Why Romney Lost

Trillions of electrons are going to be spilled today  in GOP post-mortem. Nealy all of them will be wasted by not addressing correctly the primary cause of the GOP loss: Social Conservatives.

Several years ago I wrote two posts on abortion – here and here.

Other than updating “McCain” to “Romney” (the numbers tell a story that doesn’t need updating), I wouldn’t change either in the wake of this disaster of an election.

And I absolutely would not change the message of those posts:

If the GOP doesn’t remove the anti-abortion (and anti-gay) planks from their platform, recognizing that “limited government” under the Constitution does NOT regulate or in any way speak to these social views, the GOP is a relic that must become  – and, judging by last night’s results, is and deserves to be – extinct.

If the GOP cannot unseat a president with a record as truly appalling as is Obama’s, the GOP is, in the words of VP John Nance Garner when describing the position of Vice President, “Not worth a bucket of warm piss.”

Senator Jim DeMint, a Tea Party favorite who has done much to move forward fiscal conservatism, also says that one cannot be a Conservative unless one also is a Social Conservative. This statement is appallingly stupid and enormously pre-Enlightenment. It is one of anti-liberty to Americans, men AND women.

His statement also is morally wrong, as it requires all others to hold HIS views on private matters none of his business, none of the business of government, matters un-touched in the Constitution and its 18 Enumerated Powers, the powers by which we limit the federal government – or used to.

The Right complains about Progressives. Progressives demand that everyone hold THEIR moral and social views. It often is noted that, if a Conservative doesn’t want a gun, he doesn’t buy one, but if a Progressive doesn’t want a gun – no one ELSE can be allowed to buy one, either. SoCons are the same. If a non-SoCon woman doesn’t want an abortion, she doesn’t get one, but if a SoCon woman does not want one, no one else can have one, either. This is INSANE.

SoCons simply are the Progs of the Right – there is NO difference. And Progressivism ALWAYS destroys.

If Progressivism of the Left AND of the Right is not stopped, it WILL DESTROY America.

THIS is why I write this blog: American Baby Boomers have devolved into extremes – Progressive extremes – Left AND Right.

They (we) are the most selfish, greedy, demanding, spoiled and unwilling-to-compromise generation in the history of mankind.

And we are killing America.

The Constitution demands a separation of Church and State. America has long thrived on this separation. The Far Right SoCons demand, in complete opposition to the Constitution they pretend we must follow to the letter (with which I agree), a 2,000-year-old biblical stand on these social issues, issues which drive intelligent young voters away by the tens of millions. This not only is stupid, it is in violent opposition to the First Amendment to the Constitution to which the SoCons,  dishonestly, demand we return.

It is an assault on the freedom of a woman by others not involved in her decision.

It is obnoxious to thinking people.

And it is fast-destroying the Republic.

We have ONE problem in America, and that is the out-dated social welfare model in which the State (and non-parent voters) demand that I work a very large part of each year to fund someone else’s un-earned Middle Class lifestyle; believing that requiring a parent to raise their OWN children while I raise mine is somehow “mean;” demanding that I MUST willingly lower the standard of living of MY children in order to raise the standard of living on some other man’s children.

This ONE issue creates and continues the Welfare State, about which Dr Thomas Sowell recently noted, “Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state.”

This demand is TAKING my earned property THROUGH FORCE to GIVE to others who have NOT earned it.

That this welfare state cannot continue to exist is painfully evident to Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and others on the european continent, including the Germans who, for the time being, are paying for it. But tens of millions of young Americans, the majority of the 18-44 cohort, just voted to continue this welfare state to its obvious, visible, conclusion: An America like Greece with the exception that NO ONE can bail us out. Why? Because this cohort will never vote in the majority for a party that demands outlawing personal choice. EVER.

BECAUSE these voters believe in FREEDOM. Because they believe in INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Because they believe in the promise of our CONSTITUTION.

As long as the SoCon GOP base demands un-Constitutional government interference in social issues, tens of millions of intelligent people will vote for Dems – or not vote at all, and this welfare state (and the government-sector unions that feed it) will continue to destroy America and our freedoms.


