Obama, the Titanic, Dropping the Match

For unknown reasons people are (intentionally?) misunderstanding Obama’s “negotiation” on the fiscal problems of America. I am unsure why people from the WSJ Editorial Board to the Heritage Foundation to the man on the street are doing so, but they are. Perhaps they are so completely unable to adapt to the reality that is Obama that they have no way to comprehend or deal with the issues other than thinking, saying, and writing what made sense in a pre-Obama world. It’s like the GOP Cold Warriors’ complete inability to adapt to a post-Soviet world.

First metaphor: America is the Titanic. Starting in 1964, with LBJ’s Great Society Progressivism, the Democrats steered America toward the ice field as the GOP watched and, in many cases, helped. Under Captain Carter and CRA, we ran to 100% of throttle and steered directly at the iceberg, which we rammed in 2008.  The GOP began re-arranging the deck chairs. Captain Obama ever since has been backing-up and re-ramming the iceberg as hard and often as he can. The GOP has been pretending to patch the hole in the hull. America now is sinking at an accelerating rate as a re-elected Captain Obama demands to push the throttle to 110% to drive us to the seabed even more quickly.

More than half the American voters are OK with this. Most of these neither pay taxes nor have children – they do NOT participate in America, nor will their nonexistent heirs. Literally- they do NOT CARE about our future.

Obama HATES the private sector. Anyone who thinks he will allow America’s economy to recover on his watch refuses to understand the man: He WILL NOT ALLOW IT. Obama WROTE in his book that his short duration of work in the private sector made him feel he was working “behind enemy lines.”

Yet the GOP negotiates with Obama as though he is interested in America’s future. To put it mildly, this is misplaced optimism. To put it bluntly, this is insane.

In Campaign 2008, Obama TOLD us he didn’t want to raise taxes to raise revenue (pertinent portion begins at 0:18).

Obama TOLD us he knew raising taxes would NOT raise revenue. So why on earth are people still abusing themselves with the notion that he plans to raise revenue with his tax increases? And to use that revenue to plug the hole?

Obama’s goal is not to help America, not to help our economy recover; Obama’s goal is to destroy capitalism… He TOLD us this in 2008. He TOLD us in his campaigns. He TOLD us in his books. He TOLD us in speeches and debates. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is the ONLY path Obama’s radical leftist ideology allows him  to follow.

Why do we refuse to listen to the man?

To actually think Obama wants to help America – free, capitalist, federal, Constitutional America – is insane – or intentionally misunderstanding Obama. (It is difficult at this juncture to think anyone is unintentionally misunderstanding Obama given the evidence of his policies, his spending, and his own words.)

The Right needs to accept this and deal with it as the reality of Obama’s sham “negotiations.” Obama never will allow America to recover on his watch via the use of any sort of growth policies, eg. free-market capitalism; it would prove capitalism works – Obama never will allow that.

This means America cannot recover under Obama: Progressive policies have never in history resulted in recovery – they ALWAYS have resulted in economic and societal failure – and in Statism. He knows this. It is his goal: the destruction of free-market capitalism. HE  TOLD  US  THIS IN  HIS  BOOK.

Obama doesn’t care what happens to Americans, rich, poor, Middle Class, Black, White or other. Look at unemployment – he has increased it. Black unemployment – up. Female unemployment – up. Youth unemployment – record high. Black youth unemployment – catastrophic. Middle Class (whether the Democrat version – laborers – or the GOP version – mid-level professionals) – up. Americans’ unemployment, earnings, savings, net wealth – all worse.

And the problem with youth unemployment, which Obama has exacerbated (if you view the world as an adult) or aided its growth (if you’re a Progressive) is that we are creating entire generations of adults who have never worked, never earned their own way, and have become completely accustomed to – and will continue to demand – the government taking care of them.. and will vote accordingly… forever.

Obama only cares about his staying in poiwer and what happens to his elites – look at Solyndra, the UAW, and the other deals on which he burned-up trillions of OUR dollars… and of our kids’. Did he accomplish anything positive? No. Obama simply was transferring OUR dollars to his cronies and union thugbuddies.

Continuing to negotiate, or to opine that this or that of Obama’s remedies will not “work,” utterly misses the entire point – it will work for HIM.

Regardless of what happens – how far our economy falls after we go off the cliff – the MSM will blame the GOP.

No amount of rational, logical argumentation will cause this not to happen. We WILL go into a recession and the media WILL blame the GOP. One must be living in a phone booth not to understand this.

For the GOP to stand around afterwards and say, “Look we prevented as much of Obama’s destruction as we could,” will NOT alter the blame the MSM – and the voters they mal-educate – from blaming the GOP; it ONLY will result in the media parroting Obama, “If they’d just let me do what I wanted to do this wouldn’t have happened.” And THIS will result in a wipeout of the GOP in 2014.

Here’s an example: Obama ran in 2012 on an additional $800B of taxes. The day after the election $800B became $1.6T. Today the media is reporting that Obama has “come down” to $1.2T. See? He raises his demand from $800B to $1.2T – a 50% increase – and the media reports he has “come down.” Why anyone thinks this will change is beyond me.

The ONLY POSSIBLE way out is for the GOP to let Obama do what he wants and begin preparing a very serious ‘I told you so’ campaign full of facts and figures Joe Bag O’Donuts can understand.  Negotiating is counterproductive.

And running GOP Establishment candidates in 2014, from McConnell to Boehner, will NOT fix the problem. They have been part of the gang re-arranging the deck chairs since they arrived in DC.

The problem is that the GOP still pretends that Obama actually wants to fix the problem. What on earth has given them this idea when he CREATED most of the problem with his utterly reckless spending?

There also remains this utterly fictional idea that Democrats care about the future and so don’t want to bankrupt America and, ultimately, will do the right thing to avoid doing so.

The problem here is that this is complete projection of GOP values on Democrats.

Take a look at Democrat constituencies and policies and tell me which support a future – ANY future? They don’t have kids.  They hate technological progress. Obama already told us ATMs are the work of the Devil as they displace human Tellers. Advances in productivity are rejected by Dem voters as they require changes to the way people work or the education they receive. Democrats HATE change.

But the clincher is that they don’t have children. Why on earth any thinking person actually believes an entire cohort of people that does not even have children gives a damn about the future is utterly beyond me. Yet that is the foundation of all the “negotiations” the GOP demands to hold.

The GOP isn’t called “The Stupid Party” for no reason.


Let me change metaphors from the Titanic. Perhaps it’ll make more sense.

Obama, Reid and Pelosi are holding a lit match. The media is pouring gasoline all over America. Blue states and cities are demanding more gasoline.  The GOP leadership are pretending that if they can get Obama to agree to shovel 10 lbs of sand on trillions of gallons of gasoline, they somehow will stop the fire, and that the destruction they don’t avoid won’t be blamed on them.

Let it burn. The Media will burn first and hottest, followed by Blue states and cities. There is no other way to get the Progressives out – and even this may be too late.

But for the GOP to join the pretense that it won’t all go up in flames when Obama, Reid and Pelosi drop the match to America’s future… is insane.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  2. Arch Hughes says:

    Because he is black and everyone is afraid to speak the truth.

    Just like the birth certificate issue. Why doesn’t some with the authority to do so address that farce and case the facts?

    Just like the illegal executive orders. Why doesn’t some member of congress take POTUS to court to enforce the constitutional enumeration (separation) of powers?

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