MI, WI, RTW and the Decline of Today’s Regressive Democrat Party

Realize it or not, we are witnessing the continued, and accelerating, growth of a large, under-the-radar, move to the Right in America right now, and it’s called the Right to Work movement. MI voted for Obama by ten points – and now, weeks later, passes RTW?  That can be called a “sea change.” Or it can be called “Freedom.” But it DEFINITELY is a move toward individual liberty and away from the dictatorial Prog Left.

In our newspeak Orwellian world, the “Right to Work” in America is opposed by “worker” organizations and our current government, and, most interestingly, by the political party that pretends to be “for” the worker.

If the “pro-worker” party fights tooth-and-nail against the right of a worker to get a job and exercise Choice as to whether to belong to a union, demands policies that drive DOWN employment and wage growth, drive DOWN the accumulation of wealth and prosperity by working men and women, one would hate to see an “anti-worker” party…

It also demonstrates better than could anything else, what the Democrat Party truly believes regarding freedom of choice for the individual American citizen – and that is that they do NOT believe in it outside of the social issues that truly are not the business of any government:

  • No choice in belonging to a union
  • No choice in paying union dues
  • No choice in the school your kids attend.
  • No choice in health insurance
  • No choice in lowering the standard of living of your children to raise the standard of living of someone else’s children
  • No choice in owning a gun
  • etc.

If Progs CAN prevent you from doing something, they DEMAND to be able to do so. Progressives are anti-freedom, period. Today’s Democrats are totalitarian in all but name. There simply is no logical alternative conclusion from any review of their policies.

Basically, in today’s America, one needs a law to give one the right to work, to contract as they want for their time and labor – how crazy is that? Not crazy at all for the Left.

WI and MI have basically joined the RTW group of states, which now numbers 24, covering 40.3% of the US population, but 59.4% of new private sector business. RTW states create more private sector jobs, have faster income growth and higher business growth. RTW states have lower debt, lower unemployment, higher employment growth, lower cost of living. As the economy continues to die under Obama’s policies, more and more people will move to RTW states – that’s where ALL the real (ie private sector) jobs of the past decade have been created.

As workers stop joining unions, and this is what they do when they are allowed CHOICE, unions will have a decreasing impact on elections, and freedom again will begin to prevail.

The below are from this Politifact report.


  • From April 2001 to April 2011, the most recent month available. We found 15 of the 22 right-to-work states were among the top 25 states in job growth.
  • The four states with the greatest decrease [in job growth] were all Rust Belt states that have relied on manufacturing: Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. None of those are right-to-work states.
  • Thirteen of the 22 [now 24] right-to-work states were among the top 25 states in job growth.
  • Four of the five states with the lowest private-sector job growth rates were not right-to-work states.
  • Nine of the nation’s 10 fastest-growing states over the past decade were right-to-work states.


I don’t think people really grasp the net effect of this yet. But as RTW increases and/or workers move to RTW states, less money (huge amounts less money) are available to fund GOTV for the Dems. This is why Obama is bloviating about the MI law – something absolutely none of the business of the president or federal government. The Democrat Party is scared to death of RTW.

When WI recently passed legislation making union dues voluntary – not quite RTW, but closer than it was, “The state’s second-largest union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, had membership fall to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, the Journal said Thursday. The organization’s AFSCME Council 24, composed of state workers, fell more than two thirds to 7,100 from 22,300 last year.”

This will be fatal to Progs; RTW is an existential disaster for the Left, and people not yet making the link are unaware of it.

Unions not only contribute serious cash to the re-election of Dems, they spend tens of millions of in-kind dollars on carpools to the polling places, phonebanks for Dems, precinct walkers, ACORN vote fraud, etc. Democrats cannot win without forced unionism, and if unionism isn’t forced it becomes extinct.

Unions served a good purpose back in the Industrial Age. But we are not IN the Industrial Age anymore, and the health and safety advances they brought now are codified. Unions now are simply collectives enriching those at the top, impoverishing those at the bottom, and spending the money of the workers on anti-worker Dem politicians, legislation and regulation.

Unions, Industrial Age collectivist relics out of place in the Information Age, now retard our full move into the Information Age, which is our future. The Information Age requires different skills, faster decision making and more merit as changes occur at an accelerating rate. Change is anathema to a Left that is completely Luddite.

The entire Left political machine and philosophy are based on the Industrial Age, an age fading to antiquity whether or not Progs like it or even understand it. Their model CANNOT change the decline of the Industrial Age or the rise of the Information Age, and rather than adjust to move forward with the world, they demand on regression and ignoring the changes the Information Age is bringing – and requiring. It’s like pretending they can hold-back the tide – they cannot; in fact, they refuse to admit the tide even exists.

Who will suffer the most from Prog policies? Those who ALWAYS have suffered the most from Prog policies: The workers, their families, their futures. NO historical examples exist of Progressive policy helping anyone. EVERY historical example of Prog policy is destruction.

Fortunately it is precisely the low-info voter, the one who really has no idea what is going on, that not only votes for the stupendously empty rhetorical nonsense of Progs like Obama, but also is moving RTW because it no longer seems “fair” to them in this world of “Choice” demanded by Progs, that workers not have a “Choice” in paying union dues or even in joining a union. They want a job, and who do these folks think they are demanding that they join some union run by some fat-cat non-worker in order to have that job?

Even people not paying attention can occasionally do the right thing.

No one votes in any numbers for Dems because of policy issues; even abortion soon will go by-the-way as a Prog advantage as America continues to become more pro-life. Dems haven‘t had a new idea since FDR, and now are demanding basically a slow-walk to Marxism: What is “paying their fair share” and “social justice” if not a restatement of “From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs”?

