WSJ Inexplicably Believes Obama can be Brought to the Table.

Evidently the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is as stupid as the GOP leadership.

In today’s lead editorial they opine on why Obama needs to negotiate “seriously.”



On Nov 5 Obama said he wanted $800B in new taxes.

On Nov 6 the voters re-elected him.

On Nov 7 Obama said, ‘Just kidding! I really need $1.6T in new taxes. Sorry! I was lying to you by 100%. Bummer, huh?’

Did Boehner hold a press conference to remind American voters Obama had campaigned on $800B and just doubled it?


Did the media say – ‘Hey, that isn’t what you asked for yesterday when America re-elected you?’


The media told the GOP to negotiate, to come to the table, to meet Obama at least halfway.

Boehner did so, and offered $800B, or EXACTLY what Obama campaigned on, and EXACTLY halfway between $0 and $1.6T.

Obama said, “No.”

Did Boehner  tell Obama – or hold a press conference to tell the voters, to show a video of Obama campaigning on $800B, say he’d just offered $800B, exactly what the president had just campaigned on? That the president now demanded $1.6T?


Boehner returned to his “leadership” and they began negotiating with each other.

The GOP is not called the “Stupid Party” for nothing.

On December 11, Obama said, well, OK, if you insist, I’ll go with $1.2T in new taxes.

The media congratulated Obama for lowering his demands by $400B and told the GOP they needed to negotiate “seriously” now that Obama had “lowered” his demand. This means he was lying to the voters on Nov 5 by only 50%, that he now demands $400B MORE than he campaigned on – and the media call this a “cut” from Obama, and demands an increase from the GOP.

It ALSO means the media will never hold Obama to serious negotiation, so why would he – EVER – negotiate “seriously”?

What possible evidence does the WSJ Ed Board have that Obama EVER will negotiate “seriously” when he gets whatever he wants acting the dictator as he has, with a completely captive media?

Boehner then offered “Plan B,” which Obama summarily rejected. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

The media blamed the GOP. Color me shocked.

But the WSJ for inexplicable reasons still believes any reason exists for Obama to negotiate “seriously.”

NEWSFLASH: Obama IS negotiating seriously. He is negotiating for what will help HIM.

Obama doesn’t care about America – if he did he’d stop squandering our future. Obama HATES America. He has told us this in speeches, debates, interviews and his books: Capitalism is his “enemy.”

Obama doesn’t even care about the Democrat Party – how many fellow Democrats did he help campaign?

Obama cares about one thing: Taking and keeping as much power as he can – and expanding it.

Obama has the entire media and over half the voters, and the entire  military command structure in his pocket.

(The military’s ONLY Constitutional duty is to defend the Constitution; Adm Mullen, when Chair-JCS, said our debt was a “national security problem,” but maybe it doesn’t count when the domestic enemy harming our national security is also the CINC? I’ll have to go back and re-check my UCMJ, I guess, and the oath I took to the Constitution.)

Why would Obama negotiate seriously if the GOP is going to keep negotiating with themselves rather than call Obama and let him go over the cliff by himself? Whywould Obama negotiate “seriously” if the media is going to keep lying – or at least not telling the truth – to the public regardless of what Obama does?

Did Boehner hold a press conference, lay it all out and say, look, we’ve tried negotiating with this man?


Here is what Boehner should do – TODAY, Friday, 21 December, 2012:

Members of the press, thank you for attending. I have a statement to make. In the tradition you have followed with President Obama I will not be taking questions afterwards.

Mr. Obama asked for $800B in the campaign. We offered $800B. He rejected it. He shows no sign of serious negotiation, so we’re going to go home for Christmas.

We will be ready to negotiate any counter-offer Mr. Obama puts on the table, and I have instructed the House leadership to be ready to return to Washington on a moment’s notice to do so.

But we’re not going to sit here and negotiate with ourselves – that’s just not a good use of the money taxpayers pay for us to do our jobs. Nor does it fairly represent American voters and taxpayers who, in poll after poll, have said they are concerned with the amount of spending in Washington. Democrats are so far out of the mainstream of America in spending that they are in a tributary to the Columbia River feeding the Pacific while the nation is on the Mississippi and heading to the Gulf of Mexico.

We’ve offered the $800B on which the president campaigned; what he told the voters he needed to continue his work, what the voters just voted for.  He’s rejected it. We then offered more, and President Obama’s Senate leadership has said they won’t even bother to vote on it. The ball is in their court for a counter-offer. Negotiate means two sides talking. Can’t negotiate when the other side refuses to take even what they demanded. The “bi” in “bipartisanship” means “two”.

When you are hit with the largest tax increase in history, which will happen on January 1, before we return, you’ll know where to go to complain. If President Obama drives America into a new Depression, you will understand the policies that caused it – the same policies that caused the last Depression. Look it up. You media guys read history, right? Look it up: Every nation that refused to follow Keynes’ “stimulus spending” – the policies of President Obama, Ms Pelosi, Mr Reid and Mr Krugman – you do know Mr Krugman, right? – every nation that refused to follow those polices exited the Depression before the United States – every single one.