The Tea Party initially was formed on fiscal issues. Unfortunately it was quickly co-opted by SoCons, giving the “extremist” label credence. If the Fiscal Conservatives cannot throw the Social Conservatives OUT of the GOP, then the GOP should – must, and will –  die a quick death, and the quicker the better.

Americans who care about the future (and the Right needs to truly understand that this does NOT include Democrats) MUST either re-form the GOP by throwing-out the SoCons, or form a new fiscally conservative party that specifically excludes SoCons, at which point the SoCon GOP will die – and good riddance.

… Or America WILL be Greece, our children will be well and truly screwed, and there will be NOTHING that can be done about it.

America – freedom – is about the ability to freely earn and keep one’s earnings / property / happiness.

That is it, the bottom line. Individual liberty and freedom: The ability to BE free, to THINK free, to ACT free REQUIRES the ability to KEEP what one earns, and to demand – REQUIRE – others live on the fruits of THEIR earnings so as not to demand MINE.

Yes, those UNABLE to do so should be helped. But “poverty” in America means not having two color TVs, two cars and a dishwasher and air conditioner. To be poor in America is to be better-off than 99% of all human population outside America. America has spent between 1964 and the onset of the 2008 fiscal crisis, about $13T on anti-poverty programs. These programs moved poverty all the way from 10.8% to 10.7% of the population. THEY DO NOT WORK.

But we have now a $16T debt, which is ALL we have to show for these programs.

Why? Because of the Welfare State supported by Democrat Progressives enabled by Republican Progressives driving away intelligent voters, voters supporting individual liberty and freedom, voters supporting what AMERICA IS ALL ABOUT.

America IS NOT – and MUST NOT BE – about what two adults do in the bedroom, or about a woman being forced to carry an unwanted child to term. Down that road – as we evidently shall see – lies RUIN.

And it truly is specious for men to decide, for any adult to decide that, if a  woman through accident or violence finds herself pregnant, she should be required to carry to term that pregnancy. Having a child truly changes one’s life. If the child is not wanted, this not only is NOT a positive change for the mother (and child), it is a DENIAL OF HER FREEDOM and personal liberty – what America is SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. I seriously doubt that if DeMint had a granddaughter impregnated through rape by some non-white person (yes, I think the race of the perp would affect DeMint’s decision), that he would demand – over her objection – she carry that child to term. And, if he did, he would be a despicable human being, essentially ruining that woman’s entire life, arguably that of the unwanted child, wreckage that would follow down the generations; AVOIDABLE wreckage.

Frankly, I’ll care about men’s opinions on abortion when men can become pregnant, and not before.

The GOP is at a crossroads. Either they convince Americans younger than 44 to vote for it, or they are toast. They will NEVER convince enough of those Americans to vote for it as long as they demand anti-abortion and anti-gay planks, period.

If America is to be saved from fiscal ruin, it must begin with the destruction of the SoCon wing of the GOP.

It really is that simple.



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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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3 Responses to Why Romney Lost

  1. Alexander Scipio says:

    SUSAN: Love to. You start a petition and get enough to agree with you and find some money folks and its worth discussing….

  2. SUSAN says:

    Will you run for President?? Pretty please?? This article is SPOT ON. It defies all logic why the Repubs/Conservatives cannot and will not see this. This morning’s spilling of electrons on the talk radio station I sometimes listen to was all about how stupid voters are that re-elected BHO and that Romney played too nice. What a bunch of crap. Forcing the pro-life ideology and one man/one woman definition of marriage on others is, indeed, a breach of individual liberty.

  3. Paul Harrison says:

    Sing it Brother! Ahmen. A new resurgent GOP can be achieved only by ditching the SoCons and parleying with the Libertarians. Might want to ditch the idiots who think a corporation is a person, too. A corporation is a body, but its more of a zombie than a life-form, and prone to sapping individual liberty and freedom by removing Responsibility.

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