American Tax Dollars in Iraq – What Are We Funding? Why?

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Iraq-US: For the record. Iraqi auditors believe as much as US $800 million is being sent out of the country illegally each week, according to a report by the US Special Inspector General released Tuesday. His findings point to widespread money laundering and focus attention on lax oversight at Iraq’s central bank, which is at the heart of a probe into alleged financial wrongdoing involving its former governor and other top officials.

Comment: That is more than $41 billion a year with nothing to show for it and no accountability and after the departure of US troops.

Hmmm… that raises a question about what are the savings, if any, from the withdrawal of US soldiers. The answer is that the post-withdrawal costs to the US appear as large as or larger than when the US had combat forces deployed in Iraq.

The US is not engaged in combat in Iraq, but it is still spending $4 billion a month in Iraq, which is about what the US was spending when it had combat forces there.

Editorial comment from a friend:

My question is why the hell are we giving them any funds?  So they can give it to Iran?  So they can use it to buy F-16’s from us?

Where is my f-ing free oil that the liberals say we went into Iraq to get?

The place was a [backward, illiterate, barbaric dump] with a murderer in charge before we got there.  The place is a [backward, illiterate, barbaric dump] still, but with an ‘elected’ boob in charge now.

So good that BHO yanked out all the troops and put up with the boob’s demands that we not get a Status of Forces agreement.  What, did they put a gun to our heads?  As I recall, we were the ones with the guns.


My editorial comment:

Obama is on the campaign trail bragging about cutting $1T from the DoD budget by drawing-down the forces in S. Asia. But we are spending in Iraq $4B/month, and they are laundering and taking out of Iraq $800M/week, or $3.2B/month. The corrupt Iraqi government is taking, net, 80% of our tax dollars OUT of the country to stash in their private accounts…. AND WE ARE – KNOWINGLY – LETTING THEM!!

This is what happens when America puts Democrats in charge of wars: The only real losers are American warriors and American taxpayers.

In Vietnam the Dems made-up a “justification” for war, “waged” limited “war” (against the advice of Eisenhower), lost 58,000 KIA and hundreds of thousands of WIA. Finally America tired of the crap, elected a Republican, he FINALLY targeted the enemy for real damage, mining Haiphong Harbor and bombing Hanoi. The N Viets came to the peace table and worked out a deal whereby we’d leave, but America would continue to fund weapons for S Vietnam to keep parity – and to keep S Vietnam free. The Democrat Senate consented to this treaty. American forces left. The Democrat Congress STOPPED all weapons funding – in total violation of a treaty To WHICH THEY HAD AGREED. S Vietnam fell. Net result of over a decade of limited war? Enemy accomplishment achieved, 58,00 dead Americans, 1M dead N Vietnamese. If we’re going to let the enemy achieve their goal anyway, why waste so many lives and dollars?

And if we aren’t going to let the enemy achieve their goal… KILL THEM. It’s what war is all about.

General Curtis LeMay, head of strategic bombing of Japanese Home Islands – the last time America actually waged war, achieved victory and wound up with long-term economic, political and military allies, once said of war: “I’ll tell you what war is about, you’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting.” This isn’t just one man’s view. It is the historical record for all of human history.

Iraq: We now have lost thousands of warriors both KIA and WIA. We put a Dem in the WH. And now the country is going over to the enemy, taking our money with them, and those warriors will have died for NOTHING. We haven’t killed enough to achieve our objective, and THEY haven’t stopped fighting. Pretty simple solution here: We need to kill more – lots more – or leave. Anything else just wastes OUR lives pretending to achieve a goal we don’t really care about (or we’d kill more), and wastes their lives, too, as we kill them over a fight we aren’t really trying to win anyway.

Afghanistan: We now have lost thousands of warriors both KIA and WIA. We put a Dem in the WH. And now the country is going over to the enemy, and those warriors will have died for NOTHING.  We haven’t killed enough to achieve our objective, and THEY haven’t stopped fighting. Pretty simple. We need to kill more – lots more – or leave. Anything else just wastes OUR lives pretending to achieve a goal we don’t really care about (or we’d kill more), and wastes their lives, too, as we kill them over a fight we aren’t really trying to win anyway.

Tell me if you sense a trend when we have a Dem in the White House. Not that W was any better, but he was an exception to normal GOP presidents – he spent money faster than Clinton, and engaged in futile, limited “wars” he had no intention of winning.