The president is a smart man – he knows the result of these policies, and it always – always – is worse for the economy of any nation that implements them. It seems clear that a Depression is what President Obama wants. In a Depression, by the way, the central government grabs more and more power. It is difficult to discover and other the goal of the president in his lack of willingness to negotiate.

The Democrats and the media seem to feel that negotiation is not necessary and President Obama should just get whatever he wants. We’ve tried to fix the problem and cannot even get an adult response. America is not a dictatorship. Evidently you in the media, Mr Reid in the Senate, and President Obama don’t quite grasp that. You also don’t seem to grasp that all tax legislation MUST begin in the House, and that the American voters just returned the GOP to the House. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

And, oh by the way, the law requires a budget every year from Congress. We have obeyed the law and produced a budget each and every year. Since the Democrats took the Senate they have disobeyed the law – that means broken the law; that the Senate leadership is  in  violation  of  the  law – every single year by not passing a budget.

Under the leadership of Harry Reid Democrats have been, are, and show every sign of continuing to act illegally. But the voters continue to send this lawbreaker back to office to spend yet more of their money. The citizens of Nevada have that right, of course.

Evidently Mr. Reid and the Democrats believe they are above the law.

Because the President, the leader of the Democrat Party, has refused to force Mr. Reid to pass a budget and obey the law, evidently the president, too, believes he is above the law.

Now President Obama has offered budgets in this timeframe, don’t get me wrong. Not one Democrat has voted for any of his budgets. Not in the House. Not in the Senate. Not one Democrat agrees to what President Obama wants to do in his budgets. But President Obama keeps pretending America wants what he wants – when America’s – when YOUR – representatives in Congress, even in his own party, refuse to give the president even ONE vote on his offered budgets.

So there you have it. The Senate Democrats are breaking the law in order to maximize the amount of your money they can spend. Having increased by 50% what he campaigned on, President Obama won’t negotiate, and not one Democrat – ever – has supported his budget – not ONE vote in either chamber of Congress.

We have offered a way forward, we have tried to negotiate. Mr. Obama has offered none, and refuses to. Mr. Reid has said he won’t vote on any bill that passes the House – reiterating his stance on the illegal actions he has been taking for years by not voting on any of the budgets we have sent up, or offering one of his own.

Democrats not only are acting illegally, they are demanding to spend without restraint. Without a budget, without a plan, without any stated goals. They just want to spend your money and your children’s money and your grandchildren’s money. And in the event you are unaware of it, if you look at the demographics of Blue States – Democrats don’t have kids – that’s why they aren’t concerned with the future. They just want to spend the money of the children and grandchildren of everyone else.

Democrats have been and demand to continue to freeload on the children of others – that’s what this really comes down to, and it’s time the voters understood that.

President Obama even wants sole control over the Debt Ceiling – to be able to spend as much as he wants with no accountability, no budget, no oversight. America didn’t just re-elect the House to give the president a limitless credit card on America’s children, or to run the printing presses nonstop to pretend things were fine. The Weimar Republic did this. Lenin did this. We know what happened in each case – and it wasn’t good. In fact, it made Greece look like a kid who’d only run out of her allowance.

America is a Republic, not a dictatorship. We do not want the president to spend without restraint on our watch, but we can’t negotiate with someone who refuses to. If President Obama and the media – YOU, ladies and gentlemen of the press – demand we drive over the cliff – then President Obama, absent any negotiation, without any sort of bipartisan approval, will, evidently, drive over the cliff.

You may decide to elect Democrats to the House in 2014, and allow Mr. Obama to spend without restraint; that is your right. But America will become Greece – and worse –  if you do, and no one is large enough to bail us out.

So we bid you “Merry Christmas,” and hope it is not your last solvent Christmas.

When Mr. Obama is ready to discuss a serious problem with the seriousness it deserves, he has my phone number – I think.

But, before we leave for Christmas, the America people need to understand what this really is about. It is NOT about two different views on liberty and freedom. It is between freedom and tyranny. Between Liberty and totalitarianism. Between a future of opportunity for our children – and how much more difficult Obama & Co have made to to achieve a prosperous future for ourselves and our posterity.

It’s ABOUT the success of the nearly Sysiphean struggle into which the Democrats have turned the American experiment. And if Obama wins this spending battle – by allowing the GOP to be blamed for what is coming and continuing his reckless spending  – America’s rock has  been pushed once again from the heights by the enemies of freedom & liberty that Democrats have become.

THAT is what this is ABOUT.

Merry Christmas. And may God bless America.

Good day.


If Boehner doesn’t do this, he needs to be replaced as Speaker. If the GOP doesn’t do this, they need to be replaced with an adult party who understands this no longer is about comity between Congressional chambers, between two parties, both of which care about America’s future.

