The Fiscal Cliff, Obama and the GOP

So we have about 9,000,000 Republicans demanding that Obama negotiate with the GOP to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” Taxes can’t be raised without the GOP going along, so they are demanding the House stand firm against taxes. Gingrich. Hatch. Boehner. Everyone you’ve ever HEARD of.

Do you have ANY idea how monumentally STUPID this is? The GOP isn’t called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

Dr John Searle, head of the Dept of Philosophy at Berkeley, and a philospher about whose ideas conferences are held now – while he is still alive – has a great statement about the political Left v. Right: “The right’s so stupid it’s not even worth discussing. But the left is evil.”  And it seriously is difficult to disagree with his statement about the Right when so many in positions of power in the GOP actually believe that things NONE of the business of limited government (abortion, homosexuality) somehow are MORE important than national security, education, taxes & the economy… you know, our ENTIRE  FUTURE ?!? If you doubt there is a “Taliban wing” of the GOP, you are kidding yourself.

How about we STOP  BEING  STUPID  and STOP  THE  EVIL ???

The GOP seems not to have noticed that the media – the primary education vehicle for over 90% of American voters – is totally, completely submerged one billion feet deep in the tank for Obama. That man could murder his wife in the Rose Garden during a press conference on live international television and the media would claim it to be “racist” for anyone wanted to arrest him. Really. (Hat tip: KT.)

(If you doubt this look at Benghazi. Obama LIED for weeks to everyone and anyone, as did his entire staff. Americans DIED while Obama & Co WATCHED  FOR  HOURS and did… NOTHING.  Then he fired Gerneals and Adminrals who TRIED to do SOMETHING…. AND  EVERYONE  PAYING  ATTENTION  KNOWS  THIS – AND  OBAMA  KNOWS  THAT  WE  KNOW  THIS… AND  HE  KEEPS  LYING…. Yet it is “racist” to call him or his half-wit UN Ambassador to-account for their behavior that directly resulted in the deaths of an Ambassador and three other Americans – or for LYING  TO  THEIR  EMPLOYERS  – We the People –  ever since.)

Anything – ANYTHING – the GOP does to NOT give Obama EVERYTHING  HE  WANTS  in the fiscal cliff negotiations WILL  result in President Hilary in 2016, and the final destruction of our Constitutional Republic. FACT.

Look – America has over $80 TRILLION of Debt that is ON THE BOOKS. This measly $16T is less than one-fifth of the problem. To think that we can’t raise tax rates on those with zillions – and who helped create this mess (they give much more to pols than you or I) is just obtuse. Perhaps existentially so.

(If the GOP really cared about the spending problem they’d start zero-ing out accounts like the Dept of Ed, the Dept of Energy, the TSA, Homeland Security (we already HAVE  a Department of Defense… call me “crazy,” but… isn’t it responsible for… DEFENSE ????). Zero out the salaries, benefits, expenses, staffs for all the “czars,” any funding at all for Obamacare, cut DoD in half, stop ALL spending on Iraq and Afghanistan (and Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and any other pre-modern “country” (and quit pretending we can make these pre-modern tribesmen into a modern Western Liberal Democracy), and start going after TRILLIONS, not just a billion here and there.

If the GOP really cared about the spending problem, the GOP would USE their power of the purse in exactly the same way the Dems reneged on the treaty ending the war in Vietnam – zero the funding for stuff you don’t like.

But since the Baby Boomers currently running the GOP are afraid of wetting their pants when yelled at by the Baby Boomers in the Democrat & Corrupt Media Party, they continue to pretend that anything less than just zeroing accounts will stop the spending. Newsflash: It won’t. And since the GOP lacks the balls to take bold action and destroy this Leviathan they have helped create, they should stop playing around the edges and let the Dems OWN  THE  PROBLEM.)

NOTHING  ANYONE  CAN  DO can stop the fiscal train wreck that is coming in the next four years. NOTHING. If no taxes are raised on the seriously rich, does anyone really think the blame will be placed on Obama? Reid? Pelosi?


No matter WHAT happens, if the Dems don’t get ALL  THEY  WANT, the UNAVOIDABLE upcoming fiscal problems WILL  BE  BLAMED  ON  THE  GOP.  And NOTHING the GOP can do will stop the Corrupt Media, and hence the voters, from doing so: then Hilary WILL win the next presidential election. Single-Payer health care WILL become the law of the land. Two more Communist Justices WILL overturn Heller and negate the 2nd Amendment. Voter ID NEVER will be enacted. The border WILL disappear. Education WILL become worse than it is now. And America WILL be closer to the USSR than to Greece. Even PRAVDA knows this (link includes parts of a Putin speech that are worth reading, BTW).

There simply is no way to honestly believe otherwise.

And, no, the facts do NOT matter to America voters – if they did we’d have President Romney right now. Pretending that the American people will understand the facts and support the GOP in these negotiations is to go against ALL  RECENT POLITICAL  HISTORY. To pretend the American voter even will be PRESENTED with the facts by the Corrupt Media is, quite simply, insane.

