Subjugating Continents to Despotism… We’ve seen this movie before… But it won’t end the same way.

So let’s play-forward the subjugation of N Africa to a rapidly-spreading despotic ideology and see where we go.

Let’s use the last rapidly-spread despotic ideology as a metric (though beheading, amputation, whipping, stoning, rejecting education of women, subjugating them in their homes,  and making them liable to being murdered by any male relative for any reason, or for no reason at all, is far worse than the NAZIs), and go from there.

Remember the post-war movies in which the spread of NAZI-ism across europe and N Africa was a black cartoonish mass filling the european continent? Well, you can use the same idea in your mind for the spread of political islam. So far it’s sloshed over S Asia, Oceana, and N Africa. It’s spreading to equitorial Africa, Londonistan in the UK, Grozny, several cities on the european Continent that are “no-go” zones for their own cops, and to Dearbornistan, MI, here in America.

What did the civilized world do to the NAZIs? Waged war (not limited war, real war), with the ultimately successful goal of destroying the enemy polity; a polity that had given-rise to the barbarism of the NAZIs. (Newsflash to Baby Boomers: You don’t go to war to kill the other guy’s army. You go to war to kill the other guy’s country; they send their army to stop you from killing their country. Their army is only a policy tool; killing the army won’t destroy the society that created the problem. You have to kill the country.)  And how did that culminate?  With over 12M Americans under arms, and an invasion across the Channel by millions of men, the complete destruction of the German polity and the making of the conquered completely dependent on the conqueror. This is called “winning a war.”

So… play it forward. Islamism is only getting worse, as any sentient observer observes, especially now that America’s president Obama has as his #1 policy goal the expansion of Shariah. Political islam has gobbled-up more land and enslaved more people than the NAZIs. Let’s pretend the West at some point will awaken to the danger of this barbaric ideology – not only to the people subjugated under it, but to the advance of modernity generally. We are spending trillions of dollars trying to contain a death cult when we easily could just destroy it. Why we are making this absurd, and likely existential choice, is a question for future policy makers and historians…. IF the West survives… and there is no reason to assume it will other than our own egos, egos too weak to defend our way of life against actual, honest-to-goodness, pre-modern barbarians.

… so – when we finally decide the benefits of “diversity” no longer outweigh the costs of islamism (a decision that doubtless awaits the leaving from History’s stage of the Baby Boomer (Locust) Generation), where, exactly, will we get the millions and millions of men to invade and re-conquer territories that were free just  the blink of an eye ago, but now are enslaved to barbarism? Assuming, which I think is legitimate, that post-Boomers will decide that freedom really IS worth fighting for, that other nations too weak to help themselves ARE worth liberating, if for no other reason than to stop spending our future containing them and to make more customers… where will these forces come from?

For the very simple fact of the matter is this: Never again will the West have enough spare sons to launch an invasion force across continents to defeat barbarians. Either we begin to stop them soon…. or they may not be stoppable because we will utterly lack the manpower to do so. And the manpower that will exist will not be willing to go. In the 1940s families could send one or more sons and still have sons left. Most Western families have 2 kids – at most, only one of which is male, and most will NOT sacrifice their only son for barbarians half-a-world away. My dad fought in WW2. I was in the AF during Vietnam. Would I let my son go fight in some crazy ROE-ground war against 7th Century barbarians? Umm. No.

Now, we always can nuke the barbarians, a choice I have supported for years as the least-expensive solution to the problem in both bodies and dollars. In fact, I even wrote about how best to do it in a geopolitical thriller you should buy and read (Buy it here;  read the Amazon reviews here. ) As in Japan, far more people are going to be lost to conventional fighting from 1992 (Lebanon) to whenever we finally quit shooting the enemy than would be lost if we just nuked them now and said, “Sit down, shut up, when we want to hear from you we’ll expect to be speaking with educated, moral, polite people. Until you fit the type, we don’t want to hear from you.”

But even nuking the bastards will require ground troops to help clean-up the mess and occupy what we don’t nuke. We are still in Japan and Germany nearly 70 YEARS after the end of hostilities.. and they were civilized nations… How long will we have to maintain a presence outside truly barbaric nations of Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Syria, etc.? We’re STILL talking millions of troops. Since 1979 the muslims have been showing the West what happens when they are left to their own leaders and devices, when that idiot Jimmy Carter decided Khomeini was a “Man of God” with whom he could work, and unleashed islamist terror on the civilized world.

(And since the 7th Century they’ve been killing each other over who really should have succeeded Mohammad. I mean, Allah must REALLY hate these people if he has them killing each other in the millions for centuries over who was next-in-line at the pederasty spa, right?)

What, then, becomes of the West – that neither will (now) nor can (in the future) save itself – or free others – from the despicable, barbaric despotism of sharia and political islam?

Something to think about in historic terms…

… and when we think about it we had better not just assume that, well, we conquered the NAZIs, so if it really gets bad we can conquer the islamists. Demographics says “No,” we can’t. Heck, once we could put a man on the moon. Today we can’t even put a man into orbit…. But most don’t recognize either issue.

We’ll have to destroy this ideology sooner or later. And as the character in Guys N Dolls so correctly states, “It is too late to be sooner and soon it will be too late to be later.”

About Alex Scipio

About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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