Stop negotiating. Let Obama drive over the cliff. Let Obama light the nation on fire. Because that seems the ONLY way to wake-up this nations’ voters. But ANYTHING the GOP offers (and the danger now is they will offer something symbolic to take back to their constituents) will result ONLY in the media blaming the GOP for the catastrophe that IS coming.

Go HOME, GOP. Stop acting the child negotiating with himself. Obama wants to set the nation on fire. Let him – but don’t allow him – and his captive media – to misplace the blame.

The economy is going over the cliff, and the only thing the GOP can do is to ensure Democrats are forced to accept the blame. WIll the GOP be smart enough to do so? Or will they prove, yet again, they are called the “Stupid Party” for a reason?

Democrats WANT to destroy America – They HATE capitalism, freedom, liberty, hard work, success and failure. Democrats don’t have kids and so don’t CARE if America is destroyed tomorrow if they get to retain power today. That’s just an incontestable FACT.

Obama NEVER will allow the capitalist American economy to succeed on his watch. It would violate his entire ideology, his entire being, for capitalism to succeed – he will NEVER allow it. Nor will Pelosi. Nor will Reid.

Understand this. Deal with it. Accept it.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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3 Responses to WSJ Inexplicably Believes Obama can be Brought to the Table.

  1. Mott Sapple says:

    What a pantload, I haven’t seen that much nightsoil in a long time! What crack did that loaf of human waste slip out of, maybe Valliere Jerrets or Debbie Wassermann-Shultz(sp) big ole democratic hind end. You know thats a lot of crap slung about. Notice how the cretin uses the word retarded? What a pile of Obama this guy is, oops, I meant , you know , nature’s frosting, who gives him the right to tear into the developmentally challenged? This person revealed a great lack of intelligence , in fact , the use of the word “retarted” tells me hes’s a coward, maybe even a little on the effemenent (sp) side, always sucking on society’s nipple , willing to fornicate his way thru life provided food stamps are made available. I bet this person has a hadicapped sticker not because he’s “retarded” , but for being obese, like those people who ride around on scooters , who could change their lives, but refuse, because its too comfy the way is. Wide load, like Michelle, hell go live in Kenya you vomitus mass.

  2. Alex Scipio says:

    … And above a perfect example of the illiterate lunacy of the Party of Tolerance and Diversity. See? This is an example of no facts, no historical awareness, no economic or philosophical awareness and no education.

  3. Questionman says:

    Shut up, you retarded racist! I’m sick and tired of you black-hating turd Calling this man a traitor with No facts! Obama is NO Traitor, you’re just a retarded racist!

    No, he isn’t pure evil. Whoever told you he was is either completely insane or lying.

    No, he’s not anti-American.

    No, he’s not a traitor.

    No, obviously he isn’t destroying America. America isn’t destroyed. He’s trying to make things BETTER for the vast majority of Americans. Republicans are doing everything they can to prevent him from doing good things.

    No, he doesn’t hate America. No one who has any brain at all thinks he is, but without knowing WHY you asked your idiotic question, it’s impossible to “explain” why its idiotic.

    No, Obama isn’t a fraud. Mostly he’s been trying to do as president what he promised to do when he was running for president.

    No, he’s not a Muslim; clearly he’s a Christian.

    Yes, Obama NEVER knew his father, which means he doesn’t know WHAT he wanted for him. Whatever it was, It’s NOT to implent some fake father’s fantasy!

    How is Obama even close to a Marxist?

    He isn’t. Not even close to a Communist either! Republicans don’t even know what the difference between socialism, communism and fascism (this one no one seems to know what it is. Comes in different flavors, people) is, don’t start throwing in different strains of communism (of which Marxism is one of several).

    Figures that only the black-hating Anti-American hypocritical racists call a duly elected President a “urusper” and the fact shows Anyone who calls him that is a God-damn racist!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

    It’s no mystery here that I’ve been critical of many of Obama’s policies, however, I have spoken out when he has been unfairly characterized or treated by the right-wing media or absurd wing-nuts (some of whom post on this blog) in a variety of ways which contradict each other, and NONE of which Obama is: Liberal, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, A Muslim, anti-American, not American, gay, traitor, Usurper, an Enemy of America, a Racist, a Narcissist, a Liar, and on and on. In an alphabet of lies from the right I posted, I’ve said this fact once, I’ll say it again. The only reason the party of hypocritical louts choose to call Barack Obama a Marxist, Communist, Muslim is for the sole purpose that they cannot call him what they really want to call him, and that is NIddER!

    No good deed goes unpunished. No other president, except the Black guy would get anyway near as much scrutiny. When it’s the Black guy, everything is suspicious, “foreign”, a little bit improper.

    The president will continue to be the target of right wing extremist hate groups throughout his second term and long thereafter.
    The hard right is a disgrace and completely unworthy of any governmental office.

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