Non-Investigation of Obama Scandals – it’s time to Revolt

I just read a column in Real Clear Politics on the lack of leadership in the post-Cold War world.  Good column, though the columnist refuses to identify – or is unaware of – those responsible for this enormous frickn – and probably existential – disaster these “leaders” have created, and that’s the Baby Boomers.

This commenter wrote, “Investigations aren’t over on the scandals” of IRS, Benghazi, AP, etc.

Blew my friggin LID. My reply to that commenter is below as well as in the comments section of the linked column.

To wit:


Really? By what logic do you reach that conclusion? Issa caved when Obama unconstitutionally declared Ex Priv (the pres can only declare EP over something with which he’s involved – and if the bastard in the Oval Office is running guns that are killing Americans – and hundreds of Mexican, illegally, then impeachment ought to be the LEAST of his worries – and execution as a traitor the highest). Did Issa take him to Court on Separation of Powers, as the House took Nixon – and won? No. Has Issa expressed ANY sense of urgency in re: Benghazi? Nope. AP? Nope. NSA? Nope. IRS? No.

Sure – the “investigations” may not be over, but to think that they are still ongoing enterprises rather than lying fallow is absurd. There seem to be NO serious leaders in this post-Cold War America; certainly none with the required sense of urgency to rescue a once-free America from its accelerating Left-driven decline into irrelevance, poverty, and soon-to-be-Yugoslavian breakup.

Look at Iran. This week’s Economist asks, “Can Iran Be Stopped?” Absurd. of course it CAN be stopped. But WILL we stop it? Hell no. Our “Leaders,” so amused by their own rhetoric actually have begun to believe it, continue to ignorantly project Western mores onto non-Western nations. This is the height of arrogance, ignorance and stupidity. What should they do? What Great Powers ALWAYS HAVE DONE – Keep the global peace by destroying those who would harm it.  Frickn NUKE iran now on the intelligent theory that losing a few million pre-modern barbarians is waaay better than losing a few million intelligent, educated, post-Enlightenment Westerners.

What are we doing instead? Navel gazing about the NSA – a 100% pure distraction. What was the NSA doing? Spying on Americans? Pure defense – when was the last war won on the defensive? What? Never? Correct.

And WHY was the NSA spying on Americans? To “keep us safe.” THINK about that… To keep us safe from whom? From an al qaeda to whom Obama has been running Ghaddafi’s guns? An al qaeda we refused in Iraq to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement to keep down to make worthwhile all the lives we sacrificed there? An al qaeda AMERICA – the strongest military in the history of the known universe (with the weakest will in the history of God) – is now suing for peace in Qatar? THESE are the “enemies” Obama is spying on US to protect US from? A Muslim Brotherhood to which we have sent billions in armaments and now are landing American troops to free their troops to continue killing those who believe in a different superstition? THAT is who the NSA is protecting us from? From those we refuse to defeat?

We don’t need to protect ourselves from islamist barbarian cultists any more than we needed to protect ourselves from the NAZIs or Imperial Japan. We NEED to annihilate our ENEMY. That’s what ADULTS DO. What are we doing instead? GIVING THEM ARMS AND AMMO TO KILL US – and now TROOPS to free them to do so. Still think our “leaders” are intelligent? They are the DUMBEST of the DUMB.

We have “leaders” like Hillary, who very well may be our next president, saying absurd things like, “we’ll need to take some things from you for the common good.” Who the F*&K died and made HER God? She is a not-particularly-bright egomaniac and we’re going to let HER decide “the common good”? Screw that.

Stalin Brezhnev, Hitler, King George III all thought they had a grasp on “the common good.”

This IS AMERICA and WE decide what our common good is. Not some lowlife liar like Hillary, nor some tiny man with a napoleon complex like Nanny Bloomberg, “we will need to take away some of your rights.” Try it. Who’s “we” who are going to try to “take away” some of my rights – or those of my children? Over my DEAD BODY. Frickng unconstitutional, immoral, unethical enemies of America, the Rule of Law the entire WEST and freedom and liberty everywhere.

What we NEED is a friggin armed revolt against the rulers of this no-long-self-governing republic whose rulers have decided to ignore the law under which they gain office: The US Constitution. Well, if THEY aren’t bound by the Rule of Law, if THEY don’t see the necessity of it… guess frickin WHAT…


I want my kids to have a free country, and as long as bastards like Obama, Pelosi, Boehner, McCain, Reid are in charge, we are moving more and more quickly into un-free totalitarianim – and freedom and liberty are getting farther and farther away.

These people ACTUALLY THINK they are smarter than we are. Absurd. In a capitalist country, those who can – do; those who can’t – teach; and those who can do NEITHER.. run for office.

No one really thinks that it has been INTELLIGENT people spending trillons of dollars we don’t have, sending our young men & women to be killed in wars we don’t want to win, passing regulations and laws that are killing our economy and our future, do they? These people are IDIOTS. They can’t even balance a checkbook.


We are ruled – not governed – by a bunch of stupid egomaniancs elected by a bunch of high-school-dropout morons who can’t even tell you who their representative is.



I’d write “Rant – Off,” but I’m in too bad a mood and really just getting started…




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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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