Burkhas on Texas Schoolgirls. Time to Destroy Radical islam

So – students in an AMERICAN school – in TEXAS, of all places – have been forced to wear burkhas in class. Seriously.

Why? Because our cultural relativists see nothing wrong with forcing young American women to wear the symbol of clitoridectomy, acid-in-the-face, honor killings, stoning, whippings for rape VICTIMS….

And – why does THIS happen? Because the West refuses to destroy radical islam.

Well, it’s time to stop TALKING about the problem that is radical islam – and start DOING something about  it.

How much more of this is required before people begin to understand that talk will not – EVER – work, and that stronger measures must be applied? What price is the West willing to pay to accept radical islam in the world – and the murder of innocents across the entire West?

If you recall your history, from 1933, Churchill was warning about the dangers of Hitler. He was ignored, and the talkers talked until a nation was given away (Czechoslovakia), another subsumed (Austria), Germany was completely re-armed (against international law at the time), and a war that ultimately cost over 50M lives, about 40M of them civilians, was fought to end it  – finally – too late for those 50M.

Kerry is off to never-never land now to arrogantly talk the iranians into subservience, which is more evidence that Chamberlain’s lesson never was learned by the pre-adolescents on the Left – nor was Churchill’s. This is because the Left is fundamentally a bunch of ignorant, ill-educated childish bullies who actually think everyone will do what they are told simply BECAUSE the Left tells them to do so – they know best for everyone (the same mindset that bans soda pop). That this has NEVER worked fazes these pre-adolescents not at all – nor the “moderate” talkers who insist that we must not just STOP this cancer now – before it metastasizes across the West.

These people – the Left and the moderates who ignorantly accept that talk must be tried, literally forever – keep bullying and talking and sanctioning and pretending the world cares what they think, as an existential enemy of modernity arms, kills, stones, amputates, whips and throws acid in the faces of those seeking liberty, and prepares to wage nuclear war as we watch and do nothing but pretend that talk can stop them.

Historical facts:

  1. Talk cannot stop them.
  2. Limited was has not stopped them, just as it has stopped no one else (North Korea, North Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan…)

Historical question:

  1. Will it take a mushroom cloud over Jerusalem before anyone gets serious about stopping them?
  2. Will even THAT awaken the West from its stuporous naiveté that talk … WORKS…?

The ignorant among us bloviate about how war “never solves anything.” Really? The American Revolution stopped tyranny on an entire continent while giving birth to the first government of the people in the history of the known universe. That “didn’t solve” anything?  The American Civil War ended Slavery in the West. That “didn’t solve” anything? World War One kept Europe free of a German dictatorship; WW2 freed Europe and North Africa and China and India and the Pacific islanders from despotism, and stopped the Holocaust – they “didn’t solve” anything?

War – real, honest-to-God WAR – AWLAYS solves the problem for which it was waged – nothing else ever has.

My novel China Rising (and here)  is very much an anti-radical-islam geopolitical thriller in which the rising Great Power China recognizes the historical FACT that talk has NOT worked and never WILL work, and so takes more drastic action, as would have ANY Great Power in history – until the Baby Boomers began talking (and spending) the West into oblivion. The fictional China protagonist does not destroy ISLAM, but does end radicalism within it.

As in WW2, when America last used its armed forces to actually fight a war to win, to put its entire national means toward the goal of stopping an evil that really never directly threatened America, China Rising’s China acts with serious force, as the real China did when they acknowledged that a few thousand of their people could cause a serious problem for their government – and machine-gunned them at Tienanmen Square, destroying what they perceived as the seeds of a, possibly existential, threat.  The real China acted in Tienanmen Square, and the fictional China in China Rising acts, with the kind of force that, though it takes lives, always – ALWAYS – costs fewer lives in the long run… AND accomplishing the goal.

Now the sons and daughters of those who destroyed NAZI-ism refrain from destroying what is very much an existential enemy of the West, an enemy that HAS attacked us, because of PC nonsense about killing civilians. Who do you think raise, arms, feeds, transports, clothes and provides weapons to these killers if it’s not their civilians and the governments they accept? Who do you think we killed in bombing raids across europe and Japan in order to win WW2? Who is responsible for the youth of a society, and it is young men waging jihad –  OTHER THAN THE SOCIETY ITSELF? Who do you think is responsible for a government – and, hence, the policies OF that government – other than the society it governs? Peasants overthrew the Czars; Farmers over threw the Brits. ALL governments exist only at the behest of those they govern. NO government EVER has withstood serious rebellion. A few thousand twitterers, in a country of over 85M, just overthrew Mubarak and his army.

It took only 3% of Americans to overthrow the largest army in the world in our Revolution. If the subjects of iran, egypt, afghanistan, sudan, mali, yemen, saudi arabia wanted an end to radicalism, they’d END it. That they don’t, and haven’t, ought to be pretty damned clear to the West by now.

Do you REALLY think that killing the killers will alter the society that raises them, accepts them? Seriously?

The West – and commentators and pundits doing the talk-talk-talk of   ‘islam is a problem – seriously –  someone [else] needs to stop it – it’s bad – let’s talk some more,’   must come to realize that NOT to act , as society refused to in the 1930s, WILL cost more lives than acting. Act now. Act hard. Act seriously.

Or don’t be surprised when EVERY school in America is holding how-to-wear-a-hijab class.

We have spent over a trillion dollars and over 10,000 post-Enlightenment, modern, unselfish American lives pretending to stop a barbaric pre-modern death cult – and it is only pretense. Were those men and women worth so little that we now will declare stability and leave; that their deaths will be for nothing? That, though they were willing to kill and to die in defense of WESTERN ideas of freedom and liberty, WE are not willing to take the steps truly to STOP this evil ideology and KEEP those WESTERN ideas? Rather we will continue to pretend that we are all Westerners wanting the same things, and it’s only a few jihadists who fight because they dislike us – and that only because they misunderstand us?

It is past time for talk. It never WAS time for the historical embarrassment of a Great Power taking a decade to kill those killing its citizens – and failing even then.

Every day we lose another American overseas who will never have kids, will never have the freedom, or leave to his posterity the liberties for which our leaders wasted his life.

How many future Faulkners, Hemingays, Warhols will never exist because American “leaders” believed radical islam was more important than the lives we sent to stop them – but never took the steps truly TO stop them?

Radical islam is NOT WORTH THIS. It MUST be STOPPED.

And for those not willing to STOP it, you must realize that YOU have decided that YOUR ideology that somehow those raising these jihadists, feeding and clothing them, steeping them in radical islam, killing their daughters… must not be harmed, while those whom they have raised kill modernity wherever they find it … continue to roam the planet.

At what point does the continuation of shariah – a crime against humanity – become the fault not of those who preach it, but of those who allow it to BE preached – at all? If a murderer is slapped on the wrist, his gun taken away, will he murder again? What about if he’s executed? About whose life do YOU care – the murderer’s – or his victims and soon-to-be-victims in society? Shariah is a murderer. Of women, girls, freedom, liberty, nations; it is a murderer of modernity itself.

I’d argue we have already passed that time, that the continued existence of radical islam is the fault of those who can, but who refuse to, stop it.

And – who is that?

Those living in the true ignorance that killing a bunch of killers – but leaving alive those who raise them, educate them, preach to them – will, alone, stop the problem. BECAUSE IT WILL NOT.

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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