Assad and degrading his military capability. Russia, now seen as a regional power for the first time in nearly half-a-century, stopped his play because of an opening left by the idiot Kerry. And Kerry truly is an idiot. People talk of Obama’s incompetence and failures. Obama is NOT incompetent; his programs are WORKING for him. He is achieving his goals. But Kerry, well, the only one who thinks he is intelligent is the guy whose face he shaves every morning.

e.    There are those who actually believe that Obama specifically, and the Democrat Party generally, are against violence. This is refuted by their every policy, from the educational policies that leave kids – especially their own voters – unable to achieve economic viability and so to become wards of the government (often turning to crime), to their anti-constitutional gun restrictions which ALWAYS result in MORE crime and MORE deaths, to their absurdly infantile “R2P” (“responsibility to protect”) doctrine that just turned Libya and Mali into failed states, to their neglect of both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of war that were on their way to successful reduction of tribal violence when Obama entered office. Democrats DO NOT CARE about violence; they ONLY care about power. Their acceptance of Chicago’s crime level, inner-city educational levels, the rising tide of violence in EVERY COUNTRY THEY HAVE TOUCHED proves this to be the case. Obama doesn’t CARE about chemical deaths in Syria.  Did he say ANYTHING about the earlier uses? No. It only became an issue for him once al qaeda had achieved the near-term ability to overthrow Assad with a little help from their friend. For Obama the chem deaths in Syria (that OBTW, Germany and Russia and Doctors Without Borders STILL SAY were rebel actions) were a means only to an end: The rise of a successful takeover of Syria by – radical sunni islam.


2.    Obama HATES the Rule of Law and LOVES dictatorship. His EVERY ACTION stinks of this.

a.    While I don’t agree with DOMA, the president has NO authority NOT to enforce a law he doesn’t like. Yet Obama did so with DOMA.

b.    While I do not disagree with some parts of DREAM, Obama has NO authority to implement by fiat a law that was VOTED-DOWN by Congress just a few weeks prior.

c.    Obama has NO AUTHORITY to issue Exec Orders to stop investigation into F&F, Benghazi, IRS-Tea party, etc. NONE. The ONLY time a president can issue EOs is when he is PERSONALLY involved in the actions being investigated. Until and unless he is charged with same, his authority to stop those investigations simply DOES NOT EXIST under the Constitution that is SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

d.    Honduras – LEGALLY – removed its autocratic President after he began behaving as a dictator, trying to hold a national survey to rewrite the Honduran Constitution after a ruling by the Honduran Supreme Court that this was unconstitutional. Congress replaced him with a member of his own political party. Obama’s response? To demand a return to power of the erstwhile dictator.

People need to grasp what is going on: Obama is working as hard and fast as he can to overturn the Rule of Law wherever he can. Obama is NOT “incompetent,” he is NOT “failing,” he is not “over his head.” Obama is the enemy.
He is destroying the Rule of Law in America. He is destroying self-government in America. He is destroying America.

And America’s “Opposition Party”? We don’t have one. The GOP can’t even de-fund, when they have complete power to do so, a law hated by 75% of Americans – you know, those of us who believe in self-government and the Rule of Law.

The GOP has NOT filed multiple Separation of Powers lawsuits with SCOTUS to get Obama back in the Constitutional box. Why? THEY want the SAME power when THEY run the presidency; there simply is NO OTHER RATIONAL EXPLANATION. This so-called “opposition party” has decided that its job is to work WITH the people AMERICA SENT THEM THERE TO OPPOSE.

So, yes, this is a long way of answering the question “Why is America not overthrowing the ‘government’ of Iraq. But it is WHY what is happening… is happening.

Obama IS the enemy.

If you are paying attention, you know this.

If you don’t know this, you are intentionally ignorant, for the evidence is all about you.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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