Obama was Crying “Wolf” on Syrian Chem Weapons – Obama tells us in his press conference this morning (4-30-2013)

So Obama this morning walked-back his “Red Line” comment about Syrian chemical weapons. This is State-level hubris in its purist form that immediately made the world a far more dangerous place.

Net is that we have an adolescent prez who thinks others listen to him or believe anything he says anymore. In reality our strategic opponents are laughing at him when they aren’t just ignoring him as the irrelevant person he has become – and the irrelevant nation he has made us – and our allies all are right now checking their hole cards.

And of course the voters on the American Left don’t understand that this creates a far more dangerous world – when no one knows what lines do and don’t exist, they can cross them without knowing it.  The most immediate danger is now that Iran knows there are no WMD lines at all…  thinking people will realize that Iran will now accelerate their nuke capability knowing full-well that Obama will do nothing about it: He just told the world so – and if he “clarifies” his “red line” statement (a statement no experienced adult ever would have made to begin with), no one will believe him.  So will N Korea. Which, of course, will cause Japan to go nuclear, making both the Korean peninsula and the S China Sea hot spot with China for more difficult issues to address peacefully.

All because of Obama’s naivete and foolishness.

It also should give – and I’m sure is giving – pause to all our allies. If we say we’ll do something about WMD (chem weapons – but a category that also includes nukes), and then we walk back a “red line” at the very first instance in which it may have been crossed, what do you suppose the leadership of the following countries are thinking today: Israel, Japan, S. Korea… Iran, N Korea, China, Russia?

Obama just made the world a far more dangerous place than it was a few hours ago – and he, the MSM and his voters are just too ignorant & stupid to realize it.

Refer to Ms. Caroline Glick’s column of yesterday – BEFORE this infantile statement by Obama this morning: that it is time for Israel to grasp that Obama’s America does NOT have Israel’s back and that they need to plan and act accordingly. That they will act you can count on – they no longer have any choice – Obama removed all the strategic / diplomatic ambiguity from the equation, ambiguity that adults use to help keep the peace. All Israel’s enemies in the region also today are planning according to an entirely new strategic calculus – one with no ambiguity and complete clarity: Obama will do NOTHING to stop Iran’s nukes – or N. Korea’s.

(This statement by Obama is on a par – or perhaps even more dangerous than – the “Containment” speech of Acheson, in which he defined America’s strategic plan to “contain” the USSR within a perimeter, and then left S Korea outside that perimeter, a speech often credited with being a proximate cause of the Korean War – the US Government told the world S Korea was not within our sphere of influence – and North Korea attacked it. Surprise, surprise, surprise.)

Those who think Israel’s problems are Israel’s problems need to be aware of three things:

  1. If/When Israel now acts, it will be BECAUSE everyone in the region now KNOWS that America will do nothing re: Iran’s nukes, and,
  2. All other nations will watch what Israel does – and what Iran does – and how America responds… and then it all goes to Hell.
  3. Egypt now KNOWS that Obama has decided not to help Israel – what does that mean for the Camp David Accords and the future actions of the MB rulers of Egypt?

If you haven’t yet read The Gathering Storm by Churchill – about the 1930s and the run-up to a completely avoidable WW2… You should…

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  1. He has proven once again that world governance escapes him.

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