The media is the ENEMY of the Constitution, liberty, the Rule of Law, and of America. If you doubt this listen to this speech by Pat Caddell – a former DEMOCRAT pollster making EXACTLY  THIS  POINT in a recent 26-min speech well worth listening to / watching. This guy is not a GOP supporter, he’s a life-long Democrat operative – but he IS a supporter of America. The media  enemy WILL ensure that ANY upcoming fiscal problem is hung around GOP necks. (And it isn’t just the Left. Try to watch all of just two Hannity programs without coming away with the idea that this guy is just a dog on a bone he cannot let go of and move on, open his mind to other ideas; talk about ‘stuck on stupid.’)

The GOP is yammering about “our voters didn’t send us here to raise taxes.” So what? We didn’t send them there to destroy the country, either, and becoming an obstacle to the Depression Obama DEMANDS we have, WILL destroy America by placing the blame for ALL of it on the GOP, as will continuing to cater to the Far Right SoCon idiots (yes, that is redundant).

Have the Depression – it’s probably going to happen anyway, no matter who does what – but let it be Obama’s fault and use it to DESTROY  THE  PROGRESSIVES – the ENEMIES of freedom and liberty in every country at every time in which their policies have been adopted.

Who’d we get after the proto-Progressive FDR? Truman – he nuked the bad guys. Then Ike – he whacked the Norks and built the interstates. Then JFK – a far right radical by today’s standards… Let Obama have his childish, ignorant, destructive ways, and then let the voters hold HIM and the Democrat & Corrupt Media Party accountable for the disaster.

The Progressive Leviathan the GOP has helped to build (remember, Bush 43 spent money faster than Clinton and created an entirely new entitlement in prescription drugs; it’s ignorant to pretend this is all the fault of the Dems) cannot be destroyed by cutting off the odd little toe. It must be overfed and, like a horse with free access to unlimited grain, it will kill itself. Or it must undergo serious amputation – like the GOP going after TRILLIONS, as described above. If the GOP won’t amputate – and they won’t – give the Progressive horse its head and let it kill itself.

I wrote this post over two years ago. It seems completely apropos now in discussing the seriously rich, and that no Conservative principle is served by paying people tens of millions of dollars to show up and do a good – or even a crap – job. Before Baby Boomers, serious executives would have been EMBARRASSED to make tens of millions of dollars for going to work. Cary, Akers, the CEOs of IBM in the 1980s and 1990s, made max $5M to run a company worth $50B+. That’s not good enough for a Boomer running Disney or HP into the ground? Why? But since shame doesn’t work with Baby Boomers, regulation will have to be used. It just needs to be sensible, which it can be.

The post linked above also offers a concept in dealing with this problem using mostly market mechanisms – which are better than an ALL-GOVERNMENT mechanism, which seems to be what we are about to get.

If the GOP had three working brain cells they’d be pursuing something like this.

Exactly WHAT conservative principle is advanced by paying a failed executive $90M to go away – yet paying the janitors in his company $25K? What?

Read the post for a discussion of this – serious and real – problem, and one intelligent way to deal with it. I’m sure there are others, but I also am sure that letting the Communists in the Democrat & Corrupt Media Party design them is sub-optimal, to say the least.

But right now, the GOP needs to just get OUT OF THE WAY. Vote “Present” and let the Dems hold ALL, and completely UNDENIABLE, responsibility for what is coming.

I repeat:  ANYTHING the GOP does to preclude Obama getting ALL he wants WILL result in the electoral wipeout of the GOP in 2014, the election of Fellow-Traveler Hillary in 2016, and the final destruction of our Constitutional republic.

NOTHING the GOP can do will cause the upcoming mess to be blamed on anyone OTHER THAN the GOP – unless the GOP is smart enough to give in 100% and let the Democrats OWN the upcoming Depression.

The GOP must GET OUT OF THE WAY, give the Dems ALL THEY WANT… and let them OWN  IT.

Anything else – ANYTHING ELSE – is suicide for the Republic, and our childrens’ futures.

(And for those who still, who unaccountably and irrationally, think Democrats care about the future and so will negotiate to save it for their kids simply does not understand the demographics of Blue and Red states. For them: a primer on why Dems don’t care about the future.)

If the GOP is smart enough to get out of the way, even the Democrat & Corrupt Media Party will be held accountable by the voters and the GOP will again be ascendant – until and unless the public again figures out they are too stupid to govern because they demand that “limited government” under the enumerated powers of the Constitution somehow also includes getting the feds involved in social issues not even raised in that Constitution.

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  3. SUSAN says:

    Completely agree with this approach and continue to be mind.boggled. over the GOP’s lack of strategy, intestinal fortitude and ability to articulate why a conservative stance makes sense for America. Heck, a majority of the wealthiest counties voted for the Liar in Chief!! LET ’em pay more freaking taxes!! Your article on executive pay is spot on as well. As a corporate America slave, I rail regularly against the outrageous incomes paid to the Honchos….like you said, just for showing up in many cases.

  4. Joe Caulfield says:

    Good job, and well said. Once again you and I are of the same thinking. Your eloquence is captivating.

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