How Much Obama WILL Lower YOUR Standard of Living

This column in Politico misses the point entirely by presenting the upcoming Obamacare fiscal mess in the best possible – and not particularly honest – light, pretending the Administration will spend its money on subsidies.

A more accurate column would have stated one or both of the following rather than the misleading “the administration expects to spend about $606 billion…”

  1. More accurate: “the administration expects to spend about $606 billion of taxpayer money funding the purchase by mostly non-taxpayers…”
  2. Most accurate: “… the administration expects to require the – involuntary – lowering of the standard of living of American taxpayers by about $606 B to fund the newly required Obamacare policies for non-taxpayers who mostly voted for Democrats, while requiring NONE of the federal government to partake of – or lower their standard of living to support – this monstrous nonsense that was DESIGNED to break so as to move to Single Payer, NHS-like catastrophe for what, only four years ago, was a free nation.”

We need to get past the rather amorphous discussion of increased taxes (which are mostly invisible: want to really see how people feel about taxes? Get rid of withholding and force people to write a bi-monthly check to the Feds and see how they start voting…), and need to start talking about the real issue:  That raising taxes is an assault on YOUR – EARNED – Standard of Living, to fund those who REFUSE TO EARN THEIR OWN WAY. I don’t go to work to support a Middle Class lifestyle for OTHER families; that’s THEIR job.

My family worked generations to get to the point where one generation, mine, finally made it to college. Other families don’t have to do that… because…? Other families have a lien on MY and MY ancestor’s hard work.. BECAUSE…?

Every time Congress and the bastard in the white house decide to raise taxes, what they really are doing – and what Democrats are voting FOR – is an involuntary lowering of the standard of living of ALL taxpayers. Lower quality housing, less-safe cars, lower quality meals, fewer, less-educational or no vacations, Less exposure to the finer things in life – museums, travel, family time, etc.

And Democrats do this for one reason and one reason ONLY: TO BUY VOTES.

Democrats talk about more money for schools. Democrats don’t give a rat’s as about schools OTHER THAN as jobs programs for the dumbest college grads (lowest SAT’s: Ed majors) who will automatically have dues withheld for the AFT/NEA, said dues then becoming the largest campaign pot to elect more Democrats and take away more of our freedoms and liberties. Democrats have owned all major metro school districts since FDR; if Democrats WANTED better schools  we’d HAVE better schools – it’s that simple. Do ANY Congressmen and women send their kids to public schools? Nope. Heck, where I live, with public Elementary, Middle and High schools ranked in the top 5%-10% of the US, some of OUR TEACHERS send their kids to private schools. Who knows better than teachers how badly K-12 sucks?

Democrats talk about helping the poor. Where are the worst (Democrat-run) schools/ Poor neighborhoods.

Democrats talk about helping those in poverty. Democrats have spent over $16T since 1964 on anti-poverty programs and moved the needle NOT AT ALL on poverty statistics. But they have created a permanent underclass, made up of badly-educated (see above) and unskilled (see illegal immigration) voters on welfare who will continue to vote Democrat forever. THIS IS THEIR GOAL. If their goal were to fix poverty, they’d look at what has worked EVERY SINGLE TIME. Do they? Nope. Fixing poverty is NOT Their goal – it is antithetical TO their goal as it will create self-reliant voters who might not vote for them.

Democrats talk about fixing the economy, but the reality is that the economy is working just the way they want it: The more people in poverty, the more reliant on a powerful, centralized government they become – creating a permanent Democrat voting bloc. If Democrats actually TRIED growth policies – like those JFK or Reagan – each of which kicked off a decade or more of growth via supply side tax cuts, Democrats would be trying, and relying on, capitalism to work and lift people out of poverty. Based on ALL historic evidence, we’d be out of this recession in a heartbeat and back on the way to the affluence we had just a decade or two ago…

But…Democrats HATE capitalism  and Obama hates it worst of all. Our economy NEVER will be fixed on their watch; doing so would invalidate all they stand for and any future possibility of their retaining power. They won’t try policies that work because these policies are against their ideology.

Basically, the future of our nation and our children is being held-hostage to an ideology that ALWAYS DESTROYS. ALWAYS! How stupid is THAT? How stupid is it that ANY parents EVER vote for these enemies of their children’s futures?

Democrats talk about healthcare, then create this monstrosity that will enormously increase Medicaid spending (and lower our standard of living to support it), and is such a truly crappy set of policies that they immediately exempted from it: themselves, their families, and their major union constituencies. It is NOTHING but a slush fund to further the capture of taxpayer dollars for transfer to non-taxpayers, LOWERING YOUR standard of living and that of your kids to RAISE the unearned standard of living of Democrat constituencies.

… and if you think Obamacare LOOKS bad now, wait until it’s implemented and then one morning every healthcare worker in America awakens to discover they are dues-paying members of the SEIU (or here) or AFSCME, and their govt-withheld dues used to create a mutli-billion-dollar permanent campaign fund for what will become a permanent one-party Progressive State. Who was the guy who visited Obama the MOST in the White House during the healthcare debate? Andy Stern, then-President of the SEIU. You think he was there because he liked the coffee?

People need to wake up – taxes and these programs ALL are about LOWERING YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING and creating a PERMANENT UNDERCLASS guaranteed to vote for totalitarianism.

This isn’t about taxes for services. This is about FORCING your to lower your EARNED standard of living to RAISE the standard of living of those who refuse to work, and will continue to take take take from you and your family until they have created what Progressive economic policies ALWAYS create: Detroit, Greece, Spain, the USSR.

That’s what this is about.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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