Do you see what is happening?

Al Jazeera has just announced plans to become the American “voice of the voiceless.” This is the old liberal nonsense of “Speaking truth to power,” which always is prelude to lies.

In Colorado, Elementary school kids are being taught how to say the Pledge of Allegiance” in Arabic. The language of those who live in 7th– Century physical and intellectual squalor, with 85%-plus rates of illiteracy, who have exported nothing but oil and violent death: stonings, whippings, beheadings, etc. – now is being taught to American kids.

We aren’t talking teaching languages of knowledge – Greek, Latin. We aren’t even really teaching English anymore. (Can anyone here diagram that last sentence?) We’re talking teaching our future citizens and voters and officeholders the language of a pre-modern death cult into which an average of one book per year is translated. (Why translate knowledge into a 7th-century tribal cult with no use or desire for it?) The language of an entire culture that has refused to progress in over a millennium. The language of a people so mired in their barbaric past, so willing to murder anyone in disagreement with their Dark Ages mythology. THIS is being taught to our children.

And, in the name of “Tolerance,” we allow it. This is absurd.

Obama has been overheard saying that America will be a “Muslim nation by 2016.”

Dearbornistan, MI, is essentially a shariah republic today – places where cops won’t go, girls being murdered by their male relatives. The head of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) has stated that “practicing muslims are above the law.” “Honor killings” have occurred in American cities. Judges actively are recognizing shariah as a competent legal theory within a post-Enlightenment West, which just boggles the intelligent mind.

Back to Al Jazeera. “The voice of the voiceless.” This is standard liberal cant in order to grasp the attention and mind of the ignorant and uneducated. We have so many uneducated in America, of course, BECAUSE of liberals. Remember- the lowest SATs on ANY campus are the Ed Majors. We literally have our dumbest students graduating as teachers, going to “Schools of Education” at which they are inculcated with Dewey Progressivism – the economic theory that just destroyed Detroit and is destroying Europe, IL, CA, Spain – and America.

Why do we do this – have our dumbest teaching our ignorant youth? Mal-educate future voters and citizens … purposefully? Educated people don’t vote for the Left – and the Left demands – above all else – above freedom, liberty, education, wealth… POWER. The Left is about nothing BUT power.

Now, stupid people latch-on to dumb ideas faster than anyone. This is because they ARE stupid and cannot think for themselves, but just find a charismatic person who sounds convincing and decided s/he is the brightest person in the history of the known universe.

This is how we got the Whole Language debacle that destroyed about an entire generation of American students… many of whom became teachers of the current generation. It’s how we got ebonics and Maxine Waters telling us her “people can’t learn” using standard English. (Don’t tell Booker T. Washington, W E B Du Bois, George Washington Carver or Thomas Sowell…).

It’s how we got Barack Obama.

So now a TV channel is going to do what TV does – get eyeballs and convince people of their point of view. Propagandize new generations of voters. And use that propaganda to destroy America.

How many poor Blacks vote for Obama? All of them. How many poor Blacks has Obama hurt economically? All of them. Why do they continue to vote for him? They put the words of their “leaders” ahead of thinking for themselves and voting for their own interests. They are ignorant – kept ignorant by Leftist teachers, unions and schools – and they latch on to a leader seeking nothing but power who does not care AT ALL about those voting for him: Jessie Jackson. Al Sharpton. Barack Obama.

Which is EXACTLY what Al Jazeera is planning here.

So – we have a governing elite pandering to a barbaric pre-modern cult, refusing to kick it out of the modern world or destroy it (which any self-respecting  adult nation would do in an instant), instead aiding its expansion (Obama’s foreign policy can be read as nothing other than enabling the expansion of sharia globally), prosecuting modern Americans for daring to speak against it (yes, the guy with the “Benghazi film” remains in jail), Spying on American citizens (you spy on your enemies and reward your allies) while giving money, guns, missiles, F16s and tanks to our enemies (Yes, the “rebels” in Syria have pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda)…

.. and now a TV channel, the “opiate of the masses,” planning to begin propagandizing tens of millions of low-info voters.

Do you see where this is going?

Do you see that, without it being stopped NOW it will become more and more difficult TO stop – at all.. until we ARE a sharia nation – with NO rights and NO Freedoms? Being murdered in our streets for questioning the ridiculously childish and absurd mythology of a cult of barbarians?

We already have a government, a president who has sworn – twice – to defend the Constitution, who daily flouts it, and a Congress who continues to believe that going slowly to stop this enemy is correct. That’s OK, though… they’ll still be sending letters to Holder as the voting franchise votes shariah into-place and willingly overturns the Constitution. And a military who has decided to be a Palace Guard rather than perform their duty to defend the Constitution.


Future historian – if there ARE any – will never understand the willingness to voluntarily assist in the destruction of the Constitution that military was sworn to defend.

And a president who goes before the UN General Assembly and speaks, as any muslim true believer would , of the “Prophet of Islam,” a murderous misogynistic, rapacious, pedophilic stupid bastard who deserves, truly, the scorn of every civilized human being… and who is acting to expand the influence of this cult globally.

