Congress Chooses Generational Theft for Obama. What to do?

So Congress passed the Cliff bill. What to do?

Let’s skip that part that this is a bill that raises revenue and so MUST originate in the House (Article 1, Section 7), and this bill originated in the Senate, so is unconstitutional from the get-go. We all know by now that Congress ignores the Constitution whenever they want. (How else to explain the new anti-gun drive when SCOTUS could not have been clearer that the 2nd Amendment confers an INDIVIDUAL right to own guns, that “shall not be infringed”?)

But the point here is yet more intergenerational theft BY Democrats FROM from the children of Conservatives. Trillions more.

(Blue State voters don’t have kids. Check Blue State (and Blue Nation – Europe, Japan) demographics. These people don’t believe in the future enough to  populate it, but are more than comfortable spending all the money the children of Conservatives (who don’t even want this crap) will ever earn…)

But – more immediately – what is going on and what can be done?

Libs will keep taking & spending as long as they can & then riot when they are told there’s no more to take.  With the Cliff bill last night raising $41 of taxes for every $1 of spending cuts – evidently Obama’s idea of “balance” – it’s clear that taking is all they know how to do.

First thing people need to grasp is that this all is going according to plan: This is Obama forcing a Marxian revolution of the proletariat, nothing less.

What happens when unskilled, uneducated masses riot under the direction of an ideologue? Ask Lenin, Trotsky, Nicholas & Alexandra. And, no, I do NOT think this is hyperbole. Obama was raised by Frank Marshall Davis, a dedicated Communist tracked by the FBI. Obama has spoken before on the flaws in our Constitution – it doesn’t inform “what the government must do” in the context of wealth redistribution. No – that was actually the entire POINT of the Constitution. But Obama’s a Marxist and knows this – he just wants to overturn capitalism, freedom, liberty and the rule of law. He is a despot. If you don’t understand this yet, it’s an open question if you ever will.

The people’s division of wealth always grows worse under Democrats, and is doing so now. Obama is systematically robbing the Middle Class and destroying jobs to give money to those too stupid or lazy to earn their own way. Once these people have lived for a couple of generations off of the labor of others (as they have been since LBJ’s Great Society began in 1964), they will be unable – not just unwilling – to earn their own way; no work ethic, no skills, no understanding of arriving on time, working hard & treating boss & customers correctly.

As America should be advancing into the Information Age, these people will hold us back in the Industrial Age with demands for low-skill labor jobs, which is all they’ll be good for as dropouts from schools bad enough to begin with – but far worse in neighborhoods of low-skill Democrat constituencies. Why do you think that their schools are worse? Democrats have owned all major metro school districts since FDR… You don’t really believe this is a coincidence, do  you, that the worst schools – and so the highest dropout rates – are in Democrat constituencies?  Educated people vote for freedom and liberty… Democrats – don’t. (And don’t confuse a degree with an education – they are not the same.)

Will the rest of the world stand still as America regresses, or will we be left behind as they progress into the Information Age WE invented?

When the money runs out, as it assuredly will, Progressive policies having failed in every single instance they have been tried (and Obama knows this, too), the path forward per Marx (Obama’s guiding ideology and that of all his major appointments) is a revolution of the proletariat (the masses – unskilled workers), the overthrow of those with any remaining money – the Middle Class – the establishment of a ruling (not governing – ruling) class (a despot & apparatchiks – Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hilary, Jarrett, etc.) and a communist state.

This all is going to plan. This – forcing a revolution of the proletariat – is what Obama meant in January 2009 when he said he was “days away from fundamentally transforming America,” by the way.

I no longer think there is a way out that doesn’t involve secession. They don’t have kids and steal our kids’ futures via their spending today. And any new Constitution of states seceding will HAVE to prohibit voting by those who do not own property, as did our original Constitution. Those who do not participate IN society cannot be allowed to become parasites ON society. Or we’ll be right back to where we now find ourselves.

How much longer will the adults with families put up with this? My guess? Have to see how the 2014 election turns out. If the establishment GOP retains power and/or the Dems gain more seats, it’ll definitely be time to go. I’d go now if a Red State would secede.

It’s also becoming clearer daily that for Americans to get back the freedoms & liberty already taken – and Obama hasn’t yet begun his 2nd term – let alone continue to be free at all and govern ourselves under the rule of law and our Constitution going forward – will, with increasing probability, require non-peaceful measures.

Which means it will come down to the military and whose side they choose. Will they obey an enemy of the Constitution and continue to abet his robbing we the people? Will they finally do their only Constitutional duty & defend our Constitution from Obama – obviously a domestic enemy? Will they stand aside as We the People sort out our freedom? Will they fight among themselves, split as will be our society? Will Guard units from Red States de-federalize and join the secessionists? TX, after all, has the largest Guard and has passed 10th Amendment legislation.  And, of course, America has about 50M registered hunters and millions more competitive shooters, so we outnumber the military by more than an order of magnitude already….

Only history will answer.

But for me & my kids, I’ll fight for the Constitution, for liberty, for America. I’m an American. It’s who I am and it’s what I do.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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