America has Troops on the Turkish-Syrian Border… WHY?!? Go Ahead, Assad — Gas Al Qaeda!

I can’t think of one reason for the loss of ONE American life for anyone in Syria. Yet it seems this is the plan of America’s president.

On one side there is Assad – a despot with whom Syrians have put up for a generation, and his father before him. Obviously not enough of the citizenry care enough to remove him – or he’d be removed. Peasants overthrew the Czars (Russia’s, not Obama’s). A bunch of farmers overthrew the British Empire in America. A bunch of students overthrew the Shah. One man stopped a tank column in Tianenmen Square. If the majority of Syrians wanted Assad out, he’d be gone. Ask Mursi – he just fled his own palace (wonder on which side Obama will come down on THAT?).

Oh, yeah, Putin is on Assad’s side, too, and the only Russian naval port in the Med, the ONLY remaining Russian military base outside the former Soviet Union, is in  …. Syria.

On the other side we have al Qaeda, whom America is arming for the fight with Assad with Ghaddafi’s weapons, which was what Benghazi was all about, and why it has been and will continue to be covered-up by Obama. And America has stationed American troops on the Syrian-Turkish border to “protect” al Qaeda rebels against Assad if need be.

(WHO deployed them? Was it Congress, the ONLY branch of government that can DEPLOY our military forces? Nope – Obama – the military are as deep in the tank as Palace Guards for the president as are the media.)

We are protecting al Qaeda? Seriously?  Yep – That’s who’s fighting Assad…. And if it gets much worse we’ll be DYING for al Qaeda – as we pretend to try to kill them in Afghanistan, which Obama has us leaving in a mess – coincidence? Adults don’t beleive in them…

And this small expeditionary force of American “tripwire” soldiers is on the border – WHY? To get killed as a tripwire in support of al Qaeda? To what end? To launch NATO v. Syria and Russia? If Americans are attacked the attack will be on Turkish soil – and they are there to BE attacked, what other possible reason is there for their presence – to restore democracy in Syria or Turkey? And, when they are attacked, what will be the response of America’s truly idiotic Congress? Can you spell “Tonkin Gulf Resolution“?

Turkey is in NATO. If American forces in Turkey, on the border, are attacked by Syria and its sponsor Russia, it will be an attack on NATO… NOW WHAT?

This stupefyingly dumb administration and that idiot failed lawyer from Arkansas, Hillary (about whom no one ever would have heard absent Monica Lewinsky), are about to get the US into a major war for what? To support al Qaeda?

Well, that’s who we’ve been arming in Syria. That’s who we sponsored in the overthrow of Mubarak. That’s who we supported in the overthrow of Ghaddafi. That’s where the Benghazi-gate weapons are going.

If Assad wants to gas al Qaeda – LET HIM.

The legal foundation for the GWOT is to attack and destroy terrorist organizations. America has long-identified al Qaeda as a terrorist organization. It is al Qaeda fighting Assad. Rather than attacking al Qaeda, we are arming and funding them in Syria, and overthrowing their opponents across North Africa – and doing the same as we quit the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, if we no longer are willing to fight and kill al Qaeda, let Assad do so.

Go ahead, Assad – gas al Qaeda.

No amount of Syrians are worth the life of ONE American.

Is saving – or tossing – Assad worth the life of YOUR SON? No?


It is way past time to get serious with al Qaedawhy not let Assad DO SO?


If American voters had three working brain cells and a decent education and cared a whit about what goes on beyond their borders, they’d have rejected Bush pere’s attack on Hussein in Kuwait decades ago, which set us up for all the rest of this.

Think: the AMERICAN ambassador to Iraq, Ms April Glaspie, in a stupefyingly ignorant converastion with Saddam, told him we didn’t really care about Kuwait. This moron obviously was ignorant of history: What happened when Acheson left Korea out of the containment zone in that major speech? Right – the Korean War.


Now this tool Glaspie told Saddam – ‘that’s not our business.’

What’d Saddam do next? He made it HIS business. This only surprised liberals – the rest of us understand how the world works.

But then what did Bush 41 do next? He decided that Kuwait was worth dying for. Seriously? And when we freed them and left what was one of the first things they did? Execute an apostate, your basic pre-modern action by a pre-modern society.

We spent $60B and 148 American lives for THAT?

Here’s what would have made sense: Let Saddam take Kuwait. WHO CARES?  Then he would have taken Saudi Arabia. DITTO.  Then in Saddam’s wisdom and triumph he would have turned West to take Israel, who promptly would have nuked his sorry ass and his thousands of tanks, and destroyed the entire problem at NO COST to America in LIVES OR TREASURE. Would that have created a bigger problem? The Saudis were terrified of Saddaam – THEY wouldn’t have complained. Iran had just finished a 10-year war with Hussein, THEY wouldn’t have cared. Russia was just getting over the Cold War and still getting over Afghanistan – THEY wouldn’t have cared… Israel would have taken care of the biggest problem in the Middle East, and no one – but a bunch of stupid American college students and professors (but I repeat myself ) – would have CARED.


So now history repeats. A despotic Middle East dictator is having local troubles.


.. so WE won’t have to.


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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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