We have an elite so full of themselves, so ignorant that they truly believe they can worship liberal freedoms and rights here in the West (speech, assembly, press, THOUGHT), walk around in their bikinis, wear clothing that would get them immediately killed in any shariah country, have sex wherever and with whomever they like – which would get them stoned to-death in the culture they worship from afar as a game – as they yammer on and on and on about Gay, Women’s, Children’s, Reproductive, Speech, Assembly… rights – and willingly support an administration doing its best to advance an ideology that will kill ALL of those people – and destroy ALL of those rights — immediately.

The concept of “Projection” is how liberals get through every day. They actually do believe – believe it or not – that these crazy barbarians are “just like us.” They project Western cultural concepts and norms onto non-Western, pre-modern barbarians… and believe, with that projection, that these people are just like us only misunderstood.

How mind-numbingly ignorant must one be to be a Liberal? That mind-numbingly ignorant.

Ask Hilary. What was her response to the murder of her ambassador? “How could they do this to us? We just helped them?” Talk about ignorance. This is a globally, stupendously, mind-numbingly-stupid woman who is the odds-on favorite to be our next president – and she is so in-thrall to her projection of these barbarians being just like Western Liberal citizens that, truly, she cannot process how wrong she is.

But we’ll vote for her in the tens of millions.

Which, again, returns us to Al Jazeera. Low info voters – of whom they are tens of millions – basically the entire Left  – will lap up whatever Al Jazeera spills out.. and vote accordingly.

And there simply is NO WAY America will be able to survive that.

So – what to do?

This is a completely objective statement: Islam is far worse than ANY NAZI could have dreamt of being. Throwing acid in the face of girls who just want to go to school. Whipping to-death rape victims. Strapping bombs on one’s own children. Murdering a teenager who questions your theology. “Marrying” 6-yr-olds. Raping and beating to-death your own 5-yr-old daughter (a Saudi cleric did this last one). Demanding veils on infants so you don’t rape them. Murdering your own daughter.

What did we do to NAZIs. We annihilated them. Why? They were barbarians.

Imperial Japan used live prisoner in China as bayonet practice dummies. They routinely beheaded POWs.

What did we do to Imperial Japan? Nuked it – annihilated it. Why did we nuke it? It was a barbarism to the modern world – and we go tired of sacrificing modern blood and treasure to fight I – so we took the adult course of action: We destroyed the polity with NO further loss of America lives. We nuked the bastards.

And for those squeamish about civilians? ALL governments remain in power ONLY because of the support – tacit or active – of their civilians. And all those people standing-around doing nothing in all those pictures you see of people being hanged from lampposts? Stoned in fields? Whipped in the streets? Shot in the head in football stadiums? THOSE ARE THE INNOCENT BYSTANDRS. Those are the ones who ALLOW – even CHEER this cult of barbaric death.

Islam, by any measure – ANY MEASURE – is MORE barbaric than the NAZIs.. Thanks to Obama’s aid it now covers a wider portion of the world than the NAZIs ever did. And we praise them.

Did we worry about civilians in Tokyo when we firebombed it, killing more civilians that we did at Hiroshima or Nagasaki? NO – we had a war to win and barbarism to destroy.

Did we worry about civilians in Berlin? Cologne, Dresden? NO – we had a war to win and barbarism to destroy.

We have now a WORSE barbarism, over a wider region… and we send men to kill other men one-at-a-time in infantry exchanges of bullets, loosing valuable, educated, post-Enlightenment Westerns – to barbaric, illiterate, worthless bastards… and refuse to win. We demand to allow OUR woman into combat – but refuse to kill THEIR women already IN Combat.

There is, in the annals of modern history, NOTHING so immoral as the way in which two successive American Administrations have chosen to fight existential enemies of America: To send our young men out to kill and be killed in a war we refuse to declare … and have no intention of winning.

If we aren’t going to try to win, quit fighting and come home – yet we refuse to do so, sacrificing our young to… what? TO WHAT?!?

If we ARE going to fight to win – FIGHT TO DO SO. Winning means the destruction of the behavior we abhor. Winning means making your enemy totally depend on YOU. And, when we win – as in WW2, we make our enemies political, economic and military allies – and freer than they have ever been….




There are those who think this is a passing scene, that we can and will return to normalcy with the next election, and to this is all about the “sky is falling…”

.. guess what? The sky IS falling. And NO One is even pretending to see. In fact, we are busily moving aside all of the strong buildings built over the centuries of freedom, liberty, individual rights… that could protect us from falling skies… and our leaders are the ones razing our protection… and landing our enemies on our shores and demanding we accept their culture even when it means pushing aside our own. BULLSHIT.


It is time to fight back. It is time to push aside those who stand in the way of freedom, liberty, the Enlightenment… in the way of civilization., in the way of a free, educated, civilized and prosperous future.

It is almost too late.

A century ago sedition laws would have been used to stop Sharia in America, to prevent Al Jazeera from propagandizing our voters. We dumped sedition laws on the demand of the Progressive left. The Progressive Left now is destroying freedom and liberty and the Rule of Law.

Yet women, gays, young voters – all of whom rely more on Enlightenment freedoms than any other generation – willingly are voting for their destruction.
It must – Obama must – BE STOPPED.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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