Lessons Learned (?):

1. If we go to war, go to war quickly and completely. Destroy the enemy. It is not a game. It is not playing cops n robbers. It is WAR. That means destroying the enemy – NOT just his military, which only is a TOOL of policy. Destroy the enemy quickly, completely, with minimal – or no – loss to our forces.  This is what we did in WW2, and Germany and Japan and Italy all have been peaceful economic, political and military allies ever since. No one EVER will be able to write that about Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Why? Because we didn’t destroy their polities. You think the Germans are better off since we destroyed the NAZIs? You bet. You want to help people living under despotism? DESTROY THEIR POLITY. Going after their military is just going after symptoms.. DESTROY THE DISEASE: The ability to organize, train, equip, feed, clothe, transport anyone in the entire enemy nation.

2. Once we go to war and begin killing and dying we can NEVER – EVER – NEVER allow a Democrat president or Congress until the goal of the war is achieved, the enemy has been destroyed and Americans out of harm’s way.

3. Willpower wins wars. Not toys. Not future weapons. Not cool jets or fast missiles or smart bombs. Not advanced infantry weapons, training or tactics. These all are tools. If we lack the will to win, these tools, this money – and these warriors – are wasted.


Back to the money flowing out of Iraq: Obviously they aren’t using it to better the situations of their subjects. Therefore, America should immediately expropriate oil wealth from Iraq until the monetary bill for our freeing them from Hussein has been paid in full. We can’t replace the lives of our warriors – wasted by our politicians – but we can recoup the monetary costs. Do so. Take 85% of Iraq’s oil revenue until the bill’s paid. All they are doing with the money is sending it to Swiss bank accounts anyway, so it isn’t as if nonexistent literacy or educational or healthcare programs for Iraqis will be harmed.



Absolutely NO REASON exists to continue funding a military enormous enough to be able to send – and waste – American warriors around the globe in defense of anyone and everyone. We have the capability to defend America in a few Boomer subs, a few strategic bombers and a few ICBMs.  We have no reason to fund 10 carrier battle groups and a million ground forces. We aren’t – or at least shouldn’t be – fighting yesterday’s wars with today’s – ridiculous – ROE and sympathies. Heck, we couldn’t have fought YESTERDAY’S wars with today’s ROE and sympathies.

If we are attacked – as we were on 9/11 – give the enemy an ultimatum: Give us the bad guys or we’ll destroy you. Guess what? We’ll have to destroy them once, perhaps twice. And then others will believe us. But if we don’t destroy them American lives will continue to be put at-risk by our own government’s non-actions, and Americans will continue to be killed by 7th-Century barbarians.

American parents put up with this… WHY?!?

And no continuing reason exists to defend all of the West. Other nations must learn to defend themselves and get off the tit of the American taxpayers. If they don’t want to defend themselves, then they are going to be gobbled up. It’s called “evolution” and “natural selection,” and it applies to nations as well as to species. Ask Georgia.

Had we had the intelligence (smarts, not intel) when Osama was hanging around in Tora Bora – tens of miles from any settlement or farm – we’d have pulled back our guys and just nuked the entire mountain chain. You know how many lives we would have saved? Ours AND theirs? You think we’d still be screwing around the the bad guys a decade later? You know how many trillions of dollars we’d have saved? You really think NOT nuking Tora Bora was a better use of those trillions than helping our own economic and education systems? Really?

Destroying the enemy (and the enemy military is NOT the enemy; it is only a tool of the enemy) and saving American lives are WHY we have nuclear weapons. NOT using them is a waste of trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives.

Want some budget cuts? Cut the military in half, quit wasting our warriors lives and our tax dollars, and DESTROY the next country that attacks us.


Either American is worth defending – or it is not. Which is it going to be?

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About Alex Scipio: Alex moved out of the People's Republic of California to the Free State of Arizona, finally tiring of the lack of the Bill of Rights, the overgrown idiocracy, and the catering to non-Americans & welfare recipients. He still wonders how America got from Truman, Eisenhower, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan to the Liberal and Conservative extremes so badly managing America today. And, yes, islam DOES need to be annihilated. And doing what he can to get folks away from the extremes of political life.
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  2. Arch Hughes says:

    Absolutely agree. Any nation should either commit to war or not engage. Anything short is a waste of lives and money.

    If it was possible, we should fight wars with bulldozers, and raze everything from border to border in the enemy’s country. It worked for Lincoln as Sherman and all the other Union generals razed the lands they won in battle in the Confederacy. Lee failed to use the same policy when he was in Pennsylvania and it didn’t work for him. It worked for the Soviets on their own land as they retreated to Stalingrad.

    The fallacy of “collateral damage” in your enemy’s lands needs to end. All damage in your enemy’s land is good. That’s the idea of war.

    Vote NO on Prop 30. Vote NO on Prop 37. Jerry Brown has caused this mess and put a gun to your head by contriving an education emergency. There is no such emergency. Don’t fall for his sucker punch to the California tax payer.

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