THIS is what Obama was talking about in 2009.

But – Take away hundreds of millions in dues from unions to the DNC, and Progs will be less-and less-able to compete, less and less-able to prevent people from exercising their freedom of choice, less and less-able to transform America into something it has fought for over 200 years NOT to be.

Some people are legtimately concerned that as workers migrate to RTW states theywill bring Dem voting histories with them, changing Red states to Blue. Maybe so – it’s up to the pols in those states to convince their new voters of why they came there to begin with. But  I cannot see workers moving to a RTW state and then demanding it become closed shop in numbers large enough to affect the law. We’ll see…. Besides, as this RTW wave becomes larger – as it will continue to do – the number of non-RTW “closed shop” states will continue to decline until the issue is no more relevant to the average voter than the tax we paid until 2006 on our phone bills to pay for the Spanish American War.

But there’s also this mitigating factor in more states voting to become closed shop: It ain’t happening, and the more we move FROM the Industrial Age, the fewer jobs will even exist FOR manual labor, Industrial Age workers, unionized or not: Half the population is below average, likely unable to compete the farther we move into the Information Age. THIS is a problem we must fix – and are ignoring. And the longer we let the Progs run the K-12 system, the worse this problem will be. Moving to the right via RTW laws will help fix the education systems, making ALL Americans better-=able to adapt to the Information Age that is coming and cannot be stopped.

The voters increased the numbers of GOP governors and statehouses in both 2010 and 2012. The GOP now controls 30 of 50 governorships. Job growth is happening in GOP-governed states. Job growth is declining in Dem-controlled states. Debt is increasing in Dem-controlled states, retarding future growth – and future populations aware of  it – as intelligent people see no need to work in a state that will HAVE to take an increasing share of their labor to pay off their debt, debt originating in vote-buying by Dems, and for the support of the declining Blue-state Industrial Age social model.

(One thing the GOP MUST do while it still controls the House is to pass legislation outlawing the federal government from bailing-out individual states. Such a bailout would require tax increases and all tax increases must start in the House. We MUST pass this now – it will be very difficult to overturn later.)

So it may take time, but RTW is going to capitalize on the Obama economy – which intentionally is accelerating the decline of jobs and America’s future. RTW will move – is moving – the entire country to the right  – and the average lefty voters won’t even notice.

This is why Obama shows up in WI and MI to press closed-shop. RTW is fatal to Progs – and the average Prog voter doesn’t grasp this. More importantly, the average low-info voter is moving to the idea that people ought to have a choice, what’s wrong with that – their party has been demanding “choice” for decades, unknowingly helping destroy the Dems.

It’s important, too, to recognize that closed shop, non-Right to Work states, join their brethren Blue states in any number of Prog pathologies: Fewer jobs, higher taxes, more govt employees as a percentage of the labor force, less entrepreneurship, fewer children.

None of these traits are healthy for the future of a community or nation. It was Prog policy, and LBJ making it the “Model City” for Prog policy, that turned the wealthiest-per-capita major metro in America in the 1950s to the poorest major metro in America today, a city that is bulldozing abandoned homes to make more farmland and less space for gangs: Detroit.

All of these Prog traits are sacrosanct to the Left.

Look at just education and the enormous quality decline since teacher unionization occurred:  Dems tell everyone at election time they want better education and so we need to raise taxes to pay for it. We spend more than any other industrialized country on education – and have worse results. The education profession, for Dems, simply is a captive dues market to fund Dem policies; they don’t care about better education. Their recently-retired General Counsel, Bob Chanin, admitted this in so many words in his retirement speech, to a standing ovation by the teachers to whom he was speaking.

Democrats have owned every single major metro school district / council since FDR. ALL have gotten worse. If Dems WANTED better education, we’d HAVE better education, period. When Dems have owned ALL the levers of education power for generations, HOW can the decline of the education they have owned NOT be their fault? That makes no sense at all.

Good education is not a priority to a cohort that does not have children however, and Democrats — don’t.

MI, the home of the UAW, just voted RTW. This is a state in which Obama out-polled Romney by ten points. Turns out America’s workers have been listening to the Progressive’s constant demand for “Choice.” Now they, too, want a choice – in joining a union and paying dues. Surprise, surprise. Ain’t freedom a bitch?

Likely this will draw the same nonsensical lawsuits and recalls as in nearby-WI. The adults won those and more than likely will win them in MI as well.

The trend is toward freedom. Union contributions to Dems have slowed that trend since the 2006 Congressional election. But in 2010 and again in 2012 the adults picked up statehouses. Since the  Roberts decision on Obamacare, states are choosing to opt-out from Obamacare, the centralization of health insurance. Because the law was written to preclude the Feds from spending money at the state level if the states chose not to, Obamacare will die, too, as America continues its move to freedom…

… and away from the regressive Democrat Party fighting against the future of freedom and liberty it fears.

Freedom and liberty will prevail, despite the setback of today’s anti-future, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-People, anti-American Progs.

We just need to keep moving it forward by supporting those grass-roots organizations doing the hard work that is not always that glamorous but that will, in the end, ensure freedom and liberty for our children, and the opportunity for all that always has been the American Dream.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  1. fgoings says:

    I get where you’re coming from. But I really don’t think that half the population is below average. Ido think that their loyalty lies wth people that take advantage of what they believe is right. I’ve worked both in a union controlled and non union business. Both in the same line. Any worker is trainable but the problem is with unions. they are limited to certain jobs and their training is incomplete. But the same people can do anything asked with training

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