The view of some Moron who doesn’t even know his own nationality

So on Facebook today some idiot who describes himself as “Anglo/American/Israeli” got into it with me re: guns. He asked, first, in what other countries can citizens carry guns. I gave him a brief answer. And then he gets all hot n bothered about our Constitutional Rights, telling me I have a gun out of “fear” (standard liberal nonsense), etc. Like I CARE about some guy who doesn’t even know what COUNTRY he’s from?

So I let him have it. His last post before mine (copied below) was that it was nighty-night time in Israel so he’d look for my response tomorrow. What an idiot.

Here’s my response, from my facebook page, covering the various silly, adolescent points he immaturely thought he’d made:


Your first comment shows that you didn’t get my point. I don’t compare the US with anyone. Why would I want to? We are better than anyone else; which is why we have more immigrants from all nations than any country in history; THEY think so, TOO. You asked a question. I answered it.

I really don’t care if people in other nations go to bed with a gun next to them any more than I care if they are free or not – that’s THEIR business, not mine.

Europe is a failed demi-continent that no serious adult cares about. Nearly all of the violence of the 20th Century – the bloodiest in history – came from europe. Europe has all kinds of welfare – that is killing them economically (that and a fertility of less than 2.1 for three generations now) – and they look down their noses at America (on whom they always call when other europeans start killing them) because we don’t have similar nonsensical welfare. Why can they afford this welfare? Because we have paid their defense bills since 1942. If europeans had to pay their own way – like adults do – they’d not have all this welfare and they would have a defense capability. And if european leaders trusted their populace with guns, they’d have guns. But they trust their populace with a vote – but not a gun.. and their populace – unfree subjects, not free citizens – are OK with this. As I said – that’s THEIR business. I just wish American taxpayers would quit wasting our tax dollars defending the rest of the West – nearly all the nations we defend are rich enough to defend themselves or, like Georgia, get invaded whenever a more powerful foreign nation wants to. Not my problem; certainly not my son’s problem. Besides, nations with under-2.1 fertility don’t care about their own future – they aren’t even populating it, so why should the American taxpayer?

But I don’t understand your fundamental point. We have guns because we are free citizens who govern ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves and our actions… and pull the world’s bacon out of the fire every once-in-a-while, too. What business is it of yours? Why on earth would I care what a non-American feels about our Rights? They are OUR rights. Deal with it. When non-Americans start saving the world and preserving freedom or sending to tsunami victims an aircraft carrier that can make 400,000 gallons of fresh water and 20,000 loaves of bread a day, and start helping or caring about people other than themselves, I’ll give a crap about non-Americans. (And before you get more hot n bothered about my nationalism, yes, I have traveled and done business all over europe and in Japan and S. Korea. I am well-read in history. I am well-traveled. I was educated at our Air Force Academy – a damned fine school.)

An armed man is a citizen; an unarmed man is a subject. Pretty simple.

It’s silly – but the Left always uses it – to think that everything to which an adult objects (like being disarmed) is out of fear. It’s just a childish viewpoint. Why would I fear anything? I’m armed and live in a free country that allows me to BE armed. My wife and kids and I all shoot competitively. I don’t have neighbors raining rockets on me all the time from some enemy territory that I refuse to destroy, as would any truly adult nation.

If you want to look at gun statistics, every time cities or nations enact gun confiscation or serious gun control, violent crime goes up. You may be OK with a big bad guy doing whatever he wants to your wife and kids just because he’s bigger and more powerful, but I’m OK with evening-up the fight with a gun in my hand, or my wife’s hand so that she remains free and alive. No, it’s not more moral to be anti-gun and blame a bad guy for your wife being strangled with her nylons and raped and left for dead in some alley than for her to explain why the bad guy is dead with several holes in him, regardless of what you may think.

Where is there the least violent crime in America? In cities and States that allow concealed carry. That’s just a fact you can look up. Where is the worst violent crime in America (and Australia, and the UK)? Where guns are basically outlawed.

Here’s a column by a respected PhD in economics stating that it may make you feel better to be anti-gun, but there are no facts on the side of the anti-gunners.

Summary: You are certainly free to have whatever opinion you want, but unless you can back it up with facts that actually inform the discussion, why would I care? And you are free to be unarmed, too – it’s your decision. But what on earth makes you think you have the right to criticize my right to be armed, my Constitution or MY COUNTRY? Your country – you are not even proud enough of it to list it as such but instead list three – only EXISTS because of us.

So don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking I care about your uninformed, rather dull, childish opinion, formed in a nation WE protect – by men with guns.

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