Obama’s Dictatorship Must Be Stopped

This is not really very difficult…

Who are Obama’s allies? Those he is not attacking, those to whom he is giving weapons, aid, money and support: the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Al Qaeda in Syria (sending them Ghaddafi’s arms) and Afghanistan (by exiting prior to defeating them), Iraq (by not establishing a Joint Forces Agreement), in Libya (by assisting the overthrow of Ghaddafi and his replacement by Al Qaeda).

Who are Obama’s enemies? Those he is attacking: American citizens – The Tea Party, the AP, news reporters, via the IRS, NSA, Verizon, Google and others. The First Amendment by denying serving military freedom of reading what is printed – and what does a free press really mean if one is not free to read what is printed?

And those are just a few that we KNOW of…

In short – the most powerful man in the world, America’s president, is using all the tools at his disposal short of direct violence (so far) to attack… America.

Here is Nat Henthoff in his column today, certainly no right-winger, a regular columnist for the NY Times within his career, an expert on the 1st Amendment and willing to take-on presidents of both parties for violations of our Constitutional freedoms articulately, regularly, effectively:

“Were they here, my parents might have asked, “What happened to America?”

“His name,” I would tell them, “is Barack Obama.”

Americans are at a crossroads here. We have the most dangerous enemy we have ever faced, and he is in the White House. We have a military – the last line of defense from an enemy to the Constitution – and they have become a Palace Guard, ignoring their oath to protect the Constitution as though neither their oath nor the Constitution ever existed. We have a legislative branch that, due to personal political considerations, refuses to arrest the president for the multiple Constitutional violations he and his staff have committed, or the obvious lying to We the People that he and his administration commit on a daily, routine, basis.

And a citizenry so ignorant of history, so self-righteous with the election of a non-White as president, so busy not being anti-social by refusing to discuss what really matters so as not to upset anyone’s delicate, fragile, sense of self, or offend anyone who ought to have become able to deal with offense by about age 5, that we sit – and watch – as our republic crumbles around us, and does so more quickly than anyone could have thought possible.

Former Soviet KGB officers lecture us on surveillance of citizens, that it must be within the law. Former residents of East Germany – arguably the most authoritarian of all Soviet Satellite States – compare Obama to Stasi (their secret police). And we watch American Idol and refuse to engage in uncomfortable discussion, even though our future absolutely is at stake.

Are we REALLY going to sit idly by and watch this overthrow of our Constitutional republic?  Are we REALLY going to be judged by history has having been able to stop this tyrant from destroying our freedoms and liberties for us and our posterity – because we were unwilling to take the action necessary to protect a nation of 300M citizens and the most powerful economy and military in the history of the known universe… from ONE MAN?

Are we REALLY going to deliver our children to dictatorship because we were unwilling to do what is required to stop the takeover and destruction of America? By ONE MAN?

We are way past the Rule of Law here today. Holder, Sebelius, Obama, Carney, Clinton, Kerry, Clapper. ALL of these people lie to us, We the People, at their convenience, to achieve their own ends. They lie even though they know we know they are lying. They simply do not care and know they will not be held accountable by America’s political class.

America’s is a government defined by one thing: Trust. Trust that our leaders will obey the law. Trust that the Rule of Law will prevail even when the results are not convenient or even liked by the president and his or her administration. Trust that, if and when our leaders forget their place as public servants, another Branch of government will check them or, in extremis, that our military will “protect and defend the Constitution of the United Sates against all enemies, foreign and domestic”… foreign AND DOMESTIC…

That trust is gone. The Rule of Law is gone.  America – really, no kidding – stands at the brink.

History is littered with episodes in which one person could have been stopped prior to his destruction of a nation, a society, a culture, a people… but was not. History is littered with nations that have succumbed because they were unwilling to to what it took to survive.

Is America worth so little to us that we are not going to stop this man while still we can? Are our children’s futures worth so little to us that we refuse to sacrifice “OUR lives, OUR fortunes, OUR scared honor”… for them?

The pundit class on radio, television, the newspapers and magazines and on the web speaks and writes of the gathering disaster America faces… The GOP political class, dinosaurs unwilling to understand that American faces an enemy on the Left that is not interested in, and will not be satisfied with discussion, comity, “regular order,” is unwilling – or perhaps unable – to grasp the nature of the enemy and their attack. Talk wil not save America.

And make no mistake, the attack of the Left on America today is lethal. Unless we begin to fight back, it WILL be mortal.

Those who should know better, when confronted with blatant examples of Obama’s tyranny displacing the Rule of Law tell us, “It’s not that easy.”   Who said saving a democratic republic would be – or had to be “easy”?

Nothing is as hard as people who don’t want to get it done tell you it is.


America is not a geography. It is not a destination for handouts. It is not a nation of slaves.

America is a nation of ideals, of hope, of trust, of charity toward all and malice toward none.

But to BE what America always has been requires that we act, and act now, before it is too late.

The enemy is within the gates.

He must be stopped.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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