What’s Next – Part 2

The other day I posted a question: “What’s next” with regard to Obama, Benghazi, etc.

Below is where things seem to be leading. For a view of what should be our next step as a nation, please read the next post: “What to do About Obama & Benghazi-gate” once you have read the below. Thanks.


A wave of investigation seems to be roaring to a crest right now: Let’s see where it seems to be going…

Obama fired Petraeus … for an “affair” … coincident with last Friday afternoon’s data dump. The affair seems to have been ongoing for some time and the firing delayed to after the election. Now we’re being told Petraeus can’t / won’t testify, that he’s likely “lawyering-up.” So he has trashed his entire career, one of the best & brightest in American’s armed forces in generations. Far as I am concerned, any affair (if indeed there was one) is between Petraeus and his wife. Sure, if it’s true he needed to go due to blackmail issues. But if he does NOT testify to what happened in Benghazi, he has thrown away any semblance of honor as he “fades away.” Congress certainly can grant immunity for any testimony and, I think, will do so. But it’s up to Petraeus, even under subpoena, to say anything. But if he does get subpoena’d and takes the 5th, guess what: It won’t be about an affair; it’ll be about Obamna’s role in Benghazi-gate. And if Obama calls Exec Priv…. well then, that gun is smoking – and probably not out of ammo…

Hillary says she’s Off to See the Wizard to cannot possibly make schedule time for a Congress doing its job overseeing the Executive Branch re: Benghazi. (Congress holds State’s purse strings. Congress immediately should terminate all budget and monies for State, including all salaries, travel & living expenses, medical and retirement benefits, etc., including Hillary’s, until and unless she testifies. And ‘I don’t remember’ isn’t good enough. It’s time – past time – for the truth.)

The incoming CEO of the largest DoD contractor (Lockheed Martin) is fired… for an “affair…”.

General Ham (AfriCOM) and Admiral Gaouette (Carrier Task Force Stennis, Mediterranean) were relieved the day after the Benghazi attack. Some reports are that General Ham was sacked 30 seconds after he was ordered to stand-down his in-progress rescue op. Only POTUS can sack him and only would do so for refusing a POTUS order to  “stand-down” the op – for trying to save Americans. You don’t sack a 4-star for FOLLOWING orders… Obama SAYS he gave rescue orders… orders NO ONE can find…. and then Obama then FIRED the guy in charge of rescues in the theater…. hmmm….


I covered much of the immediate Benghazi fallout here and here.

More certainly is to come.

What was Benghazi about?

It seems clearer daily that it was a gunrunning scheme to arm Al Qaeda in Libya, coupled with advancing the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Al Qaeda is the military arm.  (Google “benghazi gunrunning” and you get about 2.3M hits in 0.24 seconds.)

Has this precedent under Obama? What do you think ousting Ghaddafi was about, if not enabling the Muslim Brotherhood to capture Libya in addition to the Egypt Obama was giving it by ousting Mubarak (who had long outlawed the MB and kept its leaders in jail for decades)? Why’d we whack Ghaddafi anyway? Poor guy gives-over his nuke program right after we engage Iraq… and we get him killed on the street for his efforts… Seems like such a great way to get the third world dictators to be on our side – have them do what we ask and drop a few JDAMs on them for their efforts…)

Egypt, Libya, Syria. Obama has in the past two years given over to the MB, to Islamists intent on enacting 7th -Century pre-modern Sharia law, hundreds of millions of North Africans and South Asians. The MB demands Sharia and a regression to the 7th Century and a pre-modern world. Women are totally subjugated under Sharia. Gays are murdered. Rape victims are whipped or stoned to death. Western freedoms and liberties are tossed-out along with modernity. (These are NOT “universal” human rights; they are believed to be so only because the West has remained ascendant for a century; Obama obviously wishes to reverse that ascendancy and put the pre-modern in charge – at least of North Africa and South Asia, and coming soon to a theater near you (ask Dearborn, MI).)

Who is advising Obama and his administration? Is there a mole running loose?

Valerie Jarrett, the power behind the throne, was born in Iran. Hilary’s BFF is Huma Abedin, who is a member of MB, and whose family has generations-long ties to the MB. Is there a mole in the WH giving all our secrets to the Islamist terrorist enemies of freedom, liberty and the West? Yes, and she’s the closest advisor to America’s Secretary of State, (very conveniently) married to Weiner… is “spy” too tough a word choice here? I think not.

And remember, in Obama’s autobiography, he wrote that when things got dicey, he’d “stand with the muslims.” He really doesn’t need a mole, does he?

Guess what? Things are dicey and getting more so.

The two SEALs Obama watched die in Benghazi were not in-country for Consulate security. Virtually no one at the upper reaches of the Chain of Command even knew they were there; the Chain of Command all thought security had been completely (successfully?) stripped, 34 men removed from the security staff last August. against the will of the Ambassador (and in preparation for this attack?). The SEALs were both happenstance and the only reason the Benghazi Consulate, 2012 did not become the Tehran Embassy 1979.

Attacking the Consulate were a bunch of MB-organized terrorists, most likely run by the Russians. They did not expect resistance. One of the initial attackers is heard on video saying in Arabic when bullets started coming his way, “Don’t shoot. Morsi sent us.” Well, who was left to shoot? Obama had pulled all American security. Only Libya-led “defenders” remained, and they melted into the night. The MB attackers only knew that the American security detail had been removed – and probably had been told that the Libyan “security” team would NOT shoot..

Who was firing back? Two guys who were not known by the Administration to even be there. Ooops… The members of the local MB club, too, were surprised – maybe even as much as was Obama, when rounds started coming downrange against them from the SEALs.

What was the next step? A distress call from an ambassador? Who would have gotten that?

POTUS – Obama “stand with the muslims”

SecState – Hillary – BFF: Huma Abedin

CIA – Petraeus (“resigned”)

AfriCOM – General Ham (relieved)

USS Stennis Task Force – Adm Gaouette (relieved)

Would anyone else be aware of this operation? It is not uncommon for executive level DoD contractors to be embarked on USN ships. I have a brother-in-law high-up at Boeing, who spends time on destroyers and other ships of the line. Was the incoming CEO of Lockheed/Martin in a location to oversee the Benghazi video?  Does Lockheed / Martin make armed drones? Yes…Is there an upcoming armed drone shoot-off? Yes. Is Lockheed participating? Yes. Would it make sense for Lockheed to watch battlefield footage to understand needs & capabilities? Yes…

Was the incoming CEO of L/M just fired? Yes.

What happened next?

At the strategic level:

A distress call from an Ambassador was received. Standing orders are that this call immediately initiates a rescue op. If no one says or does anything, a rescue mission is launched. The ONLY way this rescue mission is NOT launched is if a formal “Stand Down” order is given by POTUS or SecDef. SecDef is a career politician with zero experience to become a qualified SecDef (or DCI), and completely in the pocket of POTUS.

Obama tells us he did three things. All of these include orders. No one can produce any of those orders.

Obama is lying, period.

Was a rescue mission launched under Standing Orders?

The laser designators the SEAL was using only works when synced with an on-station attack aircraft. Reports thus far indicate the lasers were working. One of the SEALs, an experienced combat veteran, left his machine gun, under attack and undermanned, to lase the mortar pit. He would not have done so unless the laser was synced and an attack A/C overhead. He would not have done so had the laser been unable to sync. No combat veteran would leave a fight to lase a target under an empty sky.

What kind of attack aircraft are in-theater?

  • AC-130. These are run by SpecOps and owned in Africa by AfriCOM, whose leader was immediately fired. Did he launch the required rescue mission? Did AfriCOM put an AC-130 overhead? Do he do so against orders, or not recall it against orders? Is that why he was sacked?
  • F/A-18. These are carrier A/C and the USS Stennis has lots. Adm Gaouette was fired the next day. Did Gaouette put F/A-18s overhead? Do he do so against orders, or not recall it against orders? Is that why he was sacked?
  • CIA runs armed drones. Petraeus now has been fired – a week before he was to testify to Congress. Did CIA put armed drones overhead? We KNOW there were drones – it was drone video on which Obama watched our men die.

It seems past obvious that a rescue mission WAS launched, and everyone who could have done so has now been fired.

Was the rescue mission allowed to engage the enemy? No. This is why Americans died, Americans who probably never in their wildest dreams had thought that POTUS would stand in the way of a rescue mission, that they would die as their Commander In Chief watched…. and did NOTHING.

Who can disallow engagement? POTUS.

Who else would know what’s going on?

SecState surely was in on the 3AM video call from the on-station drone denied to engage the mortar pit. Hillary now has an appointment behind with someone behind the curtain and can’t make her scheduled testimony date with Congress. She also has said she’s stepping down in January. Color me un-surprised.


OK. Seems obvious what we have here is a coverup of at a minimum illegal arms transfers to an enemy with which we are legally at war, globally (Congress voted to authorize hostilities against Al Qaeda). And, at a maximum, the involvement of POTUS and his administration in enabling the takeover of North Africa by the Muslim Brotherhood. Mubarak – gone. Ghaddafi – gone. Mali – under attack by Al Qaeda – the guys Obama’s “lead from behind” attack killing Ghaddafi drove to Mali to disrupt their government, too.

Arms to Al Qaeda in Syria. Arms through Turkey (whose current ruling party, the AKP, is an islamist (eg MB) party.

The West has spent trillions feebly “defending” itself against the advance of Islam. Now we seem to have the Leader of the Free World on the side of that advance – and an enemy of the West and its freedoms and liberties.

We have a name for this: Treason.

Obama is arming the enemy. Fact.  And dis-arming America.

This arms transfer also is a blatant in-your-face move against a rising Russia, whose leader has made it extremely clear he is not at all interested in America helping anyone toss Assad.

Russia certainly is capable of drumming-up a local “riot,” arming them heavily, tossing in a trained mortar crew (those mortars were not fired by untrained people) and scheduling said “riot” when the American Ambassador is meeting with the Turkish Ambassador regarding these weapons transfers. Stevens was in Benghazi to meet with the Turkish Ambassador – the Embassy is in Tripoli. It was he to whom Stevens said “Good night” outside the compound at 9:40 PM (local) that night. It is this goodbye that gave us the info that there was no “spontaneous demonstration” outside the consulate having anything to do with a video (whose author remains in jail in the most blatant violation of the First Amendment perhaps ever… where is the ACLU on this?).

It seems more than obvious, given the above public-domain knowledge, that Obama was illegally transferring arms to a stated enemy of America, an enemy with whom we are at-war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and on whose heads we globally are dropping drones weekly. Obama stopped an in-progress rescue mission and got Americans killed, and American soil lost to that enemy. Obama, Rice, Clinton, Carney and others have been covering this up for months. The Corrupt Media has been complicit in this coverup and enabled the re-election of a man who very obviously is an enemy of America and our troops and ambassadors. He watched and recalled an in-flight rescue mission while those men were killed, after all.


Which brings us to the “Now what?” For which please see my next post: “What to do About Obama & Benghazi